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Harry rode in the passenger seat of a beautiful glass black 1968 Chevrolet Impala, having grown up with a man who thought that everything that was not English is rubbish, he never even heard of American Muscle cars. Now he was in love, instead of plastic the body was metal, the engine did not purr it roared, the smell of the car; new and fresh, it was obviously well cared for. A lot of love went into this car that was for sure. Gabriel drove with one hand on the wheel and the other arm out the widow, he explained to Harry that the Americans drive on the right side of the road which is one of the reasons why the steering wheel is on the other side.

"So kid," Gabriel insisted on calling Harry 'kid,' "what was up with you back there? What did that overinflated beach-ball say to ya?"

Harry didn't immediately respond, it was a part of his life he never really disclosed with anyone, even Hermione, "It not what he said, it was what he did."

"Did?" Gabriel looked confused then his face shone in recognition, "Oh, shit, what exactly did he do?" when Harry proved to be tight-lipped Gabriel pressed on, "I know we just met and all but I know one thing about anger, kid, you can't keep it bottled up inside, the longer you do it the more violent the backlash becomes and for people like us." He stressed the word to make sure Harry knew what he was referring to, "it is even more dangerous, not just to us but to those around us."

"I just don't want to talk about it." Harry flatly said.

Gabriel sighed he was no therapist and not good at dealing with the mushy subject of emotions but he could at least him advice. "Fine, but I'll tell you this; anger for us is like fire in a bottle, eventually the bottle will combust. That is not a joke."

Harry heard him but he didn't want to let go of his anger, it one of the things that he held on to during his years of abuse, it became a fire that drove him, something that he nurtured and kept hidden from the world. He felt oddly possessive and justified in his anger, how could simply let it go? It's a part of him; it's what makes him human, the desire for his justice. Idly he looked out the window, the city was long gone replaced by the green of the country, he rarely came to the countryside, every time the Durselys left on a trip anywhere he was left with Mrs. Figg, a batty old cat lady who forced him to look at pictures of her cats and tell him stories about them.

Almost everything he sees could be associated with his hate, even Hogwarts, almost everyone there see him as 'Harry Potter the Savior,' not 'Harry the Orphan,' 'Harry the Abused,' 'Harry the Neglected,' the wizarding world see only the glitter in things they never see or question the facts. Did they ever consider the fact that he longs to see the faces of his mum and dad? No, they assumed just because he was a happy child, that was only because he had kept him emotions hidden behind the polite mask of a mild-mannered boy, a mask that he used to fool the Durselys into thinking he was compliant with them. It fooled everyone.

Gabriel felt it the strong disturbance within the boy, the darkness in his heart, the murderous shadow that lies across his soul. He is no fool, the pain in Harry's heart is as clear to him as the sky, truth be told he was apprehensive about bringing him to the sanctuary, but if there is any chance to keep him back from the Dark Path it was there. The masters may not be able to erase the pain but they might be able to help him heal, a scar will remain; painful memories and such but at least the pain would be behind him. Trepidation filled Gabriel as he felt what this boy could become if his anger was allowed to run rampant, the damage he could cause is almost too frightening to imagine, a spirit of vengeance in human form.

Unbidden a word came to the man's conscience, the word 'Nemesis' the Cosmos must have whispered it in his mind for it carried a terrifying cold, it almost felt as if the Cosmos was wailing at the very sound of the name. Out of the corner of his eye Gabriel Muldoon looked at the solemn form of Harry, 'Harry, 'Savior' or 'Avenger' which one are you?'

Across the galaxy…

A peaceful if not mournful sound echoed throughout the air, it was a native sounding aria filled with a sense of wisdom, any living creature hearing it would be drawn into its hypnotic feel of serenity. Ro Sha-Rem vocalized his emotions in this manner as part of his mediation as he has done for the better part of a century.

The aged hermit's thoughts were on Harry, that poor boy has such power, a true diamond in the rough. It was because of this potential that when he sensed his power Ro Sha-Rem feared what he may become; two paths were before him, one he would become a blind follower of the old man's machinations; or two, he would let his anger consume him and birth the era of a new dark lord unlike any that came before.

That is why Ro Sha-Rem is taking this gamble, to give Harry a third option; conquer his anger to master the truth within himself. If it pays off a great darkness will be avoided. The ancient Jedi was no fool he knew the darkness in Harry already manifested itself into a separate entity within the boy's conscience, and right now it is starting to emerge, slowly scratching at the surface rationalizing and justifying itself. A slippery slope to be sure, the dark side is indeed subtle in how it ensnares the minds of those sensitive to the Force.

"Only truth exists." He muttered.

"Indeed," A voice rasped, it was hollow and sent shivers down the jedi's back. "that is the one and only truth, all else is illusion even peace is a lie."

Ro Sha-Rem looked up to see a spectral figure garbed in a black cloak with it's hood showing only the lower half of his young face, but it's eye's were visible, glowing a sickly yellow like pale suns. It was strange, usually a spectral apparition would have a haze of sorts around it, but this one looked like a mirage almost like it was constructed out of fine mist. "And you are?" he asked politely as if this is not an unusual occurrence.

"Nemesis." The figure introduced himself coldly, if it wasn't for Ro Sha-Rem's self-control he would have collapsed from the quiet hostility from the phantom. "You fear me."

"Only what you could become, Harry."

The visible mouth sneered, showing teeth that appeared to be human but the canines looked like they were filed into points, "'Harry' is weak, broken, merely a cocoon for my birth, one that you wove by awakening him to the awesome of the Force."

"Arrogance and anger, two traits of the dark-side that go hand in hand, your words are nothing more than echoes, you have no power yet phantom, Harry can and will resist you. I have seen the House of the Goddess, how much it is like the roots of the jedi order, Harry might not be able to find peace there but he will find strength, strength enough to challenge you."

"Challenge? I, the incarnation of the primeval nature of the Force, I who is more a part of him then you can guess?"

"Save your speeches for one who will listen, I do not adhere to the words of a bodiless entity, you are nothing more then a wisp, a possibility not finality." Ro Sha-Rem snarled, this nostalgic meeting bringing back old memories of the time when he battled his own darkness after the xenomorph incident. "I am aware of just how much a part of him you are, I am not so arrogant to think that light can exist without dark, caring and indifference, but know this; Harry kept you bottled up inside for a long time, a testimony to his character, he will not surrender to you as readily as you may think."

Nemesis smiled cruelly, "I am counting on it Master Ro Sha-Rem, the stronger he becomes, the mightier I will be, his power will be mine." The phantom faded away, leaving behind a cold laugh.

The jedi sniffed, "Dramatic exit, typical." 'Harry, everything you feel is what makes you human, the more you deny it the more dangerous the upcoming battle will be. You are not alone in this, life no matter what form it takes in this often cruel universe knows pain and suffering only the strong overcome it, the weak submit. Become strong, Harry, or everything you hold dear will perish by your hands.' he took a breath and started his native chanting again.

Headmaster's Office…

Dumbledore sat behind his desk feeling uneasy, this feeling hasn't left him ever since his meeting with Harry in the hospital wing, the anger in the boy's eyes frightened him, it was almost like looking at little Tom Riddle again. He had always counted on the innocence of children to question and believe in him without any reservations or reason to doubt his wisdom. Although, his one greatest regret was not being able to save Tom Riddle from himself, he had failed to see the signs as he slowly became the monster he was and still remains today. And now Harry is following such an eerily similar path it frightened him, but yes, this time Dumbledore was the one responsible on putting him on that path. But what else could he do? One cannot forge a weapon out of already forged material. In order to create one must destroy, he needed Harry to be pliable enough to be shaped and molded into the perfect anti-Voldemort; a loyal, fierce guardian of a friend, the embodiment of Gryffindor's house but under his guidance.

Did Harry go to the point of no return? He hoped not, he didn't want to be responsible for the creation of a new dark lord, if his fears are conformed then he will take action and kill Harry, but not before Harry fulfills the prophesy. Dumbledore nodded gravely, this is the right course of action, the Greater Good. Harry must not discover any more then what he intends for the boy, already he is in the boy's bad graces for not answering his questions in the hospital wing. But he did remarkably well in his test against Voldemort before the Mirror of Erised, able to force him to withdraw no matter how temporarily is no small feat, he only wished he was there to see it so he could see his little weapon in action. It was a shame he had to kill a human being though, but there was no avoiding it, even if he did prefer that Harry resolved it peacefully as killing damages the soul.

Dumbledore got up from his seat and walked to the window, his mind is made up, he will not run the risk of another dark lord surfacing, after Harry fulfills the prophesy and kills Riddle, while he is still weak from the battle Dumbledore will kill Harry, for the Greater Good. "I made the mistake of believing in someone just like you Harry, I wont repeat it, I fear that the soul fragment in your scar is starting to corrupt you, it's for the Greater Good you must die, Harry you will understand."

How wrong he will be proven.

Sorry if this is a little short, but this chapter was to introduce Harry's 'inner sith' or whatever you may want to call it. And if you haven't already guessed, Harry's personality will swing from light to dark from time to time expect more on the House of the Goddess, and it's true name and purpose.

Stay tuned.