Jerry, Milton and Eddie walking over to jack's locker .

"Hey Jack" says Eddie.

"Oh hey guys what's up" I replied.

"Nothing what's up with you" says Jerry.

"Nothing" I replied.

"Oh really because before we walked over here you were staring at Kim " says Milton.

"I was not" I replied.

"Jack just admit it you like Kim" says Eddie.

"No Eddie he loves Kim" says Jerry, while smirking.

"I DO NOT LIKE KIM!" I shouted.
Everyone in the hall stared at me, well this is embarrassing.

Then Kim walked up to us.
"What are you talking about?" asked Kim.

"Nothing "I replied quickly.
"Why is everyone staring at you?" asked Kim, while looking around the hall.
"Well look at me why wouldn't they want to stare" I said, while doing a pose.

Kim made a face at me.
"Whatever bye "said Kim, while walking off.
"Bye Kim" we all said.

Kim's pov.
I walked over to grace.

"Hey Grace" I said.

"Hi Kim so I'm guessing you still haven't told.
I cut her off "shhhh! I don't want him to know "I said quietly.
" You're going to have to tell Jerry you like him some time, there is the winter formal next Friday" said Grace.
"look I'll tell him some time and I'll think about the dance, now we should get to class ok" I said ,while walking away.
"ok" Grace replied ,while following.

Jerry's pov.
We were all having lunch in the cafeteria.
"So Jack who are you asking to the winter formal?" I asked .
"I don't no maybe Heather" replied Jack.
"Why are you taking her?"asked Kim.
"Why do you not like her?"asked Jack.
"I do she's fine" replied Kim.
"Who are you taking Kim" asked Milton .

"Actually I was-

Some teacher cut Kim off .
"hi kids this is Brody can he sit here he's new?" asked the teacher.
"sure" said Eddie.
"good sit down" said the teacher pushing Brody down into a chair and walking off.
"Kim you were saying something?" asked Milton.
"yeah" I said.
"I have to go bye" replied Kim quickly.
"Wonder what's wrong with her?" asked Jack.
"Who cares only you" said Eddie.
" I'll go find her" I said and walked out.
"Enough about Kim let's get to know Brody" said Milton.
"Sorry yeah" said Jack .
Kim's pov.
I was running down the hall and I ran into Jerry and we both fell over with Jerry on top of me Jerry got up and helped me up.
"I was looking for you what's wrong?" asked Jerry .

"Nothing but I need to ask you something?" I asked .
" sure what's up" said Jerry.
"Will you go to the winter formal with me" I asked.

"Can I give you an answer after school" asked Jerry.
"sure" I said and walked away .

Jack's pov.
I was walking down the hallway towards Milton and Eddie, I saw Jerry run over to Milton and Eddie.

"We have got a huge problem" I overheard Jerry .
"what's the problem?" I asked, while walking over to them.
"Kim asked me to the winter formal" said Jerry .
"WHAT" I shouted ,I could feel the anger boiling up inside of me and I just wanted to punch something.
"Well what did you say?" asked Eddie.
"I said I would give her an answer after school "said Jerry.
"Well you do know you can't go with her "said Eddie.
"Why can't I go with her?" asked Jerry, who had a face on that said 'I'm really confused'.
"Because Jack likes her" said Eddie ,who by the face he had on was clearly frustrated with Jerry at this point.
"Yeah well I like her the way Jack likes her too" said Jerry, when he said that i could feel my heart break in two inside my chest.
"You do?" I asked slowly.

"yeah" said Jerry in a simple tone like 'you didn't know'.
"well I liked her first so you can't go with her" I said.
"I'm going to her right now and saying yes because you're not the boss of me and you can't tell me what to do" said Jerry, while walking away.
Kim's pov.
"So I asked Jerry to the winter formal".

"Really omg! what did he say".
"He said he would give me an answer after school" I said.

I saw Jerry a bit away and he was heading towards us.

"Here come's Jerry act natural" I said to Grace quickly .
"Hey ladies so Kim I was thinking about it and it would be totally swag to go to the winter formal with you" said Jerry, while leaning against the locker beside me and smirking.
"That's great" I said.
"ok bye ladies "said Jerry, while turning and walking away .
"Bye Jerry" I said.
"OMG! You're going to the dance with Jerry.
"Yeah I'm so happy" I said ,while smiling.

Jack's pov.
I can't believe Jerry liked Kim this whole time and I can't believe he said yes when he knew I liked her and now I have no chance in dating Kim because she likes Jerry ugggghhhhhhh!

"Hey Jack" said Grace, while walking over.
"Hey Grace" I replied.

"So I'm guessing you have heard about Jerry and Kim going to the dance together?" Grace asked.
"yeah why do u care "I said.
"Because I like Jerry, but when I heard Kim liked him I said nothing and I know you like Kim.
"so?" I asked simply.
"Well, all we have to do is get them to start getting annoyed by one another and then they'll break up so we start by going to the dance together ok?" said Grace.
"ok I'll go to the dance with you, but how will we break them up?" I asked.
"That's easy we'll just sabotage all their dates" said Grace.
"That seems kind of mean" I said.
"Do you want Kim to be your girlfriend or not?" asked Grace.
"I do so I guess I'm in" I said.
"Great bye" replied Grace.
Milton's pov.
"We need to find dates to the dance fast" said Eddie.
"You mean you need to find a date fast I'm going with Julie" I said.
"Curse you for having a girlfriend that reminds me how did you get a girlfriend before me? "asked Eddie.
"I don't know, anyway who are you taking to the dance?" I asked.
"I don't know maybe-

Eddie got cut off .
"hey Eddie I was wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me?" asked Jadin.
"I would love to go to the dance with you Jadin" Eddie said.
"Great bye Eddie bye Milton" said Jadin, while walking off .
"Jadin one of the most popular girls asked me to the dance" said Eddie.

"I know what is going on?" I asked still shocked and when I looked at Eddie he looked just as shocked as I am.

Then Kim walked up to us.
"What's going on?" asked Kim.
"You know Jadin she asked me to the dance" said Eddie ,while smiling.
"I'm going to go ask Julie to the dance" I said.
"So I heard your going with Jerry to the dance?" asked Eddie.
"Yeah hey have you seen Jack anywhere I haven't talked to him in ages I'm going to go find him .

I saw Julie at her locker and walked over.
"hey Julie" I said.
"Oh hey Milton" said Julie.
"So do you want to go to the dance with me?" I asked already knowing the answer .
"Uh no I'm going with someone else" said Julie, what no she said no.
"What I thought we were going out?" I asked.
"We were until you cheated on me" said Julie.
"What I never cheated on you" I said.
"Whatever believe what you want bye Milton" said Julie , while walking away.
Jack's pov.
"Jack there you are I've been looking everywhere for you" said Kim.
"Well here I am" I said, I was trying to ignore her .
"What's wrong because if you don't tell me I can't make it better" said Kim.
"Why are you going to the dance with Jerry" I blurted out.
"Because I like him" said Kim.
"Whatever bye" I said ,while tuning to leave but she stopped me.
"No what's going on" said Kim.
"Look as long as your dating Jerry we can't be friends anymore" I said yep that's it I have lost my best friend.
"Why?" asked Kim ,she now has tears coming down her cheeks slowly oh god I made her cry yes this is officially the worst day of my life. I have never felt worse in my life I mean I have made people cry before because I accidently physically hurt them. I felt really bad then but this tops them all I purposely emotionally hurt Kim and made her cry she is looking me straight in the eyes hers are all puffy from the tears.
"We just can't ok" I said ,while walking past her and making my way down the hall I needed to get away from her before I broke down crying in front of her.

Kim's pov.
"Kim what's wrong?" asked Grace.
"Jack doesn't want to be my friend anymore" I said through sniffles.
"why?" asked Grace.
"Because I'm dating Jerry" I said.
"What are you going to do?" asked Grace.
"I don't know look I got to go bye" I said , while walking away.

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