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Before Edward could say a word, Isabella jumped and charged at Edward full speed, stopping whatever Edward wanted to say.

"Jacob is mine Cullen! He'll never be yours!"

'As I predicted, she'll jumped and start the fight that will cause her death. Goodbye my precious child.'


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Chapter Eighth- The End Of The Road

-Infinite Love - Chapter 8-

Sorrow and thrill were the strongest emotions Jacob felt the moment Bella and Edward began to fight.

Seeing both skillfully dance, a deadly dance that will soon, vanish one life and one will have the victory.

It was meant to be, for Edward to finish Bella's life and destroy her.

'It kills me, but I know its faith.'

As he kept watching, blocking his emotions that were threatening to come out and stop Edward from killing his Childe, he thought about what he was going to say when Edward insist to talk to him.

Edward never had encountered with someone as skillful as Bella, as he literally sweat, keeping up and safely dodging Bella's powerful hits.

Isabella knew that sooner or later, Edward will loose his balance and miss one; ending his life as she finishes his remaining body.

Both parties fought with what they got, pushing their limits and undoing each other strength and combat skills.

'I have to end this now,'

Edward had enough, this was it; the moment he was waiting for, the moment he's been craving for so long and now, finally it was happening; Bella's destruction.

Honey eyes turned black pitch, his aura changed, becoming the monster that was trapped inside him.

Surprisingly, his speed had increased- making Bella struggled to keep up with him and hitting her with all he's got.

It didn't take long before Edward had Bella's body trapped between the dirt and his body.

"Thank you for taking care of my mate, Bella.'

Glaring, Isabella opened her mouth only to scream as Edward ripped her arms and legs- throwing them into the fire.

"FUCK!" she spit right at his face, but Edward didn't care- as he torn her body into two, ending her immortal life.

Edward remained still, watching the fire consumed Isabella's body, the wind blowing the awful smell and her ashes.

Both just stared at the empty place, making sure she was gone from their lives- from their future.

Edward knew it was time, the time to settle everything and ask for forgiveness.

Jacob on the contrary, knew what was coming- and he waited patiently for Edward to talk.

With a tranquil expression, he stared ahead of him, in complete silence.

Edward turned his body around and began.

"Jacob, I love you."

" . . . . . "


" . . . . . "

"Jacob please talk to me!"

Jacob only turned his body, facing Edward but kept quiet only staring at Edward with a bored expression.

"JACOB!" Edward had enough, he knew he doesn't deserve his attention but here he is, asking, begging for his complete attention and still, he was ignore.

Edward's deep voice, aroused Jacob's body- listening as his Seme's dominant tone- was harder to ignore and not obey- was going to be tough for Jacob.

"What do you want?" shock to find that his voice came out normal, he waited for him.

"I told you, I came to apologize and ask you to give me another chance." honey eyes looked straight at red ones, begging to be given one chance and hoping to succeed in his quest to woo Jacob's heart again.

"You think that is easy to just come and apologized and- bingo, everything will be okay? Well, no, Edward you're wrong again, because this time- I'm not the one who begs!" he stood up- ready to take the first step, only to stopped as Edward rushed and grabbed his arm.

"I know I fuck up- I know. But I know that deep down, I know you still love me and I can't let you go until you admit that you love me. Let out your feelings that you're blocking- and let me in, let me love you- care for you and, be with you forever."

"I don't love you- fuck, I don't need to block anything since I don't love you at all." Jacob spat but glared as Edward smirked at him.

"Show me, prove that you don't love me,"

"Fuck no! I don't need to prove you anything!"

"Well, since you don't- I'll do it!"

Without given any warning, he grabbed Jacob by his waist and kissed him- kissing his mate passionately.

As soon as Edward's lips touch his own, the spell was broken, his beast purred and let himself be controlled as his Seme kissed him, proving the fact that his powers that once could block his feelings for his mate, were now gone- letting him melt into the kiss and demand for more, whimpering when Edward pulled away.

Both felt light-headed as they taste each other's intoxicating taste, making want more.

Smirking, proud to know that he was right, he stared at his mate and said,

"I love you Jacob, I was a fool, and please forgive me for the stupid decision I made- give me one more chance."

Jacob hands touched Edward's face, his eyes shone brightly as he stared at his mate- for the first time, since he had blocked his feelings.

Edward noticed the change, and smiled as he felt their bond, growing stronger, feeling the warmth spreading through out his cold body- enjoying the feeling.

"Jacob," Edward whispered as he saw Jacob's face getting closer until Jacob's lips were on his.

Jacob didn't care the fact that he was given up easily, he crave for his Seme's attention, love and now, that he has it- he's not wasting the opportunity again.

So he kissed him, again, as he had desired since he imprinted years ago.

The kiss turned rough, both wanted to get each other taste, connecting their bodies fully as Edward chose to drag Jacob down and straddled him.

Jacob didn't mind at all, he loved the raw passion that Edward radiated- submitting to his Seme and giving him everything without complain.

Edward's eyes turn black as the intoxicating smell, exotic taste of his mate drove him crazy; aroused and completely horny; he kissed and began to undress Jacob.

Feeling Edward's hands all over his body, felt good, but as soon as he felt his clothes been torn- he knew he was in deep trouble.

'I need to stop him- we need to talk first!'

Pushing, or more like trying, Jacob finally had a gap between them- letting his barrier protecting from a horny Edward.

Growling, black eyes stared at Jacob, "What the hell?" he yelled, lust completely taken over his senses as his beast growl, furious that his Uke had denied him again.

"E-Edward, please- please we need to talk . . ." panting, as his insides hurt, sensing the anger from his mate- whimpering knowing that he had angered his mate.


"No! Not until we talk!"

Edward had enough- and began to hit the invisible wall.

His strength had increased over the time, plus, having his mate near push him to the limits- making it hard for Jacob to sustain the barrier.

Red eyes widened- knowing that soon, Edward will indeed destroy his barrier and stop him from talking.

"What about your coven? Carlisle? Are you really choosing me over them?" Jacob yelled.

Edward stopped moving, and stared at Jacob for a minute.

"My coven has each other and their mates, they have to understand that I need you and I don't plan to stick around millennia without my mate- now, that I know you love me and I have a chance. Carlisle needs to learn that I'm not going to be by his side forever. I love you Jacob and I'll go with you if you choose to go with Aro, I'll come as long as I'm with you; I'll be fine."

"E-Edward are you-"


As soon as the barrier was gone, Edward closed the gap and once again he kissed Jacob and didn't let him speak at all.

Jacob let himself melt into the kiss- enjoying the taste from his mate and knowing that he had chosen him and together they live happily forever.

-Infinite Love Chapter 8-

"What are we going to do if he chooses Edward instead of us, Aro?"


"We'll force Edward to join us- Jacob wouldn't leave and certainly- would never join Carlisle." Aro jumped, landing gracefully in the center.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we need to keep our prince and in order to do that- we need to convince Edward to join our vampire ways; drinking human blood and living inside Volterra."

Claps and laughter was the sign of approval from the others vampires, as Aro smiled and bowed, "I'll keep Jacob and gain another member!"

Marcus and Caius smiled, hoping what their brother told became true.

"As soon as they arrived, you- my precious coven, will brainwash Edward to join us; befriend him, do everything it takes to convince him!"

Vampires clapped louder- standing up, agreeing to follow Aro's plan, promising to do everything they can.

Aro joined their brothers, still smiling- positive in Jacob's loyalty and Edward's loyalty towards Jacob.

'Soon, my Childe will be happy,'

With one last thought, he fed and enjoyed the rest of the day- smiling and been positive about Jacob's decision.

-Infinite Love Chapter 8-

Jacob pulled away from the heated kiss- earning a growl from Edward.

"Edward let's go- we should go back."
Understanding that they needed to go, both got ready to go- checking the place double in case they forgotten something.

Jacob was sure, but- he needed to check; to be sure that Edward was coming with him.

"Are you sure Edward? You know that if you come with me- you won't see your coven as much as you like, and, you'll have to drink human's blood. Edward think about it before-"

"There's nothing to think about Jacob; I'm going with you! I know the rules and I'm pretty sure I won't have any problems if I'm with you."

Staring at Jacob's red eyes- Edward still saw fear, still doubting Edward's decision.

Pulling Jacob against his body, he kissed him, immediately Jacob put his arms around his neck and return the kiss.

Now, there was no doubt that Edward will join the Volturi- his mate was coming with him.

The last thin layer that once protected him, that was protecting him from getting hurt- now disappeared.

Jacob moaned, as Edward kissed him harder, both of them feeling their bond stronger- unbreakable.

Edward pulled away- ready to go and ready to start a new beginning with Jacob by his side.

He extended his hand for Jacob to take- Jacob didn't waste time as he grabbed his hand.

With one last look, both jumped into the tall trees, leaving the past behind and ready for a fresh start.

At last, together for eternity til the end of the world.

-Infinite Love Chapter 8-

Honey eyes snapped opened; a bright smile broke into her beautiful face- staring into the sunset.

Pale arms circled her lithe waist, pulling her close to him, enjoying this time as together they watched the beautiful view.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, his cold breathe hitting her sensitive skin.

"Yes. It's the best for both families, and it's the best for him."

"I see. By the way your emotions are acting; I'll say that your vision turn out just the way you had hope."

"Yes, my vision came out perfectly; everything will be fine from now on, well, except one, Carlisle."

Jasper turned his mate around, "Alice, if it needs to happen then don't worry he'll be fine."

Alice smiled, nodding her head as she hugged her mate.

"I know, he'll suffer deeply but, he'll get through this situation, as well as the others."

"I hope so,"

Alice turned around, Jasper's arms still around her, watching as the sun went down.

Everything was going according to plan, Alice beamed happily; finally, her brother was happy and with mate, Jacob.

At last, the last one without mate finally is reunited with his soul mate.

-Infinite Love - Chapter 8-


-Infinite Love - Chapter 8-

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