Ammy's P.O.V Chapter 1

Life. Why do we live it? Why are humans forced to continue living when they will cause their own demise? I, as well as all the other gods have been warning humans of this fate for centuries.
The humans were smart at the beginning, worshiping the gods, asking us for guidance in every step. Then they became ignorant, claiming we are nothing more an child's tale, and sinning as much as they please. It simply affects the gods none. The foolish humans will try to prove themselves to be as mighty as gods, ultimately failing thus destroying everyone.

The gods will intervene, renewing that same spark of life, only to have them slowly be manipulated into the same destructive creatures, and repeating the cycle once more.

My eyes flicker open and the golden morning sunlight rushes into my eyes. The soft grass sways with my every breath. I rise up on my paws and stretch, and let out a long yawn. I sniff the air, looking for a sign of food, or a threat to my life. My ears twitch in anticipation waiting for something, anything to rustle. Sensing nothing I begin on the walk back my house. I trot at a reasonable pace, making a good time back home. I look into a clear puddle directly in front of the door.

Red eyes, shimmering white fur, the prominent red markings on my body, and my sensitive ears. Right now, I'm a wolf. I poise my tail, and draw a line from the puddle to the small cherry sapling next to me and the water flows freely, quenching the plant's thirst. Then, I draw a circle around it and it grows into a young adult tree. Smaller than all the other trees, but bigger than the other plants that aren't trees. I glance around, and focus on the sounds around me. I do a back flip and transform from wolf to human. I stand up and walk into my house. Ah... I remember the first time I transformed.


I went to visit my father, Izanagi in the Celestial Plain. I had to climb the mountain, Ten no yama,(Mountain of Heaven)in the middle of the floating island. Now unlike me, Waka, that lucky S.O.B., was able to fly to the top. I really wanted to reach the top but, I just had to take a couple naps along the way. I had to.

My naps are like catnaps. They last about 20 minutes each.

Except I hate cats. And my naps are Ammy naps, the same, but mine are just way cooler.

I was halfway up the mountain, and on my fourth Ammy nap. Waka and my father were fed up with waiting for me. "Ma chérie, don't you want to see your father? Lounging around isn't helping." Waka twirled his flute, and went 'Tsk, tsk, tsk.'

I got up with a huff and started up the mountain again.

"No, no! Not like that. I'm gonna fly us up." He took hold of me, and we flew up to the top of the mountain.

Now, no wolf has ever been, or ever will be used to flying. I squirmed and wriggled the whole way up. Waka kept yelling at me but, dammit I couldn't help it.

We landed pretty smooth, compared to the fly up anyway. I glared at Waka who simply smiled and pointed at a giant man cloaked in gold.

My father, Izanagi.

"Ah, my beautiful daughter, Okami Amaterasu has returned to the Celestial Plain! How I've missed you so. Now... let me bestow upon you a gift. An ability, rather."

He touched my head with his finger, and by some divine magic, I was human again.

I was in one of my favorite kimonos; it's silky, white and red. A giant sun painted on the back, intricate, swirling designs, and cherry trees. The obi that goes with it has more swirling designs on it. I had on tall red geta. My shimmering white hair reached all the way down to my calves. My wolf tail poked out from under the kimono, and my canine ears twitched.

I tried to speak but I stumbled over almost all my words. When you haven't spoken in about a year, you kind of forget how to pronounce everything in your vocabulary.

He chuckled slightly. "Do not worry. You will get better at speaking later."

And right after that, with Izanagi's permission, Waka asked for my hand in marriage.


-About 7 months later-

I had just given birth to my son Chibiterasu. He was small, pink, furless wolf. He already had his red markings.

I did all the parental stuff, you know, lick the newborn pup, give it milk, and keep him warm.

He was much more like me than his father, Waka.

My fur, my eyes, my powers, and my arrogance. But he did have his father's sense of adventure.

After two months of training and partially growing up, Chibi was ready to take on Nippon's new evil being. Now I know sending him off on a journey at his age sounded ridiculous, but I was really with him the whole time. I had a portal above him the whole time, waiting to jump in whenever he needed me most.

Chibi and Issun arrived in a Moon Tribish machine after defeating Akuro about a month after he set out to save Nippon in my place.

Akuro claimed to be stronger than Yami but think about it, if my son, who is less than a year old and has less power than I, was able to beat you (with help from like 5 people)... Then you aren't nearly as powerful as you think dude.

I greeted both of them with a hug. I talked with Issun for a long while, and then Waka came to ridicule him as always.

I promised Issun I'd visit him on the Earth plane soon, when Chibi was ready to leave his home again.