The Power of a Symbiote

Summary: The asteroid that contained the symbiote crashed into the park near the home of Harry Potter during the summer of third year prior to his fourth. POWERFUL Harry.

Harry Potter crossed with spider man. Only the symbiote will take part for now.

Stargate SG-1 might and I say MIGHT be active in the background too. It doesn't fit with my prologue but the Goa'uld haven't 'conquered' or seeded the entire milky way. Plenty of planets they never heard off.

Inspired by:

Chaos an Carnage by Gundraw.

Betrayal's reward by Trugeta

I did some heavy editing to make this chapter less rushed.


An asteroid does not care where it goes. It just continues on its path flying through whatever tries to stop it. The only thing capable of stopping an asteroid -a smaller one at least- is a planet. The asteroid that was about to crash into earth was small enough to destroy a few houses but nothing more then that. It was a threat sure and small enough that the chance was high that it burned into tiny stones if it would enter the earth atmosphere. Thus the U.S military that was capable of dealing with asteroids that posed a threat did nothing.

The U.S military had decided that the chance of an asteroid big enough to put earth back into an ice age was small but it existed. The dozens of movies both good and bad proved that. Well, the movies were fiction of course but several of them had a different 'plot' in how to deal with them. The asteroid was thought to crash into England anyway so it wouldn't be their problem.

The asteroid wasn't a normal asteroid though. It was actually a prison for a symbiote. A being that was very weak by itself and required a host to survive. It was not a parasite that took but gave nothing in return. This being was a symbiote. It would 'merge' for a lack of a better word with its host and could do a surprisingly amount of things. Depending on the host's race.

The symbiote that was sealed in the asteroid was old and young at the same time because it passed all of its knowledge and genetic ability down to its children. The original symbiote had been brilliant and it had only continued to become smarter and better over decades and centuries that it lived through its children. Of course it wasn't the same symbiote, and each symbiote was different then its parent and was also influenced by the feelings, character and opinion of its host.

The symbiote's old host had made his fellows... jumpy. The man had been brilliant but also suffered of some mild insanity. The line between genius and madness was very blurry most of the time so his host's race allowed its parent to spawn a child which was then sealed into an appropriate asteroid which was then sent into space.

Which brings us to the beginning of my story of course.


Harry James Potter was watching the sky. It was something that relaxed him if he couldn't fly on his precious broom. Flying was something he enjoyed for the act itself and while he could enjoy the sport he just did it because he didn't want to make any trouble. He was given a broom in his first year when the other first years weren't supposed to have one. Why hadn't they just put him on reserve for when and if their seeker was out of commission? Or perhaps being allowed to fly one match?

Harry shook his head to clear it as best he could. He always had been fascinated with the thought of life beyond earth. If wizards could exist, hell if magic existed then why couldn't there be life beyond earth? It was arrogant to think it was so.

It was a very clear night. Normally you could barely see the stars because of all the natural light but now they were almost as clear as they were in Scotland.

It was with astonishment that Harry watched something appear from the skies coming closer very quickly.

Harry's eyes widened when he realized that it had not burned up in the atmosphere and that it could do some serious damage. But what could he do? By the time he could convince his relations that something was happening it would be already too late. He did not have a cell phone and Hedwig was out hunting.

Harry never left without his wand but something told him that not even the ministry would take the idea of alien life seriously.

Harry watched as the thing came closer. "It's going to land somewhere close! Dammit what am I supposed to do? How much damage is that thing going to do?"

Harry decided that the evidence would still be there and that he would risk using magic if it was necessary. Before anything could be decided, the asteroid had already crashed as proven by the powerful explosion.


The explosion was powerful. Every window in the area exploded outwards, trees were uprooted and hundreds of cars were thrown all over the place, causing untold damage and their alarms going off.

Harry ignored the chaos and was already running towards the crash site before he realized what he was doing. Harry was only capable of very few wandless spells but he had focussed on stuff that could be off strategic use.

A notice-me-not charm followed by something to protect him from the heat. He loved defence against the dark arts so why wouldn't he study ahead? Those spells were easy for him. He felt very proud about the fact he could manage a corporal Patronus at age thirteen.

Not feeling the heat of the fires, Harry was at the site before anyone else. He knew that notice-me-not charms wouldn't be of much use because a fire of this magnitude couldn't be ignored as easily. Still, he could cast it on whatever had crashed, cool it off and then get the hell out of dodge.

The asteroid had partly burned up when it had entered the atmosphere. The symbiote inside had been very worried its long life would be at an end. Currently it referred to itself as no gender because it didn't have a host and its previous hosts had been both genders at one time or another or even both at the same time.

When it sensed a host closing in it had to make a few decisions quickly. It wouldn't be able to survive the fire. It was too hot too big to get away safely. Not only that but in its natural state the symbiote was slow, and not subtle at all. It was against its morals to take a host without observation though.

The symbiote was about to resign itself to death when something happened that its scientific mind could comprehend. The asteroid which was quit big, probably as big as a very big Jeep. Big enough that it could demolish a house with ease if it crashed into the centre. So when the asteroid grew smaller and smaller until it was the size of a small rock, it decided to observe only.

Now what do you think would happen if a genius of centuries upon centuries old, with the experience of seeing dozens of races and hundreds of worlds is combined with the ability of honest to god magic?

Harry left the vicinity immediately not knowing that he was about to unleash a mystery that wouldn't be solved for years. Scientists all over the country would come to investigate eventually but none of them would solve the mystery. An asteroid can't vanish into thin air and as demonstrated by the powerful explosion, it hadn't burned up during entry. So something had to be left after it crashed.

So where had it vanished too?


Harry held the stone in his fist and ran as fast as he could back to number four. He would have to threaten his relations to keep quiet. Even offer to erase their memories of him when he became seventeen as a bribe. Of course if they pushed him too far he could always have an accident and erase all of their memories leaving them to grow up all over again. That threat of humiliation would probably be enough to keep them in line. The fact that they wouldn't be able to remember it as a punishment was disappointing though.

As Harry ran back home, the symbiote was able to carefully probe his host for his morales and opinions. The fact that the huge asteroid had shrunk into a mere rock was very fascinating. Impossible according to hundreds of scientific theories but fascinating nonetheless.

It couldn't experience too much of his possible host's memories without it being suspicious. It could give a nudge to remember something a few times but too much and it could and would be very suspicious.

Harry's luck stayed with him as he simply went upstairs while his relatives ran around like headless chickens. Harry took the stone from his pocket and tied something around it. Then he fused the rope into the stone so it couldn't get lose. The stone would be his little secret!

His enthusiasm came to an abrupt stop when he remembered a tiny little detail.

A shrinking charm is never permanent. The item will only hold it's new size until the magic that keeps it in that form is drained. That means that you cannot keep something shrunk forever. Of course, the bigger the item is the faster it will drain the magic spend on it. If you shrink something small by itself and use an equal amount of magic that you would spend on a really big item then it could take a very long time before the magic would be drained.

Should you desire to make the new size semi-permanent then you need to use a number of runes that will recycle the magic spend to keep the shrunk item in its new size. Magic can only be recycled a limited amount of times though so always make sure to know how much magic you used and used the index to get an idea how long it will remain in it's shrunk state.

Harry kept the stone in his hand and tied something around it. He would make it a necklace. It would be his little secret.

Harry wanted to keep the stone as a souvenir until he remembered something.

"Oh bloody hell. The shrinking charm isn't permanent! It can hold for weeks, even months if it is reinforced properly but it isn't permanent. And a rock the size of a really big Jeep isn't exactly something that's easily ignored."

He sighed. "I suppose I have no choice but to get it back to normal in my vault at Gringotts then take a piece out of it and then make something neat out of it. The charm should hold though until then. I'll just have to ask my key. It's about time they give it to me anyway."

Harry hadn't cared much that mister Weasley kept his key for him. He had sworn a mild oath to not spend anything without his permission not him or his family. If they did then Harry could demand their service. This was a technical term for servants. The Weasley's would become vassals to Harry. All of them. Patriarch families worked very oddly in the magical world.

Harry remembered that mister Weasley had taught him how to manage his money. It was during the summer before his second year. The man had been worried that Harry would spend it all if he didn't know how to manage it properly. Those lessons had been very valuable to him. He had 'only' one vault after all. Most of the money was still off limits to him because he could only 'take' that much money during his school years. If he wanted more he would be out of luck. Only true emergencies would allow him to take more money.

When Harry thought back on that first time he had boarded the train, he remembered the unusual behaviour of missus Weasley. It was like she was trying to get anyone to notice her OR dismiss her because she was a 'special' lady. Her other children should've known how to get on the train already because Ginny was there too. If Ginny had been there to see her brothers off then it wouldn't be too unlikely that Ron had been there to see the twin's off their first and second year.

When Harry had mentioned that to Ron, the boy had told him something that Harry would have never expected. While the rest of the family found muggles odd they were all fascinated by them. Probably because of their dad. Molly on the other hand was dismissive of muggles to the point she was coming dangerously close to a bigot.

Molly considered muggles stupid, odd and dumb. They were something to be pitied because they lacked magic and were thus primitive and not worth any respect or thought at all.

Harry had needed a few days to digest that piece of news. Harry had considered the woman something to akin to a mother. But now that he knew what Ron had told him... He would never respect her the way he did before. Harry dismissed the thought of Ron feeling that way too. While Ron was certainly smart enough to think of a plan like that, he rarely bothered himself to try.

"Ron can be very smart when he wants to be, but boy that boy is lazy and unmotivated. It's only because he's my friend that he doesn't know I have an.. agreement with most of my teachers." Harry thought idly. "The only one that really marks me down is that greasy bastard Severus Snape, moron of potions and headless of Slytherin." Harry snickered.

Professor McGonagall had told him that while his grades during the year were important, as long as he passed his O.W.L.S with the ministry testers, and then his N.E.W.T.S he wouldn't have a problem. As long as he studied in private he could 'pay' to take more tests. Most senior students did that once they graduated and were able to study some in private apparently.

So Harry did that. Officially he was an average student. Unofficially he was first in most of his subjects. Though his knowledge of theory was secondary in his studies because he was mostly 'see and do' type of guy. Harry wanted to succeed after he graduated. Harry didn't want to 'just' succeed either. He wanted to prove beyond any doubt that it were HIS efforts that made him succeed. There couldn't be the slightest doubt for that bastard to deny his efforts. Harry figured that this was the best way to rub it in the bastard's face. Harry would never forgive the potion master for treating him the way he did in class. Nothing could justify that.


Harry had already used the last bit of magic he could do without his wand which was a repair spell. "Let the Dursley's explain that to the insurance agent! In fact, if I use a bit of raw magic to fuse the bars of my window to so they can't be removed very easily... That'll make the agent question them at least."

Harry had been preparing some form of revenge against the Dursley's. A few potions, a few charmed items that would make their life hell. What goes around comes around after all. A single drop from an ordered potion was all it took for Dudley to feel a surge of hot pain when he thought of something aggressive. Harry knew that he wanted to becoming a boxing champion so Harry wanted to ruin that dream for him.

The potion wasn't exactly legal but it wasn't illegal either. It was a potion that was neither and both. It was old too. The potion was meant to keep slaves in line when even Wizarding England had had them. The potion would make the slave that had ingested the potion feel indescribable pain. The pain would never last too long because the slave couldn't become unconscious.


The symbiote had seen enough. If the possibility of having a host with magic wasn't good enough then the raw amount of sheer intelligence the symbiote sensed was enough to decide the matter. The only problem was the magic itself.

Would this 'magic' reject it? The symbiote had no way of communicating with it. The symbiote knew it had to make a decision quickly. Then another new factor made itself known. A white angel with wings as Harry jokingly called her at times.


When Hedwig arrived she immediately sensed something foreign in the room. Hedwig was a snowy white owl. Having well above average she was blessed with a kind master that truly enjoyed her services. He was never greedy with his treats and truly cared for her. Hedwig was still 'only' an owl though. A magical breed or not she wasn't human so her 'thought' process wasn't human either.

Hedwig immediately sensed something foreign in the room. She didn't know if it was hostile or dangerous but something told her that it might be both or neither to her master. Hedwig launched herself from her perch and carefully put herself on her master's desk.


The symbiote sensed the new arrival (Hedwig) just as soon as it was sensed her. The language of the symbiote was primitive but he could communicate with any animal simply because they too were 'primitive' in nature.

The talk between symbiote and owl took several hours. By the end of their talk an answer had been reached. The symbiote would 'merge' with her master. The symbiote wasn't sure what a phoenix was but whatever it was, Hedwig assured him that if it had lied or had ill intent 'he' would deal with him because 'he' had taken a liking to her master.

A phoenix is on a completely different level then a mere owl. They may start like a highly magical 'normal' bird but through their rebirths and their experience and their bonds they had with wizards or witches on occasion, phoenixes tended to be very intelligent.

Hedwig never 'said' that Fawkes had fathered a nest of chicks that were all highly magical. Her youngest was waiting and watching her master to bond with him too. She was too young for the moment but later...

The symbiote allowed itself to exit the rock and entered the pores of the hand that held it.

Harry's magic immediately sensed another threat. It was already containing one parasite, spending a constant third of Harry's magic to restrain it, contain it and keep the parasite under control. Harry's magic was helpless to try and contain a second parasite. Harry's magic observed this second intruder carefully, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, only this second intruder did nothing to try and take over.

Just the opposite. The intruder did what Harry's own magic had failed to do. It began healing and restoring Harry's body.

Harry's magic continued to observe. It did nothing to help but didn't do anything to stop it either. The only thing that it did was give it a subtle nudge to where the first intruder had been contained. If Harry's magic was lucky then the two intruders might destroy each other.

The symbiote was no longer restrained to its own instincts. If it had been intelligent before it was anything sort of godlike genius now. The symbiote now knew that its new host was a male. A young boy in fact, still coming into his own. Since the symbiote now had a gender it could now refer to itself as male as well.

The symbiote could sense that Harry's magic (The name of his host apparently) was doing nothing to aid him. But it wasn't stopping him either. The symbiote used tiny amounts of magic to fuel what he was using to repair Harry's body.

The symbiote continued it's work, repairing Harry's body and optimizing it the best it could. The symbiote could only do so much because Harry was still maturing. After a while, Harry's magic nudged the symbiote in a certain way. It was only then that the symbiote realized that a whole third of Harry's total amount of magic was used to already restrain, contain and keep control of another being that used a being as a host. Only this creature was a parasite.

Once the symbiote realized that he shared his host with his race's sworn enemy; a parasite it immediately attacked the parasite with all of its power it had available. Harry's magic aided the symbiote in assaulting the creature that was leeching a constant amount of magic and was hurting his host at the same time.

The moment that the parasite was destroyed it released a huge amount of information. Knowledge, memories, a whole personality, opinions but more importantly: it released something far more dangerous. It released a HUGE potential for insanity.

Genius and madness were already two sides of the same coin, but add even the slightest touch of insanity to the mix and the madness side would have the slightest advantage.

The symbiote did it's best to contain all the information and absorb most of it on its own. A decent amount still managed to leak through. Already suspecting this, the symbiote could at least make sure that what raw knowledge and information did slip through that it would at least be valuable to his new host.

The symbiote absorbed the knowledge, sorted the useful stuff, discarded that which was useless and sealed up what the symbiote considered 'unknown' or 'dangerous' without further study. It now knew a fair amount about the magical world. The symbiote also realized that it needed to win it's host -Harry's- trust or else it would be removed by force and probably dissected for decades if not centuries by the magical version of scientists.




Harry felt confused. He vaguely remembered having a pleasant dream and then there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was like something had cut the dream short like ending a video tape which was then being replaced by another. The feeling was hard to describe and then just as abruptly the feeling had started, he 'saw' his dream environment. Now normally you don't know that you are dreaming. Because if you know you are dreaming you'll wake up.

Harry was completely aware and felt very uncomfortable. He had heard on the radio once that your dream scape was the place you felt the most comfortable with. Only those that had a lot of experience 'meditating' were able to reach it and they said that sharing this with someone else was extremely intimate and very very personal.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted when the 'mind scape' shifted into a simple room with two comfortable looking chairs. One chair was already occupied by someone (something?) that could have been his twin if he had born with one. At the same time, despite that this person looked identical like himself it was still painfully obvious that it was a fake.

Harry must have stood there for a long time because 'it' broke the silence with a simple greeting.

'Greetings master.'

Harry still couldn't find any words. His thoughts were as chaotic as ever. It seemed he could barely focus at all. It was with supreme effort that Harry focussed everything he had on the conversation with... Whatever the thing that was sitting in the chair was.

'Who and what are you?' Harry demanded. As soon as the words had left his mouth he winced. Not exactly the best thing to say to something that was in his bloody mind! But Harry wanted answers and he intended to get them one way or another.

'I am indeed an alien.' The being answered the unasked question. I took the appearance of someone you would feel comfortable with. What appearance is best but the image of yourself? But I can see that I'm making you uncomfortable with my current appearance. Perhaps this one is better. So saying the image changed in that of his best (only) female friend.

"Yes. I come from the meteor that you so stupidly took from its crashing site." The symbiote told Harry. Answering the question before Harry could form it. "Yes the meteor has been my home, no I'm not a criminal, yes the meteor was a prison of sorts but the situation is more complicated then it seems." The symbiote answered the questions that Harry wanted to ask before he could ask them.

"You want to hear my history? Fine. I'll have to give you a shorter version though because my history is a long one. Please don't ask questions until I'm done." Pausing for a moment to make sure that Harry would keep quiet, the symbiote launched into his explanation.

My race is known in the universe for a trait that is considered highly wanted and dangerous at the same time. We pass our knowledge, experience and all our abilities down to the next generation. Unfortunately, one of our own did some nasty experiments that resulted in a horrible mutation of our race. We destroyed the creator and dumped the experiment on an abandoned planet. Unfortunately, we should have destroyed them because those mutations are taking humans as a host by force and think themselves Gods.

Other races began to fear my people. An alliance was forged by several advanced races which was the followed by a declaration of war. My people did not have a big chunk of the galaxy. But because we have been a space roaming race for centuries it was still larger then the younger races. At first we didn't take the war seriously. We had a large powerful fleet capable of making any attacking starship into scrap metal if they dared to attack us.

Unfortunately, even a ship ten times as advanced and powerful then its enemy will eventually be destroyed if it is outnumbered. The younger races gathered a fleet that was impressive even by our standards. To make a long story short: we lost the war and my race was exiled. We came so close to being extinct. Some of our oldest had been slaughtered. Remember that we pass down all our knowledge to the next generation. This means essentially that a symbiote about to die of old age can spawn a child, which would then inherit all of its parents knowledge, abilities and even some of its experience along with a few traits of the previous host.

We are experts in genetics. We couldn't be anything less. It's in our very nature. We survived the war but we were scattered and divided as a race.

I am very proud to say that I am the spawn of some of the greatest scientific minds in the history of my race. My parent was captured, allowed to spawn a child which was then imprisoned on a asteroid which was then launched into a random direction.

"That was you I take it?" Harry couldn't resist to ask.

"Precisely." The symbiote agreed. "Now hush. I'm not done yet."

I had been inhabiting the meteor, spending my time sleeping and experiencing the memories of those before me when I realized I was about to crash into a planet. The chances of surviving entry of any planet is slim. I had resigned myself to death when I could sense the hot fire burning. It wouldn't take long for it to reach the huge stone which would then be destroyed by the fire.

"You know the rest." The symbiote finished.

"Now that you know some of my history, let me repeat myself from earlier."

'Hello my master?.'

The words seemed to penetrate Harry's thick skull this time around. Harry realized that it was the second time that the alien said hello with him ignoring it the first time and the second- Wait. Why was he called master? NO! Focus Potter!"

'Hello!' Harry greeted back quickly.

"My name is Harry. Harry Jay Potter. Don't know what the Jay stands for so I just make a word from a single letter. I'm fourteen, or at least I will be in a few days. I'm really looking forward to-"

Harry tended to babble when he was really, really nervous. Not something that happened easily. Not after facing multiple trolls, weed capable of strangling and eating your corpse, giant chest pieces, a gigantic snake capable of swallowing Hagrid with one bite and creepy soul suckers from hell! Not to be forgotten was the mutated spirit of the murderer of his parents, the youthful version of the same bastard and of course meeting the traitor that told the secret of where his parents were hiding in the first place!

The alien cut through his thoughts with a loud shrill. It stopped Harry's babbling and shattered what focus he had. Harry stumbled back into his dreams ending the conversation for the night.

The alien blinked several times where Harry had been. 'Oops. Hadn't meant to shatter his focus. Darn. Now I need to wait until the next evening.' The alien shrugged. It could afford to wait another night. Then it remembered that his host would forget about everything during the day.


Harry had, just like predicted completely forgotten about his dream and went about his day as normal. He noticed a few odd things though. He always knew who was around him. He had noticed a wizard in an invisibility cloak lingering on the street and something told him it wasn't an ally. Dudley had made it his goal to scare him for some reason when his first few attempts failed miserably.

No matter what Dudley tried he kept failing. Think of the coyote as it tries to catch the roadrunner. Endlessly funny with no end in the stubbornness of the poor thing hunting for the roadrunner itself.




When Harry found himself in the room again his memories came back to him along with his memories of the past day. Then he realized that he had forgotten about the first experience in the first place.

'Why couldn't I remember the dream I had the other night?' Harry had curiously.

'I shattered your focus by accident. You went back to your dreams. We had just started to introduce ourselves.' The alien reminded him.

'So I'll remind you. We were just getting to introductions. I'm male because you are a male. I could choose to think of myself as a female though. It depends on your preference. I can only make this choice once though. It's because once I think of my self as a certain gender its very difficult to change.'

Harry felt mortified by the thought of having a girl with his thoughts. But a part of him was certainly intrigued. He always had wanted a mother figure. Since Molly had disappointed him so. Of course that would mean that any semi-pranks in revenge could be out too. It wasn't like he could give any excuses for his behaviour either.

'HARRY!' The symbiote shrieked. once again shattering the focus of his host.

'DAMN IT!' The symbiote cursed.




'Introductions' The symbiote reminded flatly. 'You were becoming hysterical in your behaviour.' The symbiote continued.

"Why don't we stick with me being just a really close male friend? That way I can still scold you if you are planning to do something stupid, have done something stupid or want to join someone else who is going to do something stupid. Speaking of;

'Have you any idea how bloody lucky you are? Space is an extremely dangerous place. Radiation isn't uncommon by any means. The only reason the asteroid wasn't radiated is because my... Capturers were kind enough to install equipment that would remove any radiation immediately.

That's ignoring foolishly running into a fire that should've killed you from the heat and smoke alone followed by impossibly shrinking the whole rock and then PUTTING IT IN YOUR BLOODY POCKET!'

Harry winced. He hadn't thought that far. Nor had he really known about the dangers of space.

'You are also lucky that I am a symbiote and not a parasite. In fact, when I merged with you I destroyed a parasite that was inhabiting you. I have no clue what it was taking. I'm sure that you'll be seeing results soon though.

'We'll come back to this subject later. First I want to tell you some things about me. Are you aware of the difference between a symbiote -which is what I am- and a parasite which is what I destroyed when I merged with you?'

'A parasite is something that burrows into a host and takes without giving something in return. A symbiote does the same but the opposite.' Harry half said half asked.

'Not entirely correct but you got most of it.' The symbiote agreed.

'I am currently in the process of merging with you. Normally I would observe my choice for several weeks or preferably even months but I had to make a decision quickly. I have no doubt that a life form like myself is very unusual on this planet. I would be detected, detained and possibly experimented upon. Obviously that's something I want to avoid at all costs. I could commit suicide but that would meant that thousands of years of knowledge and experience would be lost permanently.' The symbiote paused to let that sink in.

'I would normally offer you the choice. You still have one. In fact, you stand to gain way more then I could ever gain at this point.' The symbiote finished with a nod.

'Why?' Harry wanted to know.

'I'm old Harry. Very old. When my species spawns a child it inherits every drop of knowledge with whatever traits it picked up from a host. Technically, I'm not the 'me' I was when I was first spawned thousands of years ago.'

'Wait, what about the thing that originally spawned that err you?'

'That's an easy one.' The alien smiled. That 'me' bonded with a scientist. The me of the time became fascinated with how things worked and things evolved from there. I dare say that if I share all genetic traits of many of the races I had as a host you would be so powerful you would be virtually immortal. A huge lifespan, a powerful healing factor are a few traits I picked up. However something went wrong when I started to merge with you.'


'I am unable to spawn a new 'me' so to speak. I'm bonding tighter with you then any of my previous hosts and I'm guessing that's because of your magic. In all of my time I never encountered what you call magic. As of right now it will be very difficult to bruise you, let alone actually hurt you. Your body is recovering from the lack of food of your younger life and once you are at your prime you'll begin to age very slowly.' The symbiote explained.

'Bu- Wha-'

'But what if I don't want to live a really long life?' Harry exploded. His thoughts going to his parents for a brief moment. It was actually kind of pathetic that the only dead people he looked forward to meet were his parents. A witch and a wizard he could only remember when he met a creature that fed on your craziest and darkest memories.'

The symbiote shrugged. "Wouldn't you want to make your parents proud? Proof that you are Harry Jay Potter and not the boy who lived and all that crap? I can help you with that. I'm a very smart and intelligent being and that's not arrogance speaking either.'

Harry then remembered something from before.

'Wait, you said you had no gender or name. Why don't you have either?'

The symbiote shrugged. 'My race has both genders in our natural forms. We tend to refer to ourselves as the gender of our host. But it has happened that a host wants to have an advisor of the opposite sex. I have had plenty of females as hosts that I can give plenty advice from a female point of view. Though that's pretty much useless since I'm still the same person one way or the other.'

'You'll be male then right?' Harry asked.

'Precisely.' The symbiote agreed.

'What are your advantages and disadvantages then?' Harry abruptly switched topics again.

'I can create weapons made of a material of sorts giving you a virtual endless amount of weapons. I can create your clothes and shift them into any form. Any weapons that you aren't touching destroy themselves after a set amount of time. You can stick to walls and shoot webbing from your hands.'

That sounded scarily familiar.

'I can't belief I'm suggesting this but sort of like spider man?' Harry wanted to know.

The symbiote was quiet for several seconds. 'Similar but still different enough.' The symbiote agreed easily.

Switching topics again rather abruptly, Harry offered a name he thought proper.

'What about Puck? It is supposed to be a name from English Folklore. He's supposed to be a trickster similar to Loki from Norse mythology. I thought it fit with you for some reason.'

The symbiote considered it and then gave a short nod. 'Very well then. My name shall be Puck. Tomorrow you shall remember everything that happened now and the previous night with crystal clarity. We can also communicate however.. I would suggest keeping our communication for dreams only. Communicating with me during the day takes concentration. A lot of concentration.' The newly named Puck stressed. Until I find an easier way for us to communicate, don't expect an answer beyond what feelings I can share with you. Feelings and possibly a few images along the way.'

Puck had understated the impact his presence would have on him. Harry began to understand stuff he shouldn't have been able to understand before. Puck was allowing him to absorb knowledge and memories based on stuff he already knew. He would have a stronger base for stuff that he could already do.

Dumping large amounts of information would be a huge mistake. Not only because Harry was still 'only' human but also because it wouldn't help at all. Even if he had every letter of information at his disposal it wouldn't help him squat if he couldn't apply or really understand it.

Harry and Puck had dug up their old school books from both the 'normal' and their magical education. He borrowed the books from Dudley's earlier years so he had some more advanced stuff too. Harry intend to take the books with him to school.

Harry had precious few options available to him. He was thirteen years old, becoming fourteen in a few days. He was still years away from becoming an adult. Harry knew he had a fair amount of gold available to him. But he still needed his O.W.L.S if he wanted to be taken seriously and not be seen as an celebrity trying to take advantage of his fame.

The reminder of the loser from second year was something he himself did not wish to become. The man still hadn't gone passed the potty training stage again. Redirecting his thoughts to more interesting ventures Harry tried to figure out what he could do. What would happen during the next year? Harry knew he wanted to master the use of his strength. While Puck could help him control how much power there was when he was handling something as fragile like a glass, it couldn't help easily if he wanted to punch someone. With the raw power he had available to him, Harry could seriously injure someone if he reacted by instinct.

That's why he had to learn how to control his strength.

"I wonder if I can rely on the headmaster for this one?" Harry asked himself. Harry dismissed the thought immediately. The man was too secretive too his liking. Why the man was focussing on him at times and more specifically that he 'had' to stay with his relatives.

"I have no relatives as far as I'm concerned.' Harry thought darkly. "I have no aunt. I have no uncle and I most definitely have no cousin. They might as well as dead to me. Tch, who am I kidding? I'm just as stuck with them as they are with me."

Deciding that the Dursley's weren't worth thinking about, he deciding to enjoy his summer for once. Being able to scare them into obeying him wouldn't be amiss either.

Harry had decided to decline the invitation from Ron to watch a big Quidditch match when his letter arrived. He wanted time to catch up on his muggle studies. He did not want to be as ignorant as the typical pure blood wizard.

Time skip: last day of the summer.

One day before September the first.

Harry had ignored all the letters that came per owl. The letters went from sceptical to downright angry. Ron couldn't belief that Harry would want to miss a Quidditch match of this importance. Harry had told Ron and Hermione the truth of why he wanted a nice and quiet summer. Truthfully, the noise at the Weasley's burrow was annoying at times. Peace and quiet was hard to get and Mrs Weasley's mothering could get on his nerves. The only reason he had kept his peace was because he had been a guest. Then there was that little piece that Ron had told him. Harry had no desire to spend time with a bigot.

Mr Weasley had been much nicer. He had known to offer him a bit peace and quiet though he couldn't get away with it most of the time. Harry had underestimated the man by far. He had messed up the words of common muggle worlds like electricity and the like to get Harry's attention. Then the man shared some facts with him that had shaken his world.

There was the fact that Ginny had a really big crush on him and that it went from cute to obsessively scary. Molly wasn't much better. She had gotten it into her head that Harry would marry her little girl. Even if Harry had broken the rule of 'no dating your best friend's sister he wouldn't have been interested in the girl anyway. The few times he had managed a conversation with her had all but confirmed that.

He had been subtle, but Ginny had some seriously outdated idea's. She had been talking that she was 'supposed' to stay at home to take care of home and kids while the man went and earned money. Hermione had been watching that too with wide eyes. Her half forming crush on Ron had been crushed and scattered when she realized that Ron had the same idea's according to Ginny.

Not wanting to belief the girl, she had probed her half crush on the matter. The crush died permanently then and there when Ron confirmed it for her.

"Ron could change I suppose. If he realizes that Hermione wouldn't tolerate those sort of idea's. I don't think he will though. That guy is too stubborn for comfort. Ron might pretend at least to score 'another girl though.

Harry got an amused feeling from Puck and an image of a goal being scored.

Harry snorted in amusement. "No, not that kind of scoring." Harry snickered. Harry shared the boasts of his best friend when he had scored another girl. His best friend would make his wife a lucky bitch when it came to nightly activities. Harry thought that it was lucky that magical anti pregnancies methods were practically foolproof. otherwise there would be at least another dozen of little red heads running around.

Puck cackled when he realized that his host had just given him the best idea! He would guarantee that his knowledge wouldn't die with him. Puck wanted to make sure that the Potters would be a major player when it came to politics. If Harry had several children, then they could inherit a load of information of him!

Harry shuddered. Why did he have a feeling that he was about to regret sending that image with his symbiote? Or that he would join the 'game' in scoring?

Harry shuddered again. He had fan girls enough already. He did not want them to drink potions that would guarantee pregnancy...




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