Hey readers! It's Callenlover1031 here. First off, let me say that I'm terribly sorry that I haven't started the sequel until now. Things have been a bit crazy with work and life. But now I am out of school so I'm hoping to get going on this sequel. I hope you all enjoyed my first story "The Reluctant Connection; I loved writing it and I hope this story is just as good.

So… this story is the sequel to "The Reluctant Connection". This story will show the relationship between Kerry and Dick even more than before. But during the movie, their relationship starts to fall apart. As if that wasn't going to be hard enough on Kerry, her life is turned upside down when someone from her past appears and wants a relationship. I'm not quite sure on the plot yet; not sure how I want this story to go. I hope you all like it. Disclaimer: I do not own anything Batman related. I just own the characters I added and the new plot. Please review to let me know your opinions and suggestions.


~Kerry's POV a few months before the movie started~

Down in the BatCave, Kerry was working on her latest design; the new BatMobile. Wearing her oldest pants, the rattiest T-Shirt and her hair in a ponytail, the sound of a drill echoed the ominous darkness. Picking up a piece of acrylic and placing it on the hood; she stood back to admire her work. Smiling, she picked up a sprayer and placed a mask over her face. Pulling the trigger, black paint started pouring out of the can covering the car. Being so caught up in her work, she didn't hear her name.

"KERRY!" Bruce tapped her shoulder, making her spray paint onto the window.

"Aww… I just cleaned that," she pouted then turned to see Bruce, "Oh Bruce," her mask was removed; exposing her smile, "I didn't hear you come in."

Bruce laughed,

"Meghan's here."

"Oh good, you can send her down. I can't wait to show her the new designs I came up with."

Bruce stared at the bare automobile in front of him,

"So this is my new car?"

"Well," Kerry wiped the windshield with a wet rag, "it's half of it. All the mechanics are done, the gizmos and gadgets are installed, the system is calibrated with the BatComputer and the communication system is up and running. All that's left is to have Batman give it a test run and paint it."

Bruce circled the BatMobile; his fingers lightly tracing the agile vehicle.

"Ok seriously. I thought someone forgot about me." Meghan entered the BatCave.

"Sorry Meghan." Bruce and Kerry laughed.

Meghan saw the new BatMobile on the turntable,

"Is this the new BatMobile?"

"You bet. It's almost done too; just have to paint it. That is… after Batman takes it for a test drive." Kerry wiped the last bit of paint off the window.

"Wow! Now that is one cool design. I can't wait to see what it looks like on the road," Meghan looked around the quiet cave, "where's Dick?"

Wiping her hands with a rag, Kerry smiled,

"He's in the garage working on a motorcycle. He wants a bike that has the same spirit at Robin. I told him I'd design one for him but he wanted to do it so I didn't argue. I've learned that I can't say no to him."

Bruce and Meghan laughed,

"Well…"Bruce threw a wet rag into a bucket, "why don't you call it a day and go shopping."

Kerry and Meghan looked at each; both in shock,

"You… you want me to go shopping?"

"Sure why not. You've been working on this thing all day. Go, take a break; unwind."

"Ok. Thanks Bruce." He and Meghan left the BatCave and went upstairs to her room.

~FF 4 hours~

Walking through the front door, Kerry had her arms filled with bags and boxes,

"I can't believe that guy in Calvin Klein tried to hit on us," Kerry giggled, "did you see the look on his face when he found out who I was?"

Meghan closed the giant wooden doors behind her; the sound of rustling bags hitting each other out-sounded the doors,

"I wanted to die! I don't think I ever laughed so hard. I swear he peed his pants!"

Kerry laughed,

"I think he did. I'm like come on," she took a step up the stairs, "if you're going to go to a store like Calving Klein just to pick up women… get a life or a job."

"No kidding. So where's lover boy? I thought he'd be running up to you by now."

Opening her door, Kerry smiled,

"Probably still in the garage. We've both been busy with all this Batman and Robin stuff. I've been working like crazy to build new vehicles for them while Dick's been training and working on the motorcycles."

Meghan raised an eyebrow in confusion,

"Training? Training in what?" she placed her bags down on the floor next to a wall.

"Bruce has been teaching him new fighting styles. Or as he puts it," clothes were put onto the bed, "proper hand-to-hand combat," she rolled her eyes, "like he needs to practice that."

Meghan giggled a girly giggle,

"I think it's programmed in each guys mind how to fight. Besides, didn't he beat Michael in a fight?"

Kerry nodded,

"That was a while ago but I'll never forget it," she was interrupted by a knock on her door, "come in."

Peeking in, Dick's piercing blue eyes appeared in the doorway,

"Hey gorgeous!"

"Hey you!"

Dick came in her room and went right over to his beautiful girl; wrapping his arm around her waist,

"I missed you today." He gave her a kiss.

"I missed you too. How is the bike coming?"

"Coming along. How's the BatMobile looking?"

Kerry's eyes lit up,

"I don't mean to brag but I have to say it look amazing. Everything electrical is done. Bruce just has to test drive it then I can paint it… that is if something isn't wrong it." She stuffed some shirts into a dresser drawer.

Meghan grinned,

"Oh you know you want to brag. You love to say how great your Batman designs are."

"Only to you," Kerry stuck her tongue out, "besides, the BatMobile is my biggest project yet. I want it to be the best."

Dick and Meghan laughed.

"So…" Meghan started, "how has the relationship been going?"

Dick pulled Kerry close to him; wrapping his left arm around her waist,

"It couldn't be better. We love spending time together; even more than before."

"Not to mention it's so much better now that Bruce knows about us. We don't have to go sneaking around anymore." Kerry butted in; a hand on Dick's chest.

"That is better. Though I have to admit, I enjoyed sneaking around a bit; made the relationship more interesting." He planted a soft kiss on her cheek making Kerry squeal.

"Oh yeah," Kerry giggled, "more interesting. Let's not forget Bruce almost killed you when he found out."

Meghan chuckled,

"Well yeah I mean come on. He'd kill any guy that gets within 50feet of you."

Kerry nodded,

"True. How are things with Derrek?" She took tags off some pants and hung them up. (Don't remember Derrek? Josh's cousin from the party who was dating the Australian model… ring any bells?)

"Well…" Meghan smiled, "Things are great. I met his parents over the weekend…"

Kerry cut her off,

"You met his parents?"

"Yeah… what's the big deal?" Meghan wondered while sitting on the bed.

"OOhhhh… he has it bad. It's really getting serious."

Dick and Meghan looked at each other with confusion.

"Why?" Dick helped Kerry hang up some clothes in her closet.

"Why," Kerry laughed, "well… let's just say he gets really embarrassed with his family and hates introducing his girlfriends to them."

A knock at her door

"Come in."

Opening her door, Bruce appeared in a tan suit,

"There you are I was looking for you. Dinner's ready."

Meghan stood up,

"I'll call you tomorrow."

"Oh please," Bruce put a hand up, "join us for dinner. You're more than welcome to stay."

"I wouldn't want to interfere with the plans."

Bruce cracked a smile,

"No need to worry about that; Alfred made extra to accommodate. Please have dinner with us."

"Yeah come on. We wouldn't be rude and send you home." Kerry nudged her best friend.

Meghan looked around almost nervous,

"It's been so long since I've stayed for dinner but sure I'd love to. Thanks."

And with that, Bruce, Kerry, Dick and Meghan walked downstairs to the elegant dining room for dinner. Being surrounded by the smells of steaks, baked potatoes and pies, Kerry and Meghan smiled.

"Everything smells delicious."

"Thank you Ma'am. I'm hoping you all have a big appetite tonight." Alfred gleamed with happiness and poured wine into a glass.

Being the gentlemen they are, Bruce pulled out Meghan's chair while Dick did the same for Kerry making the girls blush and give little girly giggles. Sitting down, they all said thank-you to Alfred and began to eat.

~FF 1hour~

After dinner and dessert, Kerry, Meghan, Dick and Bruce once again said thank-you to Alfred.

"It was my pleasure! I'm thrilled you all enjoyed it."

Kerry picked up some plates,

"I'll do dishes Alfred, you go take a rest."

Alfred's eyes hardened,

"Miss Kerry, I'm not that old where I need to rest all the time."

Kerry laughed,

"I know but it's the least I can do. Besides, you do work too hard."

"Yeah," Meghan grabbed some glasses and bowls, "I'll help her. It's the least I can do for you Alfred. After all, you did make extra to accommodate me for dinner."

The girls took off to the kitchen, leaving no time for Alfred to object.

"Well... I'm going to head into my office for a bit; have some paperwork for Wayne Enterprises to do. Thanks for a wonderful meal Alfred." Bruce put a hand on the old-man's shoulder. Alfred smiled with delight,

"My pleasure sir."

And with that, Bruce left to his office leaving behind Dick and Alfred. Ackwardly, Alfred trailed off upstairs to relax and Dick went down into the BatCave to do more training.

Back in the kitchen, Kerry and Meghan were talking about the boys,

"You know… I'm surprised Dick hasn't proposed yet."

"Meghan!" Kerry hollered,

Meghan raised an eyebrow,

"What? You guys have been together for two years now. Why not?"

"Meghan," Kerry rinsed a plate under the water, "if it happens, it will happen when we're both ready. There are still things we need to learn about each other. If we're meant to be together, I'll find out if and when he finds out. Besides, you met Derrek's parents; why hasn't he proposed yet?"

"That reminds me… why is it such a big deal that I met his parents?"

Smiling, Kerry was hesitant to tell her the truth,

"If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell Derrek I told you."

Meghan looked at her with concern,

"Tell me what?"

Kerry took a deep breath,

"Derrek doesn't usually have girls meet his parents; he's too ashamed and embarrassed by them."


"His dad has…issues to say the least and his mom just enables him. They expect Derrek to raise his little brother and sister… you know act like a male figure in their lives."

"Issues like what?"

Kerry dried a bowl and placed it into a cupboard,

"He likes to constantly spend their money on himself. Exactly for what I don't know but he always has new stuff all the time. He makes his wife ask him for money and doesn't spend time with his kids. Derrek's mom Valerie just puts up with it… but then again, she is a gold-digging bitch who thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread," Kerry shrugged her shoulders, "the kids get the worst of it; especially Hayley and Ryan."

Laughing, Meghan held out a plate,

"You really don't like his mother do you?"

Kerry shook her head,

"If I had a mother like her, I'd rather not have one that's how horrible she is. So for Derrek to bring you home and introduce you to them just screams how much he's into you," Meghan became discouraged, "but don't let that interfere with your feelings for Derrek. He himself is a great guy who loves you with everything he knows." She smiled at her friend; re-assuring her that everything will work out just fine.

So to end the night, Kerry and Meghan finished dishes and Meghan went home soon after. Not wanting to work on the BatMobile anymore that night, Kerry went up to her room. Changing into shorts and a t-shirt, she sat down at her desk and pulled out a notebook. Flipping through the pages, she glanced at her numerous designs for Robin. Seeing some with checks, she came across one that was a bit old. Frowning at it, she tried to remember what the device did…

~Flashback 2 years ago. Halfway thru Batman Forever~

After a large fight with Dick, all she could do was sit in her room and cry.

"What's wrong with me?" she mumbled to herself.

Wanting to stop feeling sorry for herself, Kerry crawled off her bed over to the desk. Opening the bottom drawer, she pulled out a black sketchbook with the BatSignal on the cover. Flipping the pages, she came to an empty page; tracing her fingers lightly down the page. Grabbing a pencil, she began to draw a large circle. Adding details, she remained quiet. Many hours passed. Finally, she set the pencil down and looked at her work,

"The BatEraser… able to erase anything from anyone's mind; memories, people, places… everything."

~Present day~

Smiling at the thought of erasing someone's mind, Kerry began to remember why she designed it in the first place. Ripping the page out, she crumbled it into a ball and threw it in the garbage.

A knock on her door

"Hey beautiful" Dick appeared in the doorway.

"Hi," Kerry turned around in the chair, "you ok?"

Dick closed the door,

"Oh yeah, just tired." He yawned.

"Yeah me too. I was just about to change and go to sleep."

Grinning at the thought, Dick sat on the bed and took off his shirt,

"Oh good I'm sleeping here." And he laid back onto the pillows.

Shaking her head, Kerry went into her bathroom to change only to come back out and see Dick half asleep. Not wanting to disturb him, she turned off all the lights and climbed into bed next to him. Planting a soft kiss on his cheek, she rolled onto her right side and closed her eyes. And in no time, she felt a strong arm drape over her side; pulling her close.

"What, no proper kiss?"

Kerry rolled over and faced him,

"I didn't want to disturb you. You looked so cute and peaceful," She gave him a proper kiss, "is that better?"

"Much," His crystal blue eyes glistened with the moonlit room, "and now, here is my kiss goodnight." Cupping her chin between his index finger and thumb, Dick leaned down and kissed her passionately, "goodnight my guardian angel."

"Goodnight my knight in shining armor."

"More like knight in bulletproof tights."

They laughed and gently closed their eyes; becoming slaves to their dreams. Dick dreamt of them again… seeing their faces, all smiling at him. Then he saw someone in white; her face distorted; hundreds of faces looking at her with smiles on their faces but not the faces he saw earlier in his dream. Kerry dreamt the same dream she's been having the past few weeks. All she sees is a face; a face similar to her own. She can't make it out; it's someone she has never seen before. She tries asking who he is but no words can escape her mouth. Instead, all she can hear is,

"Find me. I'm looking for you. Find me honey."

And every time, she asks herself,

"Find who?"

Wow, what a way to start the sequel! I'm sorry it took me so long to start this but things have been crazy and I just haven't been in the mood to write. But I wanted to start this sequel and get it done so I can start a brand new fanfic for a whole new movie or show; haven't decided which yet. I hope you all liked the prologue and enjoy the sequel… I'll try to make it as good as the first. Please review, I love to hear your suggestions for improvement.