Music blared around Michaela, startling her as she fell out of bed. She groaned as she turned off her alarm. At first, she made no motion to get up. Then images of the previous night flashed in her head. She continued sitting on the floor, trying to think of what she should do. She really didn't want to go back only to be killed by the museum exhibits.

Then, a thought struck her. Jed had called one of his friends in New York. Hopefully that person was on their way here.

Michaela stood up and began to get ready for work, hoping that whoever Jed called would be at the museum and she wouldn't have to face the exhibits coming to life on her own.

There was still a few minutes left before sundown by the time Michaela arrived at the museum. As she made her way inside she passed Brandon who was doing something with his flashlight.

"What are you doing?"

"This guy did a really cool move with his flashlight." He explained. "It was so awesome."

"What guy?"

"I don't know. Just some guy who was touching the exhibits."

"Well, just don't hurt anyone with that thing."

She then continued her way down to the basement. By the time she got down there the sun had set.

I should not have stopped to talk to Brandon.

When she arrived at where the others were, she saw Kahmunrah and his men surrounding someone with their spears pointed at him. She stopped in her tracks, looking between the men who looked back at her.

"So, you've come back." Kahmunrah said.

"Don't know why other then it's my job." Michael answered. She then noticed the other guy who had the tablet.

Kahmunrah then turned his attention back to the one with the tablet. "Hand it over to me now."

"Ok, here you go." He said as he gave Kahmunrah the tablet.

Michael looked at him with shock. She was still trying to process everything that was going on, but she knew that handing over the tablet wasn't a good idea.

"A wise decision." Kahmunrah and his men started to walk away.

"I just thought you wanted the cube."

That made Kahmunrah stop

Again Michaela was confused. Was there another artifact that came with the exhibits? If so, why was this guy telling Kahmunrah about it?

"The cube?" Kahmunrah questioned.

"Yeah, you know? The cube of…Rubik. It's the cube that turns all those who oppose you to dust."

"Why are you telling him about…?" Michaela started to say, but then caught on to what he was doing…kind of.

"You know your brother didn't want to mess with it either." The guy said. "He wanted to play it safe."

"I am not my brother.' Kahmunrah said something in Egyptian and his men pointed their spears at Michaela and the guy. Michaela hid behind him. "I can kill you and your friends in a blink of an eye and I'm sure you wouldn't want that. Now take me to this cube of Rubik."

The man nodded then led the way. As they were walking, Michaela stayed by his side.

"You must be the one Jed called. I'm Michaela."

"Larry. This must seem very frightening to you."

"You have no idea."

"Trust me I do. I remember when I first saw the museum come to life back in New York."

Michaela was about to say something else, but Kahmunrah spoke first, "Stop talking and more walking."

Michaela never thought of herself as a coward. She actually thought herself pretty brave, but she questioned that when she was actually facing danger. It only made things worse when she thought there was a good chance that she could die. The Egyptians were determined to get the tablet -which they now have- now they want this imaginary cube. What was going to happen when they found out it was a rouse? Michaela shivered just thinking about it.

Soon they came to a long crate. Michaela racked her brain, trying to remember what was in it.

"Open it." Kahmunrah ordered.

Larry made his way to the crate and unlatched the first lock. He glanced back at Michaela then went to unlatch the second lock. Just as he did, Michaela remembered what was in there.

Tentacles shot out as a giant octopus came out and he did not look happy. Using his tentacles, he hit the Egyptians which sent them flying into other crates. With the crates broken, more animals made their escape. Kahmunrah was hit, making him lose his grip on the tablet. Larry dove for it and caught it. Michaela glanced around at all the animals and wasn't paying attention to the octopus. A tentacle hit her and sent her flying a few feet.

Larry ran over to her and helped her up. Then they began to run.

"What are we going to do now?" Michaela asked.

"I usually make this up as I go."

"Usually? You mean this is a common occurrence for you?"

"Only one other time."

Larry soon halted, which almost made Michaela run into him. They had gone full circle and were back at the octopus. The octopus looked towards them as one of his tentacles came flying towards them. Michaela ducked, but Larry wasn't so lucky as he was knocked back.

The Egyptians were closing in on them from one side and they had a giant octopus in front of them.

"Got any more bright ideas?" She asked Larry.

Before Larry could answer, they heard a yell and looked up just as a motorcycle came over some crates and landed on the ground a few feet from them.

The man who had been driving got out. He was dressed in a blue military uniform. "Take the wheel."

Larry looked at Michaela then back at the guy who was now climbing in the side cart. Larry got in the driver's seat and Michaela sat behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"We're going to die. I love it."

Michaela looked at him. "That's not what I want to hear. I would like to live."

He ignored her as he said, "Just keep it straight and I'll do the rest. Now, charge!"

Larry started driving as Michaela kept her eyes shut.

"So, what's the plan?" Larry asked.

"We're Americans. We don't plan, we do."

Michaela took a chance to open her eyes just as they were closing in on the Egyptians. Her eyes closed once again as Larry hit some of the men while others got out of the way.

"You're in good hands." The military guy said. "General George A. Custer at your service." He let out a ye-ah as he stood up. He hit a metal bar and fell off the motorcycle. Larry stopped, but Custer told him to keep going.

"Oh my God, we're going to die." Michaela said. "I'm only nineteen. I haven't lived my life yet."

"Don't worry, Michaela. I promise you will not die."

"I'll hold you to that."

Larry soon stopped the motorcycle so Michaela opened her eyes to see what was going on. Standing in front of them was a woman blocking their path.

"What's the rumpus, Ace?" She asked.

"Look lady, can you get out of the way?" Larry asked.

"Who you calling a lady? The name's Amelia Earhart."

Just then, a spear hit the tire. All three looked over and saw the Egyptians. Larry grabbed the tablet and quickly began walking with the other two following him.

"I'm Amelia Earhart. Perhaps you heard of me."

"Oh right, you're a pilot or something." Larry said.

They stopped behind more boxes and crates as Larry glanced around for any sign of the Egyptians.

"I am the first woman to fly over the Atlantic."

"Didn't you only get halfway then you disappeared?" Michaela asked.

"Even so, how many other women do you know that can fly?"

"I'm sure there are a few. I just can't name any right now."

"Well, can either one of you tell me where I am?"

"You're in a museum." Larry answered.

"Actually we're under it." Michaela said.

"And right now we're in a dangerous situation so you may not want to me near us."

"What's your name, flyboy?"

"Larry and this is Michaela."

"Well, Larry, I'm not one to shy away from danger." She stepped out and put her hands on her hips as if they would better help get her point across.

It was then that a few spears flew in her direction. She didn't even flinch as they missed her by inches.

"How about spears?" Larry asked. "Do you shy away from spears?"

"Follow me." Michaela said as she led them to a nearby door which led to stairs.