My first Angry Birds story!

It was a cold, cold night. Most of the birds were asleep by now, dreaming of squishing pigs and the moments they'll have together with their eggs. Yellow, however, was still up and about, but was nowhere near the place where the other birds slept. It was hard enough to climb up the mountain, which seemed to never end, but he had to call the Mighty Eagle. And everyone, even Big Brother, was scared of him. Maybe it was because of that big, beady eye that always keeps to stare at you, or simply because he can destroy almost everything in his wake.

Yellow, however, wasn't all that afraid on this night.

He moved the sardine can with his pointy beak; taking small, slow steps since he was just that scared. But he had to get over his fear. Not when he witnessed the Pigs' evil plan to steal the eggs tomorrow. Yellow hoped that they didn't steal Yellow Jr. That egg is his pride and joy.

Somehow, he made it up the mountain. Yellow could feel the fear as he looked at that cave. He moved the can closer so that Mighty could smell it. He backed up a little so he wouldn't be squashed. That happened to Bomb once. And that hadn't been pretty.

"Tweet?" He said innocently as his voice echoed through the large cave. That's when he saw a large, yellow beak that could only belong to Mighty.

It was time for destruction.

At the pigs' hideout, many of the pigs were still awake; feeding their master pig with delicacies such as candy, chips, and pie. But it wasn't enough to satisfy the King. He needed those eggs by next Tuesday or he'll be hungry forever!

"I need those eggs!" His loud and deep voice boomed throughout the room, which made the ground shake. The pigs quivered with fear and gave the king a nod. Their plan needed to work. They needed those eggs.

The pigs continued to feed the king, but not until they saw a sardine can drop into the room. They took this indifferently. The king hated fish as much as he hated birds.

And that's when the whole hideout was destroyed. The Mighty Eagle had demolished it without raising a finger.

Yellow went into the ruins and saw the paper with the plan. He took it in his beak and left, planning to rip it apart with the other birds.

Sorry it's so short! It's my first Angry Birds one-shot.