Just a lil oneshot I got inspired for while watching an ImmaVegeta video at 12 in the morning.

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He laughs.

"You should see the look on your face right now. How would you feel if I told you there was another like me?"

I glance at him, almost suspiciously, and find that he is grinning. He is grinning in a way that is dangerous, and yet, almost playful, like he has just discovered the perfect way to break his newest toy into pieces. He is grinning, much like a cat playing with a mouse, like a wolf that has cornered his prey.

It has been a long time since my father's lips have been quirked into something other than a scowl. I wonder if he is getting a kick out of mocking Cell, or if he is just simply enjoying himself. Maybe both. And I think...Father must be positively ecstatic.

Cell looks up at him in shock and terror, his comments about the "classic Saiyan wit" gone. It is the same look, I think, as the people of my time. It is the same look people get when the Androids come and demolish their homes and kill their children, and take the last shreds of hope and rip them into tinier pieces. It is not as disturbing on Cells face as it is theirs, and I am not surprised.

Father's trademark smirk widens at the look - he has seen it on people's faces many times before, oh yes, I know because I know of his history, and it makes me wonder if he once gazed at victims the same way, or if he saves this smugness for adversaries.

And he points at me.

"Allow me to introduce you to my son. His name is Trunks."

My expression does not change. I gaze at Cell harshly, my posture straight and regal (an imitation of my father, I realize), my lips set in a frown that contrast Father's own smirk drastically. My arms are folded, and it still stuns me slightly that I can feel my muscles ripple with every calm, even breath. My bangs fall into my face, but I gave up brushing them away a long time ago.

Cell gapes at me. Father laughs again. I frown. My blue eyes flash with a mix of suspicion and surprise, and Father's dance with excitement. Yes, he is enjoying himself immensely, and it amazes me how differently we feel about this situation, how I am all seriousness and he is all arrogance.

"He too is a true Super Saiyan," Father gloats. "He's not quite as strong as I am, but it would be hard to tell the difference between us. He has incredible power."

It takes everything I have not to cry out in shock. My father has...complimented me! He...he has acknowledged me as his equal, that I am powerful! Something in me soars with pride, Saiyan Pride, and I think -

I have done it. I have made Father proud, just as I swore I would in the Chamber.

"No!" Cell screams. "It can't be! This is impossible!"

Father laughs.