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I have been living in District Two for almost a week. It has flown by. Cato has been showing me around the District and, trying to help me find a few friends, but they aren't coming in great crowds. I have also been getting to know Cato's family better. Cato's brothers are just miniature Catos. They have welcomed me with open arms. Aiden has showed me these puzzles that his friends have for him: crosswords and wordsearches. He has maths ones, but he would never let me use them. He watches as I always get cross over a question when the answer he always so simple, but I can never get it. He is patient, one of the few qualities that Cato doesn't have. Kayden, what a kid even though he is only thirteen he is some pup. He thought that I need a little cheering up so he has already written me so many poems: ones about District Twelve, Prim, hunting, even about him, all to make me feel better. He also has his mother's cooking skills and he can make anything out of cheese, but that makes me think of Lady, which makes me think of Prim, and then in turn Peeta. So we stay of the cheese. I haven't seen much of Trinity she is always out and about or out for music practice. She must be some musician: so dedicated. Cato's father took some getting use to, but when I told him about all my hunting experience, he seen it as my little academy and well he thought it was good that I would go out and protect my family. Cato's mother is what my own mother was like when we were little children, when my father was with us. She is always looking out for her children, making sure that they eat the crusts of their bread, and make sure that they make their beds before they head to school. Cato's mother and I have had many female moments together, and she has always told me to call her mum, but even though my mother and I never got on, I would never replace her.

It is my first day to head over to the Academy. Cato wants me to have a nosy and even try and teach some of the younger children how to hold a bow. I just want to see what types they have here in this District. Even though they aren't meant to have them, the Capital send in all the equipment to train the children. I want to know why they can't send in food to the other Districts.

It ended up becoming a family outing to the academy, even Trinity came for the run. When we arrived at the place, everyone turned around, to watch as the family interacted with me and how in turn interacted with them. I first meet Cato's trainer: Mark. Even hadn't been a victor, but in turn he had stayed to train the rest of the children. He was only given the best of the best, adn it wasn't strange to know that almost every tribute from two for the past ten years had been trained by Mark. He was a man around about middle thirties, very tall, taller than both Cato and his father, which I never thought could have been possible. He greeted me, and wanted to know all the secrets of archery, and I had to promise to show him when we reached the station. He called over all the students that were there at that moment, so they could watch Cato and I as we practiced on some of the stations. I watched as Cato had a go with the swords and the hand to hand combat. It wasn't long before we were standing out side the archery station and I was looking around at set up they had. They had about tem targets set out and countless number of bows lying around.

"Show us what you got Katniss..."

I walked over towards the closest bow and picked it up. They were heavy like the ones in the Capital, but I was used to them now. Lifting it up and aiming it at the target, I started to shot. I started walking down the row and continued up and down before stopping and turning around to face Mark.

"Can you hit moving target?"

"Animals don't stand still do they?"

He started to throw an object into hte sky, till I hit it and fell straight to the sky, before I even had the change to turn around and face him, had he started to throw more objects into the room, before adding another thrower. It ended up with three throwers and a room filled with the bags with an arrow throw their middle. It wasn't until I heard the clapping from behind me that I turned around to see a little crowd had formed and all the children were clapping even some of their parents were suprised that I had been so good with the bow. Cato stepped forward to all the child, smiling down at them;

"Who wants Katniss to show them how to shoot?" Almost every hand shot up, even some of the older children had their hands up. The rest of the session at the academy was spent with me teaching all of the students present and even some of the parents how to shot at the targets. Most of them weren't used to the bow as their main weapon of choice had been spears, knives and swords. Cato's brothers were hopeless at the weapons and it was clear that neither of them had received any training unlike Cato. However, Trinity was a different story altogether. When her parents or Cato was around or watching her, she was as hopeless as the next child, but as soon as they turned their backs, hse was hitting the bullseye of the target each time.

We were just packing up the arrows and the bows when I decided that I need to speak to Trinity. She was pulling out the arrows from the target when I approached her. "Where did you learn to shoot like that?" She almost jumped out of her skin there and then.

"Beginner's luck probably." As she continued to pull the arrows out of the targets with no struggle at all.

"It takes years of practice to be anywhere near as good with the bow as you were today... You can tell me the truth Trinity, I wouldn't tell." She had stopped pulling the arrows out of the target, turning around to look at me. She was just slightly smaller than me, and in no time she would be far taller than me.

"I started to go for lessons when I was eight, they think I go for music lessons, but I go across town to Clove's mother. She taught me how to use the bow. Please don't Cato, he wouldn't understand, he would skin me alive. He thinks I couldn't cope with the trouble of the arena. I can cope, you say me." She looked up at me waiting to hear what I had to say to her.

"Why are you practicing for going into the arena, no one expects you to go. You don't live in any of the other districts were you could be sent in, and no one would volunteer for you at all. You are safe."

"Katniss, no one is safe..." I stared down at her, for a twelve year old girl, she was certainly more mature than any I had ever met, it was hard to believe that she was the same age as Prim.

It wasn't until we had gotton home that I knew Trinity and I had reached a turning and point and now she could stand to be in the same room as me. As we alsatay around the table talking about the events of today did I notice just how close I had become to Cato's family, and how much closer I had grown to love Cato.

I was getting myself ready for bed, when Cato knocked lightly on my bedroom door. "There is a phone call for you from District Twelve. I told them to ring back in the morning!" I could tell from the grin on his face, that wasn't the case.

I playfully slapped him before heading downstairs to pick up the phone. "Hello?"

"KATNISS... It's me Prim."

"I remember who you are little duck! How could a forget you? Where you allowed to move into one of the houses?"

"Yes! We moved into the house next to Haymitch, he told me that I could use the phone for other Districts at dinner, mother allowed me to use the phone before bed."

"That's great Prim. Tell me all about the house."

Prim must have taken some time on the phone, because I had just closed my eyes for a little tiny second, but was suddenly woken, when I felt the phone being lifted out of my lap.

"Prim, isn't it? Cato here, Katniss lives with us...Yes...No, she just feel asleep at the phone, it's getting kind of late, I think it was time we all went to bed. Yes...I'll tell her. You need to ring more often. Good Night Prim." Cato had just set the phone done when my eyes started to open again. "Come on sleepy head, I told Prim you would ring her in the morning. She was still babbering on the phone when I came down, something about a goat and a cat." He gently picked me up, pressing a gentle kiss to my temple before carrying me up the stairs to my room.

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