Katniss' Point of View

After numerous interviews that happened in the Capital, we were finally allowed to leave, and head back to our new home. I would be living in a house with Cato and his family. I was allowed the option of living with one of the other victors, but I didn't like the idea of rooming with Brutus. I had tried to find out as much about Cato's family as I possibly could, before I invade their home. Cato was able to tell me a lot about his two brothers: Aiden and Kayden. They apparently could have been twins; they both had Cato's blonde hair and the only way to tell them apart was the height difference - Aiden had a growth spurt, last Autumn, and was now at least 5"11' feet, whereas Kayden was still waiting on his teenager growth spurt and was only 5"4' feet. They both hadn't been allowed to spend any time at the Academy, under Cato's instructions. Trinity; she apparently looked like Prim, from what he can remember of the reaping, she was meant to be the Angel of District Two. He made her sound as if she was four not twelve, but that is what all the older brothers did in my District, so I can't see it being much different in this District.

District Two had also sounded completely different from my own. They trained Peacekeepers and many of the children spent most of their waking moments in the Academy, rather than in school or doing anything that children normally did. After spending most of the time thinking over what Cato had told me about his District, I was now ready to go 'home.' I looked around my room that I had spent time in during my stay in the Capital. I was ready to go home. I walked down to the train station with Haymitch; I wouldn't see him again, until I was on the Victory Tour, stopping off in my old District.

"Sweetheart, if they do anything, which you don't like, you tell me and I will sort them out. I tried to talk to Brutus, to make sure you wouldn't have to train the kids, but you probably will have to you know, it being your duty now…"

"What kids Haymitch? I didn't know I had to get a job, I thought I would be able to live with Cato and his…"

"It's the job of District Two Victors to train those who go to the Academy and since they have seen your skills with a bow, they will make you train them with it. It's your weapon; Cato will probably have to do swords and hand to hand combat. The kids there are fierce, I went to see it on my own tour, and they aren't like Cato, they are the monsters. They wouldn't like you.

"You aren't one of them: in their eyes you shouldn't have won the Games, you are what they call an ungrateful Victor, you weren't supposed to win the Games, and they will probably remind you more than once."

"But I won the Games; they know what I can do! I killed people."

"Yes, you did kill people, but you never killed for the pleasure of it; to you it was survival and that wasn't what they were taught to believe. To them it's a pleasure to kill people. You brought Cato to your side: in their eyes - the weak side."

"What do I do?"

"Get people to like you!"

"Not this crap again."

"Well it's the truth, and it has got you this far, so it must be true…"

I turned around to see the District Two party ready to board the train. Cato was standing closer to me and Cato, waiting for me to leave Haymitch. To leave District Twelve, to leave home. I hugged Haymitch, shocked at first but he hugged me back.

"Make sure to ring me when you get there; Brutus should have my number somewhere in that house of his. I'll keep an eye on the girl and your mother, say hello to your cousins as well."


"The hunting partner and his family."

"Oh, those cousins."

"Keep yourself safe and I will see you in a couple of months."

I walked away from Haymitch and towards Cato, who was waiting for me. He grabbed my hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"Come on let's go home: I can't wait till everyone sees you…"

I looked back at Haymitch as Cato continued to ramble on about his family and his District, pulling me along by the hand. So this is it: I win the Games, and I don't even get to go home. I train children how to kill those from my own District, an everyday reminder of the Games.

"Katniss, are you even listening to me?"

"Yeah, of course."

"What did I last say?"

"Something about your brothers and their favourite colour."

"No, I was talking about the food. Are you ok?"

"Yeah, just going to miss home."

Cato walked me onto the train, and I was welcomed by the scene of Cato's mentors arguing:

"I told you that boy was useless, but no, you had to have your way and save the boy… Speak of the devil, and his little bitch… You had this all planned out! Wanted out of that hole of hell and don't get me started about being a volunteer for your sister…"

As soon as she mentioned Prim, I lurched forward, punching her in the nose; no one and I mean no one says anything about Prim to my face, not even a District Two victor.

Cato's Point of View

I watched as Katniss started to attack Enobaria after she started to talk about her sister. I watched as the two women attacked each other on the floor, it wasn't until I saw Enobaria trying to bite Katniss that I jumped into action. Brutus and myself trying to pull the two of them off each other, pulling them in two different directions away from one another.

"You're going to regret saying that!"

"What are you going to do? Come in with your little bow and kill me in the middle of the night? I don't think so, you mutt!"

"Enobaria, that's enough, come on let's leave them alone," Brutus says as he dragged her out of the room, leaving me and Katniss alone in the main room of the train.

"I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me, I just, I don't like it when people talk about my sister. Everyone knew that you don't say anything about her, when I am around, it might just take your District a while before they understand that."

"Katniss, you have to remember that these people aren't like your people. You don't try to cross my people; they are trained to kill, and they will. They don't like you as it is don't make it any harder on yourself, by attacking the other Victors. They are only trying to get a reaction out of you and you are giving that to them."

"So what, let them say everything to my face and just stand there and take it? I will not submit to these people just because you think you are all better than me. If you remember I won the Games too."

"With my help, if it wasn't for me you would have been killed on the first day!

"Oh, so that's how you see it? Then why am I here? Why am I heading to District Two instead of my own District? Why aren't I heading back to see Prim or my mother? No, I'm sitting on a train heading for your District. I thought you cared for me, I thought you loved me, but you are no better than anyone else in your District.

I grabbed her hand, making her face me again. "Katniss, please let's not fight. I love you. Do you know that I love you?"

She nodded her head, but didn't look me in the eye. I tilt her head, so she is looking me in the eye. A small tear rolls down her face.

"Please don't cry; we need to work together. We can't just fight over silly things and this is a silly thing. We can't be seen fighting - we need to be working together. I can't lose you."

"I'm not going anywhere."

"Let's just talk about something else… Tell me about your family. I like it when you talk about them."

"I'm always talking about them…okay. My father, you probably wouldn't get on with him in the beginning. He is in favour of all the fighting and stuff, he lost a niece before I was born to an accident in the Academy, he gets on very well with Trinity, he treats her like she is a Princess, he will never let her go to training. My mother, she is yourself lot like you. She hates the training…the Academy; she trained her whole life, but never got reaped or volunteered. Her youngest sister volunteered when she was thirteen because she loved the thrill, only to be turned on by the other Careers on her first night in the arena. She has always wanted a family, and she cried for the whole time during each reaping I have been in and probably every reaping all her children will be in. She makes a mean chicken crumble. The eldest of the boys Aiden, he loves math; he is always trying to find a way to solve different equations and all that maths stuff. From about the age of seven he has been doing my math homework. He was in my math class when he turned eight and then he moved up to a higher class, but he never boasted about it to any of us. Kayden, he is more about writing poems, and stories, he wants to write books when he is older. Dad thought there was something wrong with him; you know, 'cause he acted like a girl. He is always so kind, he would always be looking out for Trinity, and even from an early age, he would be playing with her. Most of his friends are girls, but he is going to be getting all the girls, when he is older, writing them poems, and telling them how wonderful they look by using a metaphor. Finally, we have Trinity, she's like an angel, always outshining everyone, and she does all this speech and drama. We think that if she were to go into the Games she would probably have to have the longest interview ever. She spends a lot of time in music practices, but she never lets anyone hear her sing, she says she likes to hide her true talent. There are a few admirers for her already. She turns thirteen in a couple of months, after the Victors' tour and I was thinking maybe we could get her something from the two of us?"

"I think that's a wonderful idea."

Katniss's Point of View

We looked out the window, to see that we had finally arrived in District Two. There were the silhouettes of the houses and the building in the distance. I cuddled closer to Cato, trying to forget about the people who would be waiting for me at the train station, my family back in District Twelve who will never see me again after my Victors' Tour apart from seeing me on TV if I ever have to mentor during the Games. I remember the last thing I said to Prim, I would try and win for her, so we could be at home again. I had won for her, and even then and now I was failing her. I could now hear the crowds and the sound of the train station, indicating to us that we had arrived in District Two. I looked up at Cato, pleading with him with my eyes.

"Cato, what if they don't like me? What if your family hates me? What if all the other Victors hate me?"

"Katniss, calm down, nobody hates you. They just have to see the real you, the you that I feel in love with."

He leaned down and lightly kissed me on the lips. As I tried to deepen it the realization is brought back as we saw a camera from outside flash, trying to get a picture of the two of us.

We waited as the rest of the District Two team get off the train, as we heard the crowd shout and roar for them. They were quiet as they waited for us, not even the sound of a camera flash as they waited for us to exit the train. I never thought I would say this but all of a sudden I felt like I never wanted to leave this train.

The crowd was silent when we exited the train and even quieter as we made our way towards the other members of the team, which had exited the train, slightly before us. Cato squeezed my hands tighter, before letting go as we shook hands with Cato's mentors, escorts and stylist, before turning to face the audience. They were speechless as they looked at the two of us, trying to decide how to react to us: to me. Cato once again grabbed my hand, and threw it up into the air, trying to gain a reaction from the audience.

The noise of the crowd was deafening as they cheered for the two of us. All I could do was wave in the general direction of the crowd. The mayor soon gets up and calmed the crowd down before giving them a speech and then I was introduced to some of the important people in the District. First were the mayor and his family: Mr. and Mrs. Edwards and their son James. The Director of the Academy and his family: Mr. and Mrs. Benet and their daughters: Charlotte, Jane and Jennifer. The endless number of trainers, and then a few of the wealthy in the District. We were told that we will be having a tour of the District tomorrow, and for the rest of the day we would be allowed to spend it at home with the 'family'. Cato waved at a few people our age, and majority of them waved back at him, giving me a few winks. Cato just rolled his eyes at them.

We were finally introduced to Cato's family. He ran towards his mother and his father, leaving me with the crowd and the film crew. I watched as he hugged his mother who had tears in her eyes, and the father who threw his arms around them both. I felt someone from the crowd try and push me forwards to the family, but I don't want to break up the reunion of the family. Cato calls me over introducing me to his mother and his father. His father was the first to approach me, taking my hand and giving it a firm shake. His eyes roamed over me, trying to get a feel for me, and to see if I am trustworthy; I had done it many a times in my own dealings with people, probably doing it to him as we speak. His mother was a very cheery woman, who pulled me into a tight hug, asking me many questions about, well, everything. I just looked at her, trying to determine if it is nerves or if this is what she was always like. After Cato removed his mother's arms from around me I was introduced to his brothers. They are so alike, but can easily be determined from the height difference, but I know that they will both grow up to be almost as tall as Cato. They both gave me tight hugs, maybe not as tight as their mother's but still a reassuring hug, which this family seem to specialize in. It is Trinity, who leaves the biggest impression. She wouldn't look at either Cato or myself, just folds her arms across her chest. She is wearing trousers, which stand out as all the other girls, and women, wore a dress or a skirt at her age. She only huffed in my direction and gave Cato a nod. Her parents went on to apologize for her behaviour saying that it her just being a typical moody teenager.

On the way to the house, I seemed to be stuck at the front with Cato's mum, as she went on to explain about the supper she had prepared for us, just before she left to meet us at the train station to telling me about the pies she made for us last night, to the clothes she left out for me, even right down to the type of washing soap she left in my private bathroom. The boys, including their father, were in the middle asking Cato, what the food was like in the Capital, and if he was allowed desert every night like their mother gave them. Trinity brought up the rear, but as soon as an alleyway came up, she slipped down the road, and ran through the crowd. Not wanting to make a fuss, I continued to listen to Cato's mother talk about the different towels she had set out for me, after dinner, if I wanted to shower or use the bathroom.

When we finally reached the Victor's Village Cato joined me with his mother at the front of his pack as his escort began to show us around. She began to explain that out of seventy-three previous victors, thirty of them had come from District Two. We had now made it to a total of thirty-two. We stopped outside a house, and what a house it was. It was a three story house, not including the basement; front and back garden. It looked so peaceful; I had to remind myself of where we were. She went on to tell us that Cato's family had moved almost two weeks ago, and had moved all of their stuff in during that time, but most of the furniture had been delivered from the Capitol. I felt uncomfortable as we walked around the place, knowing that it had come from the Capital, but it was the little bits and bobs that obviously weren't from the Capital but part of Cato's family, that made the tour all more bearable.

It was another three hours before all the camera crews and reporters and the escort left, that we were finally alone and only then had they found out that Trinity was missing. I remained silent, not wanting to get the young girl in trouble, as she had already seemed to have created this dislike towards me. After trying to calm Cato's mother down and the men of the family, asking the neighbours had they seen her, Trinity sauntered through the back door. Her mother ran and threw her arms around her, checking to see if there were any bruises or cuts on the young girl's face.

"Trinity, we were so worried about you. Where did you go?"

"I had a singing lesson, didn't want to miss it."

"You should leave Miss Jensen alone; she is probably still in mourning over her daughter, especially since Cato is home."

"She's over it anyway, sure she wishes Clove was here, instead of her." She points one of her fingers at me.

Her mother rose her voice, "Trinity, you take that back and you say sorry to Katniss right now, she is part of our family now."

"I still think she is just going to walk out on Cato, as soon as she sees someone else she is madly in love with."

"Young lady, I will not have you speak to her in that way, now you say sorry or I will have to punish you for what you have said."

"What not give me a second helping after dinner? I'm not hungry anyway. I'm heading to bed. See you in the morning; although I might be at a lesson, so I might not see you all."

She ran up the stairs, with her mother shouting for her to come back down, but she was answered with a slamming door, and the hurt on her mother's face was evident. She turns back around to us.

"Welcome to the family, Katniss!"

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