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Ammy's P.o.V
"So, Chibi. Here's what we should do. First, I'll draw a sun in the sky. Then, right when it starts to shine, you draw a sun inside the sun! Double the light, double the ass-kicking power!" I screeched.
"Hey, that just might work! Good thinkin' Mom!" We high fived.
I nodded at him, and drew a circle in the sky. "Go! Draw now!"
With an intense flash, my sun had a smaller sun in it. The warmth of the two suns felt like fire on our faces. Their combined light spreading to every corner of Kamiki, and on.
The sky was now a bright blue, much like the color of my beloved's eyes.
"We did it! We did it!" The goofball did a little victory dance. "We. Are. Unstoppable!" And with that he fell on the ground out of breath.
"Pfft. Look at you. You dance around for 6 seconds and you're out of breath? Lazyyy!" I laughed.
"Who're you callin' lazy! You sat around for three years on the celestial plain! And further more, you've weakened and lost more than half your powers!"
"That's not my fault." I mumbled. "My powers weaken when people forget about me..." I folded my arms and silently pouted.
"S-sorry mom... I didn't mean it..." He appologized. "I've begun to lose my powers too..."
I waved it off. "No, no. It's fine. We musn't dawdle. There are bigger problems. Now, let's see if Sakuya has some odd quest for us to do this time around."
As if on cue, said tree sprite appeared out of thin air, with the usual leaf and petal scattering.
"Ah, holy mother Amaterasu and my cute little Chibiterasu... I see that the bug is not with you. Tremendous! Now where was I... Oh yes. Nippon is being taken by darkness again, gods of the sun." She coughed and added "and like always, my saplings are weakening. I need you to revive them and save the world."
I laughed and said, "But that's we're you're wrong Sakuya. Issun is here. I can feel it." Chibi held out his and and opened it, revealing a small poncle with a red aura.
Much to my satisfaction, a horrified look appeared on Sakuya's face. Then I fill into a fit of hysteria when Issun jumped up and landed smack dab between her 'peaches'.
The tree sprite squirmed as she tried to get the poncle out of her clothes but to no avail.
"Alright, alright Issun. You've made your point. Get out of her clothes."
The poncle reluctantly poped out from between her mountains.
Where'd he come from Ammy?
"I had Izanagi send him here while we were waiting for your lazy ass between chapters." Ammy said snarkly.
Harsh... Wait, if you can just summon people on a whim...
"Mom, stop arguing with the author!" Chibi scolded.
The group stared at eachother, none of them quite sure what to do. Ammy folded her arms, now obviously in a grumpy mood. "Whatever, I'm not narrating now. More work for the author to do." She mumbled.
3rd person now... Akita: Ammy you jerk! Ammy: *laughs*
"Ammy, this isn't like you. Are you okay?" Issun questioned, worried about his favorite Sun goddess.
"I'm fine." She said, her voice dripping with poison.
To put it simply, Goddesses have a time of the month, too. But, it only stays for about a day, and only happens once a year. Unfortunatly though, that day will be a living hell for anyone near the Goddess. For you lovely readers, it will simply be fun to watch.
Issun shuddered, and hid in Chibi's hair. Sakuya decided she'd rather not get involved and retreated to the Konohana tree.
Ammy stalked off in the direction of Shinshu field, mumbling how she was 'gonna kick every demon's ass,' and 'Shinigami was going to have to work overtime once she's done.'
Issun and Chibi followed at a safe distance behind Ammy, watching as a demon scroll floated her way, and before it could even touch her, she gave it a deathly glare as it burst into flames.
"O-oh shitz." Issun said, almost inauidbly. His aura faded away to almost nothing.
"Yeah. I live with that." Chibi said. The group reached a cursed zone that surrounded the Sakuya tree and engulfed the entirety of Hana valley.
"If Hana valley is a total cursed zone, how am I supposed to get my Bloom brush power?" Ammy growled.
"I think they made a path that runs from Yakushi Village to Hana Valley a few years back. Narugi and his apprentice were talking about the last time I was there." Issun spoke up.
"Well why didn't you say so sooner?" Ammy said with a now happy tone. She skipped off merrily in the direction of the village.
Issun looked confused, as Chibi shrugged and went after his mom. "Mood swings." Chibi whispered. Meanwhile, Ammy was frolicking around in Yakushi's herb fields, loving the intense smells comming from them. A butterfly flitted around her, before landing in her palm. She stared at the blue and purple bug, before placing it on a lone flower next to her.
"What was I doing again? Oh yeah, finding the tunnel to Hana Valley." Ammy searched around for a bit, finaly finding a sign pointing her in the direction of the tunnel. As Ammy wandered down the pitch black tunnel, her eyes unable to adjust to the eerie darkness, she tripped and fell into something sticky, soft, and... bouncy.
"Wha...?" Ammy pulled herself off the sticky subtance, oddly comming off clean. She touched it tennitively, one of her fingers slipping into a gap. Her mind quicky put the pieces of the puzzle together.
It was a giant spiderweb, one only the likes of the Spider Queen could create. She had killed her, twice, with her own paws.
"Mother killer." A voice accused Ammy. "Die."

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