I am now going to write another Cato and Katniss story. It's going to take us through the games, as if Cato liked Katniss. It will have an alternative ending so please if you like a story about Katniss and Peeta this is not the story for you. I hope you like my story if you decide to read on please, please, please, review.

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I hadn't watched the reaping when we were on the train. I was too busy to get my head around the fact that I have to kill someone. I had only ever stabbed dummies, never real people. I sat on my bed, just staring out the window. I think back to what would be happening back in District two. Everyone will be over at my parent's house, congratulating them on their son's bravery and honour towards District two. But I know behind cross doors, I know my parents while have to console all my younger siblings: my two younger brothers Aiden and Kayden and then Trinity. I think about how when she came to see me, she told me not to worry, that she would make sure our brothers wouldn't touch my swords, as I always told them that they were dangerous. Even though she had just turned twelve only two days before the reaping, she had been added to the reaping bowl. I watched as we went through a tunnel. I could hear Clove shock as it turned dark. When we arrived at the Capital, I didn't run over to the window waving at the citizens. I was here to kill not to make friends. Oh how much I had to learn!

After being picked and poked at by my prep team. Stuck into a gladiator outfit and then paraded around the place. I just looked at the back of the tribute's head in front of me. I heard people shouting my name, giving me praises. It all suddenly died down and I heard a few whispers, before the shouting started again this time, it was another tribute's name. I could see the others turning around to see what they crowd were shouting about, when the others turned around. I too turned around to see who they were shouting the praises too. To my shock it was District twelve. They stood there together, holding their hands up high in the air. Their suits were on fireā€¦fire. What they weren't running around, screaming in pain. I looked up to the screen looking at her. She was something else. She had an almost blank expression on her face; she was waving towards the crowds. As we stopped before President Snow as he gave one of his many long and boring speeches. I stared over at the District twelve chariot. She glanced over at me, and I saw the small blush on her cheeks. I just smiled back at her. The chariot suddenly jerked forward and I felt myself stubble backwards. Clove reached her hand before I fell out the back. I got my feet back and held onto the chariot hoping that Clove would not ask any questions about how I had lost focus. When we arrived back to our prep team and mentors, I looked for her, searching for her. I noticed her, she was looking for me. Well she was looking for someone and when she saw me look at her she blushed. I just smiled back at her. She then scowled and turned back her attention to her group.

"What are you looking at boy?"

"Just the competition. Nothing I can't handle."

I looked down to my feet and then back at her, she was watching her district partner explain how he thought the parade had went. A couple of minutes later they headed of towards the elevators. I wanted to follow, but I could see Clove watching me.

"What? You have a problem?"

"Never thought I would see the day that brutal Cato, taking a liking to a girl you isn't even in your league."

"What's wrong with you?"

"I'm a goner."

I hope you liked I know it's short, but it's only a prologue. I want to get a more of a softer Cato in this story. No more softer towards Katniss, which then makes him angry as he knows that he has to kill her. Twitched feelings, I'm loving it. We all need a little bit of drama. Please review, yes it's nice that you either favourite it or follow, but please a wee review wouldn't go a miss. Thanks for reading and remember to use the wee blue button below. Till we speak again.