Hi, it's Lilli and this is my first Total Drama fan fiction. It is about Chris and the Blainerific Blaineley making a new season at an abandoned amusement park and I need contestants! I am only excepting 26 entries. Here is the application. If you can, just copy and paste it in a review.


First Name:

Last Name:

Nickname (optional):




Body Type:

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Skin Tone:

Misc. (Freckles, piercings, birth marks, dimples, tattoos, etc.):





Athletic Wear:

(Personal Info)

Personality (Please make this at least 4 to 5 sentences):



Fear/Reason for Fear:

Home Country/Hometown:



Things They're Bad At:



(Favorites & Least Favorites)





TV Show:




Types of people they would be friends with:

Would you want them to be in a relationship?:

If so, what kind of person?:




Most Embarrassing Moment:

First Impression:

Random Facts:


How will they treat/act around Brooke? (Brooke is my character):

Okay so my character is named Brooke and she is Chris' niece. So here is her application, for an example.


First Name: Brooke

Last Name: McLean

Nickname (optional): Brookie, Mini-Chris, Crazy Lady, Stupid Girl

Gender: Female

Age: 15


Body Type: Same as Chris except the shape of the head

Eye Color: Pale blue

Hair Color: Blonde, curly

Skin Tone: Very light, pale

Misc. (Freckles, piercings, birth marks, dimples, tattoos, etc.): Ears pierced


Everyday: Pink leather vest, pink tank top with purple, blue, and green paint splatters, light blue jeans, pink and white high-tops, keeps hair in a high ponytail, fake glasses with a black frame.

Formal: Sleeveless pink dress that goes down to her knees, with pink high heels.

Sleepwear: Yellow tank top and gray sweatpants

Athletic Wear: Band shirt and pink sweatpants

(Personal Info)

Personality (Please make this at least 4 to 5 sentences): Brooke is like Chris in some ways. She is sometimes very arrogant and she makes her brother do painful things for money. Her glasses are fake but she makes everyone believe they're real. People sometimes think she is insane. For example when she laughs over something sad or when she is laughing in general. So, she's crazy.

Likes: Making people do painful and embarrassing things, tricking people, flirting, dating, boys, singing, listening to music, spinning, and making friends.

Dislikes: Getting tricked into doing things, when people boss her around (unless it's for money), people taking advantage of her, getting voted off by the person who used her, and butterflies.

Fear/Reason for Fear: Sharp objects/There really isn't a reason

Home Country/Hometown: Wherever Chris is from/Newfoundland

Hobbies: Everything on the Likes list, excluding boys and money

Talents: Most sports, singing, making people do embarrassing things, making friends, tricking people, flirting

Things They're Bad At: Most other things

History: Her dad is Chris' brother. She grew up with Chris most of the time because her mom moved to Italy and her dad spent most of his time with her brother. Chris taught her everything she knows. When he first hosted Total Drama Island it was her favorite show. She got ideas from it and tortured her older brother, Nick. One day, she went to the mall and bought a pair of fake eyeglasses. Since she loved to trick people, she made everyone think they were real. When Total Drama Action came out she got even more ideas and started torturing her little cousin, Mary, and her extremely stupid best friend, Halley. She made her own show called Total Drama Losers on her website. Before Total Drama World Tour came out, she met Sierra who somehow knew who she was. When she saw Sierra on World Tour, she was creeped out by her knowledge of Chris. Then she got into singing after hearing the first few songs. Her favorite song ended up being Blainerific. Then Chris came back home for a while and spent time with her and told her about his idea for Total Drama Revenge of the Island. When it came out, her favorite character was Scott because of his way of getting people voted off. When he was eaten by Fang she broke her dad's coffee table with a shoe (don't ask how this is possible because in my world it is). She never really wanted to be on the show but then she decided she really wanted the million.

Family: Dad- Dave, Mom- Kayla, Brother- Nick, Uncle- Chris, Cousin- Mary

(Favorites & Least Favorites)

Foods: Marshmallows/Pork

Drinks: Tomato juice/Coffee

Color: Pink/Orange

Animal: Polar Bears/Butterflies

TV Show: Total Drama/Dora the Explorer

Book: The Hunger Games/She doesn't really read anything else

Movie: The Hunger Games/Where the Wild Things Are


Types of people they would be friends with: Mostly everyone

Would you want them to be in a relationship?: Yes

If so, what kind of person?: Mostly everyone


Allergies/Illnesses: None

Secrets: Her glasses and everything Chris is going to do

Most Embarrassing Moment: When she was trying to make her brother spray her worst enemy's car with spray paint the can exploded in her face

First Impression:

"I will win because I am the smartest!" -laughs- "Hi Uncle Chris!" -waves and starts spinning-

Random Facts: Nothing really

Audition: "Hi Uncle Chris! I know I said I didn't want to be on your show but I really want the money! Anyway, put me on your show!"

So there's Brooke. Please review to fill out the application.

Reasons for a few things:

Brooke's weird- I've always wanted to make a character like that.

Her mother moving to Italy- That's for Feli.

Blainerific- My favorite song.

Tomato juice- My favorite drink.

Where the wild things are- Worst movie in history.

"I'm so fa-fa-famous, famous!" I am so Blainerific. Lilli out, peace!

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