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Chapter 1

The gushing sound of the torrent of water in the shower did little to conceal the ragged pants that echoed off the walls of the small space. The hand moved frantically, almost desperately, accompanied by the sounds of flesh against soap-slicked flesh. A low, muffled sob signaled the arrival of long-sought relief. The rush of pleasure that coursed through the veins of the man in the shower satiated the physical need, but only served to accentuate the emotional ache that reminded him of the emptiness in his soul.

Lost in their personal bubble of playful banter and suggestive innuendos, the two vice captains were oblivious to the pair of purple eyes that followed them as they strolled down the street in Seireitei. The eyes, though, took in every detail of the shorter of the two; every curve on the lean frame, every crease in the black sleeveless shihakusho, every subtle sway of the coarse, spiky dark hair on the man's head. The man's straight back and broad shoulders radiated confidence and power, his firm steps masculine yet graceful. Everything about the man was perfect.

Such was not true, though, about his red-haired companion. The eyes darkened and narrowed as they flicked to the other vice captain with disdain. The color of his hair was too harsh, the stark outlines of dark ink against tan skin too barbaric, the hands too big, too rough, and the air of arrogance in those lips—the eyes gleamed with anger—how was such a low specimen worthy of the dark-haired man? What did he have that he did not?

As the two men disappeared around the corner, he—the owner of the large, almond-shaped purple eyes—clenched his fists and retreated into the shadows.

"Ahhhh...there, my last signature for the day!" Shuuhei announced with a grin, waving his brush in the air dramatically.

Across from him, sitting on the empty desk in the 9th division office, Renji looked at him with bored-looking, heavy-lidded eyes. His hands were sprawled carelessly on the wooden surface, with one propped on an elbow to support his head, which was cocked to the side in an exaggerated display of exhaustion and impatience.

"Yay," Renji said dryly. He was so hungry that his stomach had even stopped growling, seemingly sulking from the lack of attention from its owner.

Shuuhei's grin widened as he walked over and gave the redhead a good smack on the head. "Oh stop whining, Renji!" he teased. "Come, I'll make it up to you. Dinner's on me."

Renji remained in his seat but his eyes lit up. A corner of his mouth curled up in a sly smile, baring his teeth. "I want something else."

His dark-haired partner blushed. "Stupid horny bastard," Shuuhei said in mock annoyance.

The chair scrapped the cement floor as Renji finally got onto his feet. "Let's go," he said, throwing an arm over Shuuhei's shoulders.

Dinner was a hasty affair; neither of them concentrated on the food. In fact, if anyone were to ask Shuuhei what he had, he would not be able to give a definite answer. Chicken, perhaps, or some leafy vegetable. He didn't care. All he wanted—needed—was something to fill his stomach. His mind, and to a certain extent, even his body, was already somewhere else. Renji was evidently in the same state, judging from the way he was wolfing down his food. They locked gaze occasionally; each time, the gleam of excitement and desire shone brighter in their eyes.

Renji had been gone on his long-term mission for a few months. It was only early that morning that he came back for a quick report, and he was due to return to Karakura by midnight. Shuuhei had missed his presence. Just the sight of the redhead, his smell, and his voice, made Shuuhei want to cry out. But, as desperate as he was, he could not abandon his duty as the acting captain in his division, and so Renji could only wait. The evening could not arrive fast enough.

By the time they reached Shuuhei's bed, they were panting, clawing at each other's clothes, growling in impatience at the thickness and inconvenience of their garments.

"Oh, I've missed you," Renji whispered, his hands clutching Shuuhei's dark hair. Lying on the bed on his back, he pulled the man into a possessive embrace and nuzzled the familiar curves of Shuuhei's neck and shoulder.

Shuuhei moaned as he ran trembling fingers over the redhead's chest. "You've become leaner," he observed. He pulled away just long enough for him to duck down to claim Renji's lips.

Breathing heavily, Renji somehow managed to answer. "I've been training with Sado," he said between gasps. "The boy's growing."

The last part of his sentence was lost on Shuuhei, who had since moved down to place wet kisses along Renji's abdomen. Renji squeezed his eyes shut when he felt Shuuhei's warm breath near his hip. "God," he moaned. "I don't think I'll be able to last very long."

"Me neither," came Shuuhei's muffled reply.

Renji laughed, and then his laughter turned into a shuddering moan when he felt Shuuhei's mouth on him. He dug his fingers into Shuuhei's hair. "Oh, god," he panted. Shuuhei's name followed in breathy whispers.

The sounds, though barely audible, were like a drug to Shuuhei, egging him on, fanning his lust. He sucked, Renji's familiar taste making tension coil deep in his gut, and he groaned around Renji.

"Fuck, Shuuhei," Renji gasped, tugging at Shuuhei's hair. "Stop, stop!" He already knew he won't be able to last, but this was too soon, too abrupt. He wanted to feel Shuuhei in him, needed to feel the warmth of the man's body on top of his.

Shuuhei's deep laugh made Renji chuckle as well. "I didn't realize that I'm that good," he said, his grey eyes glinting with mischief.

If Renji were not in such urgent need, that comment would have cost Shuuhei at least a bruised rib, or a small bite, but at the moment the redhead was too far gone to care. Shuuhei was good, but the best had yet to come. "Shuu—" Renji's voice broke off, silenced by a deep kiss that left him breathless and on the edge of whimpering.

He welcomed the sweet pain that he had missed dearly with an appreciative grunt, and he wrapped his legs around Shuuhei's waist to press the man closer to him, coaxing the thrusts deeper. His consciousness wavered as their body began a familiar rhythm; his hips rose to meet Shuuhei's, each contact punctuated by shuddering moans from both of them.

With their frenzied pace, it didn't take long for them to reach their peak. Renji's cries were muffled as he buried his face in Shuuhei's shoulder, but Shuuhei's choked sobs were loud and clear. Their bodies trembled against each other as they rode out the wave of their climax, then, they collapsed in a heap and lay prone in a possessive embrace.

As the last traces of the milky white substance disappeared down the drain along with soapy water and tears, he sagged against the tiled walls in the shower. It was nights like this that he hated the most. They never bothered to mask their passion, their affection and lust for each other thick in their reiatsu. Shoulders shaking helplessly, he cried.

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