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"The Big Blow Up" chapter 15

Kim's point of view

So, thankfully Danny did not kill Jack, were all now just sitting here getting interviewed by Rose and Danny about Jadin shooting Frank, but we all know it was self defence, then something popped into my head.

"Guy's Rudy!" I shouted, suddenly remembering what Arthur said about sending men to the dojo to kill Rudy. "Remember what Arthur said, we need to get to the dojo, Danny you need to take us now!" I added, then grabbing Jack's hand and dragging him with me.

Danny drove us to the mall car park, we ran from there, when we got there the worst thing that could have ever happened was happening, the dojo was on fire.

"Rudy" I more whispered than said, I could feel the tears starting to come, next thing we knew Jack was taking off his jumper and running into the dojo.

"JACK!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, Jerry came up behind me and held me back, so that I wouldn't try follow him, I was trying so hard to get out of his grip, when I finally did I ran straight into the dojo, ignoring Jadin and Jerry's shouting from outside.

Jack's point of view

When we finally got to the courtyard and saw the dojo on fire, my heart literally stopped beating, I knew I had to do something, I had to save Rudy, so I took off my jumper and ran into the dojo, I tried to get to Rudy's office, without catching on fire, when I finally got there, I saw Rudy lying on the floor, coughing and nearly unconscious.

"Rudy" I yelled, I bent down and tried to pick him, when I finally got him up over my shoulder, I opened the door into Rudy's office, I saw Kim, who was probably just about to come into Rudy's office.

"Kim what are you doing in here" I yelled at her, then I grabbed her arm and we ran, well neither of us were really running like we would normally, I couldn't run because of Rudy and she couldn't really run because she is pregnant, the baby, I need to get Kim out of here now, why would she put herself and the baby in danger. We got outside, there was an ambulance there to take Rudy to the hospital, they came over and took Rudy and put him on a stretcher and wheeled him to the ambulance. I turned around to Kim, I was so angry at her how could she do that, she looked so scared like a lost child, she was looking up at me because I'm like a head taller than her with a pout on and she was basically crying as well, so she was making it very hard to be mad or angry at her.

"Why'd you follow me in?" I asked, with a hint of anger, she seemed taken aback by my tone, which made me feel kind of bad.

"Because I love you and I didn't want you to die" she replied and then looked down out of embarrassment because that was the first time either of us said I love you, I think, and maybe because she was crying as well. "I'm sorry" she added, and then signed really noticeably, which made me smile, I lifted up her chin and kissed her passionately, which was my way of saying I forgave her, then someone cleared their throat behind us, it was Danny. We pulled apart and looked at him, he was glaring at me, awkward.

"We have to get the two of you to the hospital, since you both decided to run into a building on fire, even if you did save Rudy, it's still something you never do come on" said Danny.

"Ok" answered Kim, she looked back at me, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and she wrapped her arm around my waist. Jerry and Jadin came running over to us.

"Your both alive" shouted Jadin and hugged both of us to death.

"You saved Rudy's life man and you made it out alive, you're a hero" yelled Jerry, we all started laughing, then the dojo blew up.

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