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I kept debating whether or not to write this. I don't want to put all my hard work in it only to have it get taken down. But I think this is the largest amount of people that go on here for fanfic so I decided to hold my breath, close my eyes, and give it a try. I'll put the more explicit stuff somewhere else. If you can suggest what site that might be, that I can post on, I would really appreciate it.

For the most part, this will be mostly if not all in Bella's pov.


Bella's POV:

I was walked down the cold, wet, alley. It was just after nine p.m. and I wanted to hurry home to get some sleep before I went on the cruise ship tomorrow.

I decided I was moving to Italy with the rest of my family after Charlie died. Enough time has passed that I was no longer depressed but I know that I would never forget him. I was now lonely and wanted the comfort of my family. I haven't seen them in a long time. On the way to Italy, I wanted to see everything so I decided to take a cruise while I'm there.

I turned the corner and was out of the alley. It was still dark and I had to count on the street lights to guide me.

I heard heels clicking against the concrete, so I looked up to see the most beautiful woman I had ever seen walking towards me. My mouth dropped when I saw her and I was no longer breathing. I felt my heart hammering and crashing against my chest. I finally registered that I was holding my breath, so I let it out and began breathing. Only this time, I was breathing hard. My lungs were playing 'catch up' with my heart rate. All the while, we were getting closer to each other.

I swallowed hard when I noticed her eyes were on me. I couldn't describe the look in her eyes. It was a mixture of lust, determination and happiness. She was tall, taller than me even without her black stilettos on. Her skin was pale, but flawless and smooth. She had a womanly figure that would make any man or woman weak in the knees. Her eyes were almond shaped and a beautiful golden brown color. Her lips were full and luscious looking. Her hair was blond and reached to the middle of her back. She was absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and sexy all in one. My mind and body couldn't take it. Her beauty was too much for me to handle. My knees gave out and I felt myself falling.

Before my knees hit the ground, she was in front of me and had me pinned to the damp wall. I looked into her eyes and saw they were a little darker. They weren't very dark but there was a significant difference.

Before I could say something or react, she brought her right hand up brushed it against my hair. Her body was against mine and I was doing my best to calm my heart. It was like I was running on adrenaline. I felt high.

She slid her hand down until it reached my face. She then turned her hand so that her knuckles were gently and softly sliding down the side of my face.

I felt like I should be afraid but I wasn't. I couldn't tell you why. I was pinned by a gorgeous woman and not only that, but she was a complete stranger. It seemed my better judgment was compromised.

My heart continued to beat erratically. It worked harder when the woman inched closer and had her left hand on the wall, next to my head. With her right hand, she held the side of my face with her right hand and let her thumb caress my cheek.

She stared intently in my eyes before leaning forward and brushed her lips against mine. It was slow at first. Then she picked up the pace when she felt that I was reciprocating. The kiss built up until it was a hungry make out session. I moaned softly when I felt her body press impossibly closer. Her hand slid in between our bodies and just as her hand was about to reach my pants…I woke up.

I was lying in my bed, confused as to what happened. I realized it was just a dream. I groaned in disappointment. I looked to my nightstand and saw that it was nearly midnight.

I ran a hand through my hair and rested my head against the pillow. I closed my eyes, trying to will by body to go back to sleep and hopefully continue that dream. Unfortunately that never happened when I woke up the next morning.

I fisted my hands and punched my bed. I had a feeling I would never get to see that woman in my dream, much less finish it. It felt so real. I could have sworn it happened.

I got out of bed and got ready. The cruise ship would be leaving soon.

I know that Kate was a succubus so I wanted to put that into play a little here. And do not worry; Kate isn't planning on draining Bella's blood. lol

I was inspired to write this after seeing the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 pics. If you want to see them, I have the link on my profile. When I saw the Denalis', my jaw dropped at their beauty. Bella is gorgeous too. I love how protective Bella looks of her daughter.

Anyway, I plan on writing a Bella/Tanya and a Bella/Carmen pairing as well.