Nirvana Chapter 26

The mild ache in her leg awakened her before dawn. Lexy's arm was draped around her waist, securing Sam to the special woman who lay behind her, sleeping. She could feel Lexy's hair tickling her neck, wisps of warm breath caressing her shoulders. My anchor.

The past weeks had been demanding. At times, her recuperation seemed to move ahead and, then, a setback would occur: infections, blood clots, more surgery, continued paralysis. Through all the traumatic changes, Lexy was her one constant. At first, she felt guilty that her friend actually took comp-and-vacation time to remain at her bedside. But, in her heart, she knew that she looked for Lexy's humor and support to get her moving each morning and Lexy's comfort and good-night kiss to end many a long, grueling day.

It was over a month before she was released from hospital. By then, she had convinced her parents to go back to their own lives and take the cruise they had almost cancelled. Both Agnes and George had become better acquainted with Lexy during their daily visits. Her mum, however, did not seem to warm up to the lively doctor. Sam sometimes caught the raised eyebrows of suspicion but did not feel strong enough to pursue what she saw. Lexy was always kind and gracious to her folks, often leaving the room so they could have private moments with Sam. She was also able to clarify and further reassure them as various tests and clinical procedures were done. After three weeks tending her apartment, Sam cautiously mentioned to her parents that they would not have to worry about the flat because Lexy had a spare key and could take care of matters once they returned home. It was her way of letting them go. Her father who, by then, had been bantering with Lexy on a regular basis could easily catch the underlying motive and winked at Sam. Fellow conspirator. He likes her more than I could have hoped. It pleased the detective to see such a unique bond forming between her dad and her lover. Sam's parents had never gotten to meet Cat. Now, because of her hospitalization, they had time to adjust to the new woman in her life, a woman who would become an even greater part of her life if Sam had her way. She knew that her mother would insist that it was much too soon to think of a new relationship and, probably, that maternal intuition was what was causing the somewhat cool behavior whenever Lexy was around. Once she was truly on the mend, up and about again, Sam would tell both parents just how important Lexy had become. But, first, the work of recovery …

Sam tried to reach for the glass of water and pill that Lexy had left on the bedstand the night before. She strained too hard and let out a soft moan as pain shot down her right leg. She had actually regained some feeling and motion in the limb and could now flex her toes and lift the leg high enough to help with maneuvering the crutches and walker which sat near the bed. The surgeons continued to monitor her progress and seemed pleased at the slow but steady pace. Doctor Jennings said the next three months would be the time needed for the repaired muscles and nerves to actually perform the crucial regeneration. Unfortunately, her early setbacks with the infections and a threatening blood clot pushed the healing time further back than she desired. It was maddening to be treated like an elderly patient in a nursing home! Crutches, daily vitamins, massage therapy, pain meds. Christ! She moaned again as she looked at the walker in the bedroom.

"Hey …" A sleepy voice interrupted her self-pity session. "Are you hurting?" Lexy was now hovering over her, assuming a clinical stare.

Sam turned into a more comfortable position on her back and grinned at the lovely sight of this beautiful woman in her bed.

"Dr. Price, I do have a pain … here." She took Lexy's hand and placed it over her heart, hoping that Lex could feel the rapid beat which so often occurred when she gazed at her lover.

Lexy was up to the challenge. "Hmm, this could be serious. May I have a further look?" Sam snickered and nodded her consent as Lexy removed the detective's sleep shirt and began palpating her left breast. The doctor's fingers pressed firmly, then more gently.

Sam's original pain forgotten, she groaned in delight. "Yes, yes, right there. Oh, God." Stifling another groan and a giggle, Sam implored, "Could this be a serious condition?" By now, Lexy was massaging Sam's right breast with her other hand, bringing Sam to a state of sensual stimulation she had not felt in many weeks.

The teasing doctor could see the physical effects of her manipulation and slowly touched Sam's peaks of arousal with her fingertips. Fire shot through Sam's body as her hips arched. "Lexy!"

Lexy saw the pain and desire on Sam's face. She was so moved that she could not continue the banter. Instead, she kissed and ravished Sam's breasts as her partner writhed beneath her. Now, both women were breathing rapidly, lost in what had been denied them for so long.

Ever mindful of Sam's injury, Lexy gently placed herself atop her lover and continued to bathe Sam's upper body in kisses - playful nips on the neck, longer tugs on her ear lobes, lingering strokes on chin and cheeks. Lexy worked her way up to Sam's eyes, kissing them closed. She kept her own passion in control as she sought to provide as much pleasure as she could to her wounded sweetheart. Sam had been through hell and back. They were a long way from sharing their physical love completely. But, this, this she could do.

Suddenly, Sam's body stiffened and then relaxed. Her eyes opened in wonder. She stared at Lexy, incredulous. "I think … I think I just had an orgasm."

Lexy, barely controlling her own need, simply nodded. "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I told you I had a wicked bedside manner."

The words were out before Sam could think. "I love you."

Now it was Lexy's turn to shut her eyes. "Sam, don't. You're so vulnerable right now. I don't want you to say things you may not mean." The words were way too important for Lexy to misinterpret their meaning. She really wanted Sam to say those words to her. But now, after this unexpected moment of passion, she felt the timing was all wrong.

For Sam, though, the timing was perfect. "Lex. Look at me. This wasn't a pity fuck. I know what you just did. You gave yourself completely to me. You made me come alive at your expense. You've been putting me first for weeks now. This is not about my being ready. This is not about getting over Cat. This is about us. I never had the connection I have with you … with Cat. I wish I had met you before I ever met her. I wish our paths had crossed in A&E. I have been growing in love with you ever since that silly wine tasting. I want you here, in my bed … by my side. Do you, can you feel the same about me?"

Stunned, Lexy eased herself off Sam whilst tenderly pulling her lover to her side. Their eyes met as the dark swirls of desire continued to dance in both of them.

The tears came. She didn't want them to. She wanted to be in control as she declared her commitment. Her patient longing had come to an end. Sam loved her!

Sam stroked the tears away from her lover's cheeks as Lexy whispered, "I've wanted you from almost the first we met. I just hoped that you would finally come 'round and see me. See me, not Cat." Her voice broke and Sam never felt so deep an attraction, a yearning to keep this woman safe and happy, to thank her for her care and support … her love. Yes, her love. She already knew what Lexy had not yet spoken in words.

But, now, the words came. Lexy held her and made her heart leap. "I've fallen in love with you, DS Murray. You captured my heart."

Dear Readers, I never expected two characters to capture my imagination as much as Sam and Lexy. Credit must go to the two actors, Heather Peace and Anna Skellern, who brought so much chemistry to their roles. Unfortunately, a Season Three does not seem to be on the agenda. Instead, I've provided a fanfic fix for all of us. I had not anticipated taking the story this far but creative writing and a demanding Muse often lead to unexpected results. Thank you all for such an avid interest, continued support, and great feedback. I'm happy with this ending and hope you are too. I've left Sam and Lexy in a very good place. Once again, I will be traveling and not back home until the new year. Happy Holidays! I'd be thrilled to find some final reviews hanging in my Christmas stocking. Peace, CG