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Chapter 2 - Badgers Are Much Scarier Than Lions

It was great to be home, well I guess Conwy house counted as home to both me and Kian. Like I'd said before Conwy House was on the beach so Sirius, as soon as the sea breeze hit his face as we climbed off the Knight Bus, started singing 'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside' at the top of his lungs.

I let him continue off-key for a long while mainly because I knew he had to take his mind off what had happened and I knew if there was one thing Sirius was good at it was refocusing his thoughts and sticking his head in the sand, basically. As soon as something bad happens with Sirius he shrugs it off and pretends like nothing's going to come of it. So his big brave Gryffindor self goes into autopilot stubbornness and refuses to accept either advice or the truth.

When we reached the wards of the house I raised my wand so that they allowed Sirius and I through. It was at this point I took a sneaky glance at Sirius. You could tell that inside his head under that mop of hair those little cogs inside his brain were whizzing round and round trying to figure why on earth I had such a huge house with uber strong wards round it.

"Woah! Dannie, this house is huge" he said amazed by Conwy House, I smiled to myself as we reached the main archway under which the front doors were already pushed open onto the main hallway, "If I didn't know any better I'd say you were quite well off. If I didn't know any better I'd..." he trailed off, his eyes darting around the main hallway.

"You'd?" I teased, closing the doors. Being a Conwy and no one knowing was ridiculous, last names were a massive thing in the Wizarding World and I refuse to believe someone hasn't thought 'Hmmm what if Dannie's a Conwy?' It wasn't that I didn't want to tell anyone so much as I really didn't want the hassle plus and with Kian, I knew he didn't need it, not yet.

"You're a Conwy" Sirius cried after only thirty seconds in the hallway of the Conwy House. I sighed, yes this had been one of more well kept secrets. I didn't want to cause a kerfuffle, for lack of a better term, especially as most people though that the Conwy bloodline had long since ended with the disappearance of my mother.

"Surely you've noticed previously to now that my last name is Conwy" I mocked.

"No idiot as in your part of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Conwy! I thought that your bloodline was extinct" he exclaimed putting on a posh voice and dropping into a mock bow with a grin. I rolled my eyes at him.

"So does everyone else Sirius! And until I go and claim to estates and vaults that belong to this house I'd like it to stay that way." I warned.

"You haven't claimed anything yet?" he questioned, his eyebrows knotted together in confusion as he straightened up once more.

"Nope because they'd have to announce it and I don't want all that attention for being part of a supposedly extinct Noble House until I'm ready" I responded, as Sirius dropped his trunk and sat on top of it.

"Why not? As far as I'm aware you and your brother can start the Conwy house again. I recall someone telling me Conwy's used to be a really dark family" he said.

"Thank you Captain Obvious, for your own safety I'm going to tell you not to go in the west wing" I grinned, dropping my bag on the first step. The west wing had yet to be cleared of all sorts dark objects and stuff like that so until I can manipulate Mr Borgin in such a way that meant I could, A, get him here without him realising I was a Conwy and, B, get him to give me a decent price for all this junk, it would sit there gathering dust.

"Geez it's not like I used to live in one of the darkest houses in the country" he rolled his eyes. Finally Benjy, one of the three house elves that were still here appeared with a small pop. The Conwy House here had a little family of house elves. Benjy and Maary and their child Hallie had been part of Conwy House for three or four generations now. They generally joined me at Hogwarts during the year but when Kian dropped out of school I'd sent them back here to help him when he came to study. Obviously Dad wouldn't allow anything to do with magic in his house.

I gauged Sirius reaction of Benjy's appearance, all my house elves wore some sort of clothing, which was indeed peculiar for house elves and it had taken me a while to convince them to do so. I wanted them to be comfortable and clean unlike many others house-elf's but besides their first distraught thoughts they weren't free as such, no, they kept this whole house from spiralling into decline. I have no idea what I would do if they weren't here.

Sirius stood gaping at Benjy, who had a dark pair of pants and a light shirt on, I rolled my eyes at Sirius's lack of tact and turned to address Benjy.

"Hey Benjy, could you please take Sirius's trunk to the spare room on Kian's and my floor?"

"Of course Miss Danielle, anything else?" Benjy replied politely.

"No thank you Benjy" I replied, Benjy and Sirius's trunk disappeared with a crack causing Sirius to hit the floor with a dull thud. I turned to him where his face still gave away a look of confusion.

"Your House-Elf, he was wearing proper clothes" Sirius said, standing up and brushing the imaginary dust off himself. God, he was good at stating the bloody obvious.

"Yep so don't stare next time, come on let me show you your room" I said, gesturing him forward and up the stairs.

"My room?" he smirked.

"Uh-huh, but there's Grindylows breeding in the bathroom and I haven't checked for Boggarts since last summer" I smiled, climbing the stairs. Sirius froze, staring up at me with a frown.

"That's fine I'll just share your bed then" he responded after a few moments of silence.

"Not a chance Black - I promised I'd pick Kian up early. I don't need you keeping me up" I retorted as he closed the gap between us with a playful scowl.

"Oh c'mon, you've let me share your bed before" he teased, unfortunately, me grinning at that point gave Sirius the totally wrong impression, "Thanks Dannie, now where's your room?" he tried not to laugh when we finally turned onto the second floor hallway.

"It's that one" I pointed out my room, "But if you are really staying in my room just a couple of rules..." I began.

"I solemnly swear that I won't bite..." Sirius grinned.

"No. I mean I swear to God if you wake me up before eight I'll hex you into next week! Get it..." I warned, half-joking, half-deadly serious and maintaining the eye contact that Sirius had been unfortunate to meet.

"You know..." he said, after a few moments, "For a 'puff you're quite scary" he quipped as we entered my room.

"It's our hidden side being scary, Badgers are good at keeping secrets unlike you Lions" I retorted.

My room here was huge but despite my house pride, yellow just wasn't the right colour for a bedroom. I'd be blinded every morning. Dazed and clumsy was simply a bad thing for the morning especially when there's three steps up to your bed and falling down them hadn't been a rare occurrence. Anyway, as I was saying despite my house pride, my room colour was not yellow but instead it was painted neutrally with major house colours being brought out in the furniture.

You can't have lived until you've had a bright Gryffindor-Red table surrounded by Hufflepuff-Yellow sofas and also have a dark wooden bed with stripy Slytherin-Green and Ravenclaw-Blue bed clothes.

"As much as it pains me I think you're right" Sirius said slowly, "Although this room is quite possibly scarier than you" I frowned and for lack of a better argument stuck my tongue out at him.

He laughed and every time I heard it I was sure it mirrored his canine form more and more than the last time I heard it.

Yeah I knew about that too.

It wasn't like it wasn't obvious that Lupin was a werewolf, disappearing off very month. When I heard about what the guys were doing in second year I wanted in but I hadn't told Sirius what I was doing. Transfiguration being my best subject allowed me to secretly join Remus during his transformations way before the Marauders had.

Third year actually.

No one knew, except that there just had to a wolf that appeared every transformation and no one had a clue where it came from.

Funnily enough I'd gotten Professor McGonagall to help me, that was the Slytherin in me, of course, which had helped me to wrap her around my little finger. It helped being her best student though. I'd asked her to help after I'd got the basics down and we'd completed the task just after Easter of third year. That's what came from being a Hufflepuff hard work and dedication.

Shockingly I was all for registering and I was sure Professor McGonagall would make sure I did...


April 27th 1974 - McGonagall's Office

"You're not trying hard enough Miss Conwy" McGonagall's voice rang out for what felt like the 50th fucking time that evening.

"I am Professor!" I cried in annoyance, clenching my fists and stomping a foot down angrily.

"Conwy" she warned, "If this is too hard..." I blanked her out, squeezing my eyes closed. I know I can do this, I've worked too bloody hard to give up now. And even if McGonagall gave up on me now, I would keep going and going no matter how hard it was - I will be an animagus.

I will.

I cleared my mind focusing solely on shifting from one form to another despite not knowing at all what my animagus form would be. McGonagall guessed I would some sort of loyal and protective animal because of the house I was sorted into but I guess we'd have to wait and see.

My ears started to pick up McGonagall's voice like sixteen times clearer than before and I growled in frustration because I'd yet to feel myself shift forms.

"Miss Conwy" I heard McGonagall breathe and I automatically brought a paw up to brush my ears back.


I did what now?!

My eyes flew open and I looked down at my paw before looking up at McGonagall, who was staring at me wide-eyed. I'd done it, I'd done it. I yipped happily, prancing around in excitement before I jumped forward shifting back into my human form and throwing my arms around McGonagall.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I exclaimed, after a second of awkwardness on McGonagall's part, she reached around and patted my lightly on the back.

"Well done, Mis- Danielle, well done" she replied, before I finally let go, a beaming grin spread across my face.

"I couldn't of done it without you... what was I?" I asked, thinking that I seemed slightly too tall to be a dog.

"I'd say that you appeared to be a wolf" she answered, writing something down in a small journal. My eyebrows shot up, a wolf, that's interesting.

"A wolf..." I repeated aloud, unsure of whether that was really the ideal animagus form for me. McGonagall smiled, a rare occurrence, and closed her journal.

"I think it suits your personality very well" she said, not needing to explain and standing up. I suppose it made a little sense. I guess I would have to register now.

"Professor?" I asked, "About registering, can we wait until the weekend?" I said, twiddling my thumbs not wanting to miss Quidditch practice tomorrow night because Tyler would hunt me down and kill me.

McGonagall coughed, "I spoke to Professor Dumbledore about your desire to become an animagus some time ago, he and I believe that right now it isn't appropriate to register as an animagus so we believe that you should keep this secret" she said seriously.

"Isn't that illegal?" I grinned.

"Technically, but we believe because of your age and that you would be the youngest animagus on record, that it would be too-" she began.

"Dangerous?" I interrupted, "Because that Voldemort guy who's just started a war with his ridiculous pureblood bullshit..." I reeled off, "Sorry" I added.

"Precisely, Miss Conwy, I won't lie. Achieving what you've done at such a young age is a tremendous achievement and I'm afraid..."

"That he might try and recruit me when I leave Hogwarts?" I smirked, "I'd rather die..."

"Those are brave words Miss Conwy" she said looking at her watch, "I think perhaps you and I should speak to the Headmaster tomo-"

"Why not now?" we both span round to see the Headmaster by the fireplace, his long beard tucked into his waistband and the twinkle in his eye evident as he smiled down on us.

"Professor Dumbledore Sir-" I stuttered, shocked at his sudden appearance.

"Albus, you've just caught Miss Conwy at a stubborn moment" Professor McGonagall said, "However, we have finally completed her goal of becoming an animagus" she beamed, I felt my cheeks colour slightly in embarrassment and I shuffled my feet.

"If you'd be so kind Miss Conwy, would you show an old man a rare occurrence please?" he asked, looking over his half-moon spectacles at me.

"Erm sure" I replied, I took a breath and effortlessly shifted into my new form.

Something occurred to me then, that I thought that wolves were partially colour blind but what I was seeing before me was a heightened sharpness and vividness in the colour all around me. I blinked sitting back my tail swishing along the floor, staring up at the two Professors in bemusement for a long while as I listened to their breathing. After a few moments I transformed back and ran a wayward hand through my short dark red hair smoothing the fringe over slightly.

"Congratulations Miss Conwy, I do believe you have just broke a record or two, however, although I understand the legality behind registering your animagus form I'm going to make myself abundantly clear, you shall not register until I say that it is alright and safe to do so" he warned, why do I suddenly have that feeling that someone knew something I didn't?

"Professor..?" I began.

"Do I have your word Danielle?" he asked shocking me with the use of my name so I froze my eyes locked to his, "Danielle?"

I vaguely remember nodding now even though it was over two years ago and despite my original thoughts that someone was hiding something from me, I'd pushed that all away. I was just good at Transfiguration and that was that.

I finally found myself in bed with Sirius next to me in just pyjama bottoms, his hands resting on his chest as he lay with his eyes closed almost like he was lost in his own little world. He'd lost weight again like he always did after a summer at home and his chest was decorated with a collection of old and fading bruises.

"Are you staring at my chest Conwy?" he asked without even opening an eyelid.

"Dream on Black" I responded, "Even if I was it certainly would be the first time on my behalf, unlike some people" I smirked, he snorted, his eyes still closed as he smiled.

"I'm not that bad" he defended not bothering to deny my accusation; "Besides you have a damn fine rack Dannie" he smirked as he opened his eyes and they twinkled at me. I thumped him on the arm and he yelped in mock pain.

"You arse..." I said, rolling my eyes at my best friend.

"Me? An arse?" he exclaimed, "I'm going to have to shut you up if you don't quit with the insults Dannie" he winked.

"Uh-huh, we all know you're silencing charms leave little to be desired" I began, but he quickly pressed his lips to mine exploring my mouth as I took a few seconds to gather my thoughts. I ran my hands up into his hair, the tips of my fingers circling round as he ran a hand down my neck. His lips following, kissing and sucking down my neck making me involuntarily shudder. Sirius quickly vanished my pyjama top, his fingers tracing down my body ghosting across my chest as if to tease me.

"I told you not to keep me awake" I managed to say just before he rubbed the palm of his hand against my left breast. My breath hitched and I ran traced a hand down his chest, a slight six pack still evident despite his poor diet over the last month.

"Please it won't take long for you to..." he whispered.

"Fuck you" I retorted before he captured my mouth once more still using his palm and slowly rubbing it against my breast. I moaned against his lips as he rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"I say five minutes - let's see if you can hold up Conwy"

"Please Black, I'm not that easy" I bit back between breaths, tucking my hand under the waistband of his trousers and gliding dangerously close to his balls.

"Two Galleons?" he said through gritted teeth before ducking his head to plant kisses on my chest.

"You're so fucking on" I growled, pushing my hand down further and taking hold of him as his tongue darted out across my nipple. Fuckkk. I pushed my chest up a little as he chuckled against my skin but still I managed to keep my fingers at work below the pant line. I licked my lips, tilting my head back and trying to focus my attention away from the attention Sirius was giving to my breasts. He was running his thumbs over the nipples softly but occasionally he'd pinch them forcing a gasp out of me.

He was so not winning this one.

I ground my hips up against him despite us both being clothed down there, I leant up to nip his ear and kiss the spot beneath it and he soon hardened against my leg.

"Ah shit!" he hissed as I smirked up at him as he froze.

"I win Black" I breathed, slowly letting the sensations ebb from my body as Sirius rolled off me and he grabbed two galleons and chucked them to me before standing up.

"You win, this time" he smirked, I returned the smirk as I caught the coins and watched him waddle to the bathroom with a hard on.

Wimp, I thought to myself, grinning as I transfigured my vest top back on and turning over to look at the clock.

Dannie 1 - Sirius 0.

The next morning I woke early, Sirius's arm gently wrapped around my waist, the clingy bastard. I rolled my eyes, his hair gently fell across his face covering the bruise on his eye, I should have offered him a place way before this had happened and I wouldn't feel so bad for letting him get hurt. He'd tell me not to worry if he knew I felt bad though so I slipped from his arms and got changed to go for a run along the beach.

Before I left I caught Hallie cleaning in the main room and I asked her to tell Sirius, if he woke, that I would be back before eight at the latest and that if he needed anything she should get it straight away.

I set off along the beach, the sun already beating down on me making me glad I'd chosen shorts to run in and that I'd brought a drink along with me. After taking a quick sip, I continued up the beach and into the dunes avoiding the patches of maram grass which I knew to come quite sharp on the occasion. Setting my pace I wondered how Kian would react to Sirius's sudden appearance and although he knew one of my best friends was called Sirius I was sure he wasn't aware of our relationship. Besides, I never brought my friends to Conwy House, I would always go and see them. It was times like this that I wished everyone knew that I was a Conwy so I could just relax, although, in hindsight I knew if people did know it would get worse.

In the few second it had taken me to stop concentrating, I'd veered closed and closer to the sea. The water had begun to lap at my feet and I swore under my breath as I moved from the water, sand sticking to my converse in clumps. Shit. I managed to ignore it all the way to the train station where Lenny waved to me, I beamed at him as a waved back and I came to halt at the ticket window. Lenny pushed the ticket window open.

"Hey beautiful" he grinned crookedly, I rolled my eyes at Lenny returning a grin and clearing the sides of my shoes of the sand that had stuck to them whilst balancing on the ticket barrier.

"What would Katie say?" I gasped in mock horror, Lenny had worked this counter for as long as I could remember and he called every one beautiful or darling. Mum had warned me about Lenny being an outrageous flirt despite him now being about fifty-two. He grinned before Katie appeared next to him with a playful grin and swatted him across the head.

"I'd tell him to get on with his work instead attempting to flirt with 16 year old" she grinned, "The usual honey?"

"Well no actually I need a duplicate of my journey" I smiled, gulping down more water.

"You want two pairs of adult returns Here to London and one child's London to Here return?" she asked, her eyebrows furrowed in the middle, "You got a parent about?"

"Nah, got a friend round" I smiled, Katie looked at me, her eyebrows raised this time as if to ask, a friend? And I simply smiled as Lenny printed off a reel of tickets from the machine without asking for any money as always and to be totally honest I'd given up trying to give him any. I finally bid them goodbye and began to jog back down the beach tickets grasped in one hand and water bottle in the other. I wasn't sure what Sirius would think about tagging along to pick up Kian and perhaps it would put him in an awkward position but I was confident Sirius being the Gryffindor he was had the balls to not pull the 'awkward – what can you say to a mute' card.

I finally got back to the house in a record time, which was surprising, because usually I'd be out longer than fourty minutes. I kicked my shoes off and went into the kitchen where Sirius was sat scoffing chocolate pancakes.

"Content are we?" I asked, pouring myself some Orange Juice as he nodded mid mouthful and I settled with my feet up, chucking the train tickets on the counter, "I'm taking you to pick up my brother up, Muggle style, you'll just love the tube" I grinned.

"What's the tube?" he asked, after gulping down a mouthful of pancake.

"You'll have to wait and see" I sang, "Right I'm just going to shower…" Sirius opened his mouth, "No, if I even get the impression you are watching me Siri, I'm so going to teach you some new hexes that would surprise even Mad-Eye Moody…" I warned, standing up to leave as he started to mutter under his breath something that vaguely sounded like, bloody Hufflepuff's.

Half an hour later, and without an incident involving Sirius and myself, we finally reached the station. Katie, who appeared to be waiting for this moment, caught sight of us and I swear her eyebrows disappeared into her hair. I rolled my eyes, knowing she wouldn't say anything, the only thing I had to worry about was if...

"Is that your boyfriend Conwy?" Lenny called over, Katie dropped her head into her hands at his lack of tact and sighed.

"I'm her older brother" Sirius said dead serious before we jumped the ticket barrier and sat on the edge of the platform.

"He knows I only have a younger brother" I grinned.

"Yeah but the look on his face made him doubt himself for just a sec" Sirius said looking at the approaching train as we stood to back away from the platform edge. The train pulled up and we found a seat really easily. We sat in silence as the train pulled away from the station.

"How come you never said you were a Conwy?"

Oh Sirius, why couldn't you just drop it, why couldn't you just let it go?

"I never thought it was important Sirius - it's not like it's suddenly changed your opinion on me, right?" I asked, he shook his head, "I didn't want anyone to know, I didn't purposely keep the secret – it's just" I sighed, "I did it because of Kian to protect him you know" Sirius stayed quiet for a moment longer.

"You won't be able to protect him forever" he practically whispered, for a split second I was almost angry with him but then I saw the look on his face. He can't protect Regulus any longer, not how he'd like to. I smiled sadly at him.

"I can try"

When we reached London, I hastily dragged Sirius through Euston station and down into the underground the Victoria line. I paid for one ticket and used my oyster card to swipe through onto the platform. We almost immediately boarded the Underground and sped off into south London. Sirius told me he was going to make a call to James so I sat back as he pulled out a mirror looking quickly over his shoulder for suspecting muggles. They were practically blind, they wouldn't notice.

"James Potter" he said clearly into the mirror.

"Hey Padfoot, holy shit man, what happened?"

Ah James Potter, ever tactful when broaching what could be sensitive subjects.

"I finally did it Prongs, long story short I ran away from home" Sirius retorted.

"You ran away?!" James gasped, "But where are you? You should come here!" he instantly said.

"No" Sirius replied firmly, "Look after all your parents do for me, I could easily put them at risk, I'm not doing it…" he told James.

"But…" Sirius shook his head, "At least tell me where you are?" James replied weakly.

"I'm safe, I'm staying with an fr-family friend" Sirius answered, I rolled my eyes, a family friend my arse. Although, I understand why he didn't say friend, that would make James feel betrayed and I knew Sirius wouldn't want that.

"They won't send you back right?" James asked.

Sirius laughed good-naturedly, "My parents are probably having a party right now celebrating the fact that they are finally able to blast their Blood Traitor Gryffindor son off the family tree, they'll make holiday of it, perhaps behead a house-elf at the same time" James joined in the laughing and I grinned across at Sirius checking the stations we had left until we reached the final destination. At least it was short, I hate standing on the tube.

"Look, at least come over and stay for the week that you were supposed to" James finally said.

"Can't, like I said, just in case the parents come searching" Sirius said, I imagined James looked downhearted because Sirius quickly spoke again, "Look, we'll meet up, go to Diagon Alley, just the Marauders, load up on pranks to wind Minnie up, check out the new CleanSweep. I hear the Hufflepuff's are becoming a force to be reckoned with on the Quidditch Pitch" he grinned, I bowed mockingly to him with a smirk causing his grin to widen.

"The 'puffs?" he questioned, "That's a new one, even I hadn't heard that, although I can't say really they've just lost a captain right?"

"Yeah they have"

"Who's the new one?" James asked

"Not sure, although I have it on good sources, that it's Danielle Conwy – the things you learn from Pureblood get-togethers hey?"

"The Chaser? Man she's fit…" James said, urgh typical I rolled my eyes, "She's really good though, best on the team, the seeker sucks though…"

Even I knew that, Knightly, our current seeker sucked ass, but as the new Quidditch Captain I was declaring a full revamp of the team anyway. I just hoped that the second years brought some new blood.

"What Knightly? Whatever, dude, she's going to revamp the whole team, I heard from Liam" Sirius smiled. Ah Liam O'Riley our 5th year beater was such a gossip.

"Shit I need to plan strategy, I haven't even thought about it…" James replied.

"JAMES…" I heard someone shout through the mirror.

"Got to go Padfoot, let me know about Diagon Alley!"

"Later Prongs" Sirius finished, stuffing the mirror back into his pocket with a boyish grin that was attempting to apologise for his friends behaviour. I sighed and dragged him off the train. We were almost home and almost instantly, I regretted bringing Sirius.

Damn it.

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