Title: Did You Want A Hero?

Character: Percy Jackson.

Notes: This is set just after either The Last Olympian or Son of Neptune, after Percy decides that he doesn't want to be a hero. Kind of angsty, arguing against fiction turning teenagers into heroes. I really hope you enjoy!

Did you want a boy, like me; a normal boy, with ADHD and undone shoelaces and a bad math grade? Did you ever just want Percy Jackson?

Because that's who I am. I'll only ever be that weird kid who can't pay attention and is obsessed with blue food because it means my mom is happy and my pig of a step-dad doesn't shout so loud. I fancy girls and talk about sports with my best friend and really wish I could go to a normal summer camp.

But you want Perseus Jackson, demigod, son of Poseidon, Hero of Olympus, and all those other titles you've thrown over me like a shroud.

Did you want someone to save you, someone to help you, someone to worship?

Or did you want someone who could follow orders; someone who wouldn't ask questions and would slink away, back into the darkness, before I was needed again?

Did you want a hero?

I'm afraid this is what you get; you don't get your hero. I'm done. A Hellhound loose in Manhattan? Get Connor to catch it. A minotaur tearing up someone's mom? Get Clarisse to kill it. A Titan come back from Hades itself? Ask Annabeth. I'm sure she won't mind.

Thing is, I'm not this big, bad hero that everyone expects me to be. I'm not fearless. Not even invincible, cause I've had enough brushes with death to know how close I've got.

I can see you, dancing around me, like I'm a martyr, like I don't care what you think, like you wouldn't scorn me at one hint of something going wrong.

Poor Percy; your dad's missing. Poor Percy; your step-dad beats you. Poor Percy; your mom doesn't care.

Poor Percy; you're struggling through school. Poor Percy; you don't have friends. Poor Percy; your mom's probably dead. Poor Percy; you should know better than this. Poor, poor Percy; you're a demigod, didn't you know?

Save us, Percy. Strong Percy, kind Percy, oh, ever so brave, Percy. So handsome. So powerful. Send us a hurricane, Percy, send us a storm. Defend us, Percy; die for us.

Oh, sorry. Did you want someone who wouldn't care? Did you want someone who would fight without consequence, who had so many people to die for, did you want someone to die for you?

Did you want a hero?

Sorry. You got me. And I don't think I'm quite willing to save you this time.