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Chapter One – Mastering The Knight Bus On A Bumpy Road

I'm proud to say I've mastered the Knight Bus.

I was currently on the third floor on the very back bed with my feet up and I had yet to go flying, literally. Flying without a broom was not nearly as fun, in fact, I think the Quidditch accident I had in third year was actually less painful and humiliating than face planting the floor of the Knight Bus almost every time I got on it. I had a no spill hot chocolate balanced precariously on my belly, it had to be no spill other we'd all be swimming in it instead of drinking it. Being a regular traveller on the Knight Bus and also personally knowing the conductor, John Gettings very well I pretty much travelled free or at least half price. John and I had been in a short relationship when he was in sixth year and I'd been a fourth year, he hadn't stayed for seventh year and we'd broken up staying on good terms like I did with most people.

The bed I was lay on slid quickly across the floor slamming into the far wall and I silently congratulated myself on staying firmly planted on the it with little disturbance.

It had taken years to master, years of traipsing back between the house I lived in, Diagon Alley and the summer home which no one visited. Mum had inherited the summer home, it had been in the family for thousands of years and Kian and I were now the sole owners of it. Dad didn't like it. He thinks it made me what I am a demon.
I'm not... I'm a witch and I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Mum had left me journals which explained that she had been a pureblood witch, the last member of a Nobel house, well, until Kian and I were born. She hadn't changed her name but she hadn't told Dad the real reason was to keep the Noble house of Conwy still going either, heck he hadn't even known that mum was a witch and that both his children would one day attend Hogwarts.

Well, Kian, I had thought was a squib his eleventh birthday came and went with no accidental magic and no letter. I'd been so confused, and the magical gene was dominant, Kian should have received his letter just like every other 11 year old but I guess everything was fine now - now that Kian's magic had finally broken free. It was strange but when the ministry had explained I'd found out that Kian was called a 'Late-Bloomer', his magic was locked inside of him until a desperate situation presented itself. People like Kian were even rarer than Squibs.

I'd laughed when they'd told me what had happened. My brother had almost torn a school building down! Dad wouldn't go to the Ministry to get Kian and I'd been called out of Hogwarts because he needed calming down. I never thought I'd see the day when Kian got angry, he was the calm one, kind of a push over really. Apparently at his boarding school he wasn't really the most popular of boys and just after he'd gone back after Christmas in year nine, his third year, he'd been cornered. He hadn't really been hurt but the building had been damaged a hell of a lot and the five boys who had been cornered were pretty banged up - they deserved it of course but the ministry had had to dispatch a whole squad of obliviators.

Luckily Kian hadn't gotten into trouble, apparently 'Late-Bloomers' could cause a lot more trouble than he had and according to a man named Kinsley Shacklebolt, who I remember graduating from Hogwarts two years previous, there had been instances where people had been killed too just by the sheer amount of magic that was released when Late-Bloomers finally did burst. Kian had still been shaking when I'd reached him at the ministry, it was so bad I could still feel his magic radiating off him but finally he calmed down and we'd ended up laughing about the whole thing. Shacklebolt had been shocked when he spoke to me, of course, Kian hadn't spoken to anyone at the Ministry they thought he was in shock, all he'd done was nod to give permission to take his memory of the whole event. Kian was mute; I suppose it can be deemed as mute since he only really spoke to me.

I guess that's why he'd been bullied because he didn't speak to very many people, just me really and occasionally Dad. I tried to get him to work on speaking to others and I'd been almost there with it but then I'd gone to Hogwarts and Kian returned to being mute and not breathing a word to anyone.

After the incident, Kian insisted on not going to Hogwarts straight away, he wanted to wait. He dropped out of boarding school, unbeknown to my father, to start to learn what he'd missed because of not attending Hogwarts at eleven, staying safely in Conwy House. I'd given him all my old school books so he could catch up and start to learn his first second and third year work whilst I finished my fifth year. Since I'd arrived back at home, I'd spend lots of time teaching Kian the practical element behind his theoretical knowledge but I could only do that at the Summer Home. There was something about the wards that allowed us to practice there without warning from the ministry. I had also being trying the hardest to try and get Kian to start speaking to other people but it really was worse than before and this time my efforts to help him weren't working. At this rate, he'd be going to Hogwarts still a mute and I was worried that he may not speak to anyone but me ever. That would seriously hinder his chances of building a life comfortably in the Wizarding World.

On the morning of the 1st September 1976, two hours before I got on the train, he would be picked up by McGonagall to undergo a day of rigorous testing in order to see whether he would be able enough to join in the fourth year - the year he should have been in if he'd got his letter when he should have. Unfortunately I wouldn't be allowed to go with him and if I couldn't get him to speak, I sighed. I knew he was capable of performing magic non-verbally but I was worried they'd drop him into third year because he was mute even though he was perfectly capable of joining the fourth year.

I can always try again tomorrow, I thought to myself, glancing out the window as the outside blurred from countryside to what seemed to be London. We couldn't be very far from everything now; the Summer Home was on the beach in Cornwall, which was perfect for when the weather was as hot as this. Today the temperature must have hit 34 so it made sense for me to be in just shorts and a vest top but other witches and wizards travelling with me didn't seem to understand how hot it was with many opting to wear several layers of clothing. For example, the only other person on this floor was wearing long trousers, a shirt, a jumper, a jacket and on top of that a set of dark robes. Not only this, but he was snuggled under the covers of his bed too.

That made no sense.

I rolled my eyes and swung my feet over the side of the bed rubbing my eyes in exhaustion. I'm so bloody tired; all this traipsing back and forth is draining me. I would have stayed at home but Dad, just Dad, there was no other reason why I couldn't stay, it was the way he looked at me. The way everything was my fault and sometimes, sometimes I just needed to get away. It killed me too, to leave Kian at home without me with no one to speak too. For a moment a debated going back but it was late and they'd both probably be asleep.

The knight bus abruptly stopped and I briefly peered out the window to see we had stopped in probably one of the posher areas of London. I heard voices at the bottom of the stairs and then shortly after I heard a set of footsteps and a heavy luggage object thudding up the stairs. Noisy bugger, people are actually trying to sleep. I rolled my eyes listening as the noise travelled up the bus towards the top floor and me being nosy watched the stairs waiting for the mystery person to arrive.

That's when I got the shock of my life. Well kind of. The first thing I saw was a mop of shaggy black hair and then of course the rest of him. Sirius Black had just climbed aboard the Knight Bus trailing his school trunk behind him, looking rather dishevelled and by the looks of it quite upset.

I bit my bottom lip as I laid my eyes on him. Sirius Black was hot, no doubt about that. His hair was usually styled perfectly to sweep across his forehead just tickling his eyebrows so that everyone could see the sparkle in his grey eyes. You'd have thought having grey eyes, they'd be relatively dull but there was something mischievous that twinkled behind them that made them sparkle. I hate to sound so cliché but it was like he'd been carved by the gods. Sirius Black was inexplicably perfect, 5'10" and not too thin. In fact he was perfectly toned, well-muscled and in no way disproportionate. He had an all-round regal look in the way he held himself but in no way did he make that seem snotty or arrogant. Even when he was being slightly cocky I knew that wasn't really him, he was always joking.

Of course right now he looked a mess. Crazy in fact, despite his messy hairstyle and often relaxed clothing style, he still made that look perfect every time. But right now, right now I knew something was wrong. His hair was unstyled and brushed through so it lay flat. His clothes appeared to be thrown on as if done in a hurry, for someone who I knew was particularly full of themselves and incredibly vain especially for a lad - this really was weird.

I briefly wondered whether I shouldn't call over to him, the friendship we had was kind of weird. We'd been friends since we were eleven it was kind of a peculiar meeting to be honest...


11.23 – 1st September 1971 – The Hogwarts Express

I propped my feet up and made myself comfortable in my compartment for the long haul. I wasn't nervous about Hogwarts but I was nervous about leaving Kian. Since he was eight now and A, he was still mute and I had almost almost got him to feel more confident in speaking to other people but me, and B, he hadn't showed any magical ability whatsoever.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat for a moment staring at the outside flashing past outside the window, slowly blurring from the grey capital city to green-ish countryside. Surely this journey wasn't very long, I got the hint from Mum's journals we wouldn't get there until dinner and that there was going to be a welcoming feast. It was unfortunate though that I hadn't bumped into any first years, which would be nice to find some friends. Although I was confident I could make friends when I reached Hogwarts it still would be nice to sit with someone.

My head snapped to the side as my compartment door slammed open and a black haired boy ran in. My eyes met his and they pleaded with me momentarily before the boy lifted himself onto the luggage rack above and swung his legs up.

"Don't look up please" I heard him whisper as what sounded like three sets of running footsteps heading down the corridor. I fixed my eye line to stare out the window once more but when the footsteps paused I did turn my head slightly to catch a glimpse of two similar looking brown haired boys perhaps fourth years and another boy who was a little taller with black hair that appeared to need a wash. They can't have stopped at the door much longer than two seconds before they were running back down the corridor away from the hidden boy above my head.

For a moment the compartment fell silent before the boy shuffled above me on the luggage rack and swung his feet back over the edge and lowered himself back down.

"Thank you... The names Sirius Black by the way" he grinned as he to me. His face was soft and his eyes had a kind of twinkle that I suspected would get Sirius Black exactly what he wanted and perhaps into detention too.

"Danielle Conwy, in trouble already ?" I asked with a small smirk.

"Avoiding the family - I just happened to make an outward comment about Slytherins" he said peering out into the hallway, "The whole family is Slytherin" Sirius signed, a slight look of distaste crossed his face.

"Possibly not such a good idea" I quipped watching him nervously peer out into the corridor and then look back to me while he was still stood up as if debating what to do, "Who we're they? Cousins?" I asked.

"The two brown haired boys were Rastaban and Rudolphus Lestrange they're like cousins five times removed and the other one was a Goyle. I think" Sirius explained, "I don't think he's a cousin ..." he said.

"That's... specific" I answered, "Look I think a may have something that will help you get away properly..." I dug around in my bag for a long moment before pulling out a paper bag of gobstoppers. Chucking it to him, I dropped my bag back to my feet and smiled.

"These are sweets?" Sirius said confused as he sniffed the sweets inside the bag, "What am I supposed to do? Offer them one?" he smirked.

"Oh hilarious" I said rolling my eyes at him, "No, of course not, just rip the packet open and drop them, one of them is bound to go flying" I smiled and Sirius gave a rough barking laugh.

"I owe you one Conwy" he retorted.

"Any time Black"


Our friendship has changed a little since then, of course. We continued to stay friends and even though I made plenty of friends in my own house and in others on the occasion, Sirius Black has remained until this day the friend I felt the most comfortable around. He was also like a little secret keeper, not that I purposely kept secrets from my other friends. It was just that with Sirius I felt I could tell him more personal things without getting plagued with bad advice and girly reactions. No one knew about is, it was a secret. Neither of us really wanted to be known as that couple because it could seriously harm our reputation.

We both had a close group of friends, which everyone knew, the boys for their pranks and their drop-dead gorgeousness. Then there was us: Nia, Cathy, Hailey and myself; we seemed to fit into that stereotypical girl group except we were all much nicer than the stereotype. Well except for maybe Nia Stephanopoulos, she could really be a bitch to people she wasn't friends with something that made me somewhat glad that I'd found her friendship at the Welcoming Feast. Daughter of a Greek Noble house, she was tall and had olive tanned skin, which was a tell-tale sign of her Greek heritage, Nia was short for Adonia – a name that she was still horrified that her parents had given her. Hailey Perkins was our whizz kid, a straight O student and the female prefect for the Hufflepuff 6th year girls. She'd been ever so shy when we'd met her but she eventually came out of her shell a few weeks into the first year. We'd all been complaining about some question in our Herbology work, Nia had shot some comment at Hailey that I whacked her for but to our surprise Hailey turned and bit back with an equally as biting but heavily sarcastic answer. I'm not sure how it happened but we all ended up friends. Last but not least was Cathy Hargreaves, Cathy knew everything as long it had nothing to do with her school classes, unless, of course, it was Charms, Astronomy or, strangely enough, Divination. We were all fairly certain that Cathy, full name Catherina, was some sort of seer and it wasn't just because she was one half faerie. The girls and I were very careful not to tell anyone about either of these facts particularly with Voldemort starting a flat out Wizarding War three years ago. Seers were often sought after by the Deatheaters and Half-Breeds were flat out shunned in the Wizarding World despite the laws brought in to stop that.

Anyway our group of girls were quite popular, according to Sirius it was because we all had the look. He said Nia looked like a Greek goddess, Hailey looked like a naughty schoolgirl – I'd thwacked him for that – apparently Cathy looked like she could tease boys by running them round in circles and then there was me, apparently I was the best-friend girlfriend but no one could see that according to Sirius. So instead he settled for me being the one everyone wants instead. I really don't know what I thought about that.

Sirius and I's friendship changed once more at the beginning of fourth year. One day Sirius and I had been in the kitchens just complaining about the ridiculous amount of work we'd been set upon our return to Hogwarts. Oddly enough the conversation had turning to Boyfriends and Girlfriends and that we hadn't had any experience with the other sex apart from shameless flirting.


22.34 – 15th September 1974 – The Kitchens

"Minnie's working us into an early grave" Sirius moaned, banging his head on the table. Immy, a house-elf who lived to serve Sirius ever since he started visiting the Kitchens, appeared at his side with a crack. She pulled his head up and put a pillow under it before stepping back with a smile.

"Anything else for master?" she asked perkily as I tried to supress a laugh when Sirius glared at me. Immy would do things for Sirius that even he didn't ask for and it seriously was starting to weird him out considering that his own family House Elf, Kreacher, clung to his Mother as if it were possible that they could start a relationship.

"No, Immy, I don't need anything else" Sirius said as politely as he could through gritted teeth. Immy disappeared one more and Sirius and I fell silent with nothing but the scratching of my quill to fill in the silence. It would probably take Sirius about twelve more seconds to get annoyed. Eleven. I scuffed the toe of my shoe knowing that I should probably interrupt before Sirius started his spoilt little pureblood act but I just loved teasing him. Eight. Lo behold, he actually seems quite relaxed. Six. No, never mind spoke too soon, he started tapping his fingers so I started writing faster. Three. Any second now. Two. I smirked. One.

"Bloody hell, would you stop writing?" he yelled.

"I knew you were going to do that" I sang, not looking up and continuing my Transfiguration Essay that Sirius was supposed to be doing too.

"How?" he said.

"I've told you before, you're like an open book Sirius Black and it seems I'm the only one who can see it" I replied, looking up at him with a smirk and putting my quill down, "Surely you can read certain people too? If you possess the gift…" I teased, taking the piss out of our Divination Professor, a subject we both took as a third elective and could very easily drop. Yet as boring as the subject may be, it was just too fun to go to class and laugh about it later.

"Indeed, I do possess the inner eye" he said mysteriously, "Alas, it only works when I channel the correct spirits" his impression was spot on and we both ended up gasping for breath after a few minutes of impressions, "I use the sight to see that Potter is never going to get Lily Evans" he said moments later with a grin. I made a noise of sarcastic agreement, it kind of came out like this, Psssh.

"Anyone with normal eyes can see that you dimwit" I responded, he whacked me lightly and I laughed, "So is this the year the Marauders finally start going out with the girls who swoon over them?" I asked.

"Why? Would you like me to hook you up with one of the guys?" Sirius joked.

"Oh my gosh! Would you? Really? Just for me?" I squealed, his head snapped to me to find that I was grinning, "Got you" I smiled, he rolled his eyes and lay back on the bench, "Truth is I have no clue what I'd do if a boy was trying to get with me" I responded.

"I agree" Sirius said, I opened my mouth to make a sarcastic comment about 'why a boy would come on to him' but he spoke quickly aloud, "And I meant if it was a girl you idiot, see you're not too hard to read" he smiled.

"I'm always sarcastic though so it doesn't count" I retorted, it fell quiet once more and after about ten seconds Sirius sat bolt upright with a grin on his face; I stared at him my eyebrows knitted together in confusion, "What?" I asked slowly.

"I've got an idea and it'll work because it's not real right?" he spoke fast and subsequently, oooo big word, subsequently my face must have appeared even more confused than before.

"What on you going on ab–" I began.

"Us! We both don't have a clue about relationships so why don't we just help each other out, like we do with schoolwork and everything else? And it's fine because it's not a proper relationship!" he said, I stayed quiet for a moment.

"I don't know Sirius, I like the friendship we have…"I said unsure.

"Look its fine, I like our friendship too, we won't lose that… do you love me?" he asked.

"Ew, no!" I cried, "You're my friend!"

"See and I don't love you, so it'll be just like friends helping each other out" Sirius explained, I rubbed my neck, weighing out the pro's and con's; he was right, I don't love him and it's going to benefit us both to know what we're doing this year when it came to relationships, "Look, lets test it and if it feels awkward we won't do it" he pressed, I took a breath and then nodded.

"Okay, get round here" I said. Sirius hopped the table, sitting on the bench his legs either side of it and I shifted my own legs so I could face him, "Ready?" I shrugged.

"Ready" Sirius replied, we both leant forward until our lips met and after a long moment I felt Sirius's lips open partially, his hands resting on my shoulders and I copied his movement. For a moment we stayed still but when neither of us said anything, we both continued forward. As I parted my lips I felt Sirius kiss my bottom lip before the tip my tongue met his top lip and our kiss deepened, tongues battling for dominance as Sirius pushed me backwards onto the bench leaning over me as we continued his hair tickling my face. After a minute or two longer, we broke apart, our breathing harsh and quick.

"You're not bad Conwy" he breathed, our faces just a few inches apart and I looked up at him with a face of contemplation.

"Eh… you could use some work"


We made a pact there and then, a just friend's pact. I didn't love Sirius, well I did but in a kind of kid brother way, and he didn't love me. We just wanted to stay friends but help each other out a little. From that moment in the Kitchens up until this very day I'd say what Sirius and I had was a kind of friends with benefits arrangement, which only dropped activity wise when the one of us was in our usual short term relationship. But to be totally honest even when Sirius and I were in other relationships they didn't last very long at all. It was weird but it worked for us.

I finally came out of my mind long enough to meet Sirius's eyes, I felt his relief from where I was sat and he quickly made his way over to me. It was only then that I noticed that his lip was split, there was a cut above his eye and that itself was slowly forming a bruise around it. I couldn't even begin to comprehend what other injuries he had sustained that were hidden by his clothes.

"You look like shit Black, what the hell's happened?" I asked, even though I could pretty much guess without asking.

"I've done it Danni, I've finally done it, I've left that horrible house" he replied, taking a deep breath in and slowly releasing it. I knew Sirius had been wanting to leave his house for a long while now but he couldn't bring himself to leave his brother Regulus. I could emphasise with that, I hated leaving Kian but something really bad must have happened for Sirius to finally leave. I guessed it must have something to do with the fact that he'd had the shit beaten out of him.

"I'd say well done but I know how hard it must have been" I answered, I watched has Sirius put his head in his hands his body shaking slightly.

"I don't think I've done the right thing, I don't know. I don't even know where I'm going. I thought the Potter's…" he said shakily, "But are they really going to want me on their doorstep? It's almost midnight. Besides, my Dad will know I've gone there, I don't want anything to happen to them, they're always so nice to me"

It struck me then that I knew somewhere that Sirius could stay without being found by his parents or the Potter's getting hurt. Conwy House was unplottable, hardly anyone knew it existed, according to the Wizarding World the Conwy line died years ago and better yet only Kian or I could welcome people to our home. Unwanted visitor's suffered the consequences.

"I know where you can go and no one will be able to find you"

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