Breathe No More

Summary: After an interesting talk with Sebastian Kurt makes a choice believing it will be best for Blaine's future. Songfic. Warning Trigger/Character Death.

Note: I do not own Glee


The drive back to the hospital was awkward. Finn didn't know what to say to Blaine. Was he supposed to pat him on the back or tell him that he over did it? Blaine could see Finn's inner battle but chose to stay quiet. He couldn't believe how angry he had gotten. How he had beaten the crap out of Sebastian. But it was all for Kurt. Finn was about to open his mouth but Blaine beat him to it.

"You don't have to say anything you know."

"But I feel like I have to."

"Finn just please don't. All you need to do is promise me that you won't speak a word of this to anyone. Not Rachel, Quinn, Burt, or Kurt. Especially Kurt please." Blaine said looking out the window waiting to hear Finn agree. Finn knew he couldn't tell Kurt that would be like telling Brittany that Santa doesn't exist. Oh wait he already did that. Either way telling Kurt would hurt him even worse so he said to Blaine.

"I promise."

Kurt sat in his bed glad that he could move his arms again. After hearing the story and seeing how he was acting for an hour the doctors decided he wasn't at risk of hurting himself again. He gazed at the clock on his left. 11:45 A.M. it read.

'Where on Earth can those two be? I haven't seen Blaine in the past six hours. What if he got hurt! Oh no! Where's my phone I have to make sure he hasn't texted or called me.' Kurt thought as he looked around the room for his phone. Just as he was about to get off the bed the door opened.

"Hey miss me?" Blaine said smiling while hiding something behind his back.

"Oh thank Gaga you're ok. I was starting to worry." Kurt said releasing a sigh of relief. He then noticed that Blaine was holding something.

"Blaine what's behind your back?" He said very suspiciously. Blaine smiled and revealed a bouquet of red and yellow roses. Just like the ones Kurt gave to him after his audition for West Side Story last year.

"Blaine you didn't have to." Kurt said smiling.

"Oh but I did. I knew these would cheer you up." Blaine said giving Kurt a kiss on the cheek. "I would do anything to see that beautiful smile of yours."

"Blaine you are soo cheesy."

"Yeah but you love it."

"Ok I can't argue with that." The boys giggled a bit while Kurt admired the flowers. "Hey Blaine."

"Yea." Kurt smiled and patted the mattress signaling Blaine to join him. Blaine jumped up like a puppy and curled into Kurt. He breathed in the sweet scent of Kurt when he suddenly released a yawn.



"When was the last time you slept?"

"I guess I slept a few minutes before you woke up. Why am I boring you? I could go."

"No stay here and rest." Kurt said holding onto Blaine. Blaine didn't need to be told twice he closed his eyes entering to a world of sleep and now he could sleep peacefully knowing Kurt was going to be okay. That they were going to be okay.

Kurt couldn't help but giggle as Blaine snored. Letting his fingers run through the few curls that had managed to free themselves. He then noticed something red on Blaine's hand. He carefully lifted it trying not to wake Blaine up. He inspected the hand the stain was not of paint but of blood. Blood! Now that he looked more closely Blaine's knuckles were gradually becoming a darker shade. A bruise? Kurt had so many questions running threw his mind. Why were such things on his boyfriends hands. He has no memory of them being like that when he woke up the first time. Unless…

"Unless he did something when he left earlier. Oh Blaine what aren't you telling me." Kurt whispered to himself worried not for himself but for everything Blaine has gone threw because of him.

Kurt just remained silent if he was going to talk to Blaine seriously he wanted him to be full of energy and he's suffered enough. So he turned on the tv and flipped through the channels till he found Moulin Rouge playing.

He was near the end of the movie when Blaine finally woke up.

"Hey there sleeping beauty. Have a nice nap?"

"Yes I did. But I'm wondering if I'm still dreaming."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because I have you the most beautiful person alive." Blaine said smiling.

"Blaine you are such a dork!" Kurt said playfully pushing Blaine.

"But I'm your dork and you love me being your dork and you know it." He said with a bright smile.

Kurt didn't know if he should bring up the topic of the blood or the bruise but his heart was nagging at him for answers. So he took a deep breath and looked Blaine dead set in the eyes. Blaine caught the look and he automatically went stiff. Something was wrong with Kurt.



"Where were you earlier when I was with my dad?" Blaine was about to tell Kurt a lie that he and Finn went to get some food it was good and expected but the look in Kurt's eyes were not of anger but of worry. The pain look in his eyes was enough to stop Blaine from possibly hurting him anymore.

"I… Kurt look the only reason I did it was for you."

"Just please tell me. Where were you."

"Finn and I went to Dalton."

"And what happened."

"I decided I had to have a discussion with Sebastian."

"Is that all?" Kurt said sinking into Blaine's eyes hoping he wouldn't lie to him.

"No… I sorta got pissed off he just wouldn't quit and so I couldn't control myself anymore and I punch him in the face." Blaine couldn't lie. "I punched him in the face several times until Finn had to remove me. He had to remind me of my reason in life. My one true reason that I keep on living everyday. You."

Blaine looked at Kurt who's eyes were glistening in tears.

"Kurt please say something."

"Is that his blood on your hand?"

"Most likely."

"Blaine…" Blaine was ready for Kurt to yell at him and possibly break up with him. Instead he felt Kurt embrace him. Kurt leaned against his ear and whispered.

"Thank you." Blaine was shocked to say the least. He had always known Kurt to be anti-violent and Kurt would always try Blaine to avoid situations that would lead him into getting in a fight.

"Thank you for standing up for me. For proving that you love me even though I already knew it. For fighting my battles." Kurt weeped.

"Your battles are our battles. I love you and I always will." They held each other never wanting to part.

"Enough emotions the past 24 hours have been filled with nothing but an insane rollercoaster ride of emotions lets just watch the movie and enjoy our time together." Kurt said finally pulling apart from Blaine. They sat and watched the movie till Kurt felt something hard and stiff pressing against his leg.

'Oh my Gaga no way!' Kurt thought while blushing a deep shade of red.

"Um Blaine what is touching my thigh with an amount of pressure." Blaine started to panic how could his body do such a thing without him knowing. When he reached for the area that was touching Kurt he realized it was not his you know what (I'm a baby penguin.) was not touching Kurt but a box shaped object. Box shaped object!

How could Blaine have forgotten of the engagement ring he had bought for Kurt. He was going to purpose to Kurt last night. Kurt was still blushing insanely. Blaine was frozen debating wether or not he should tell Kurt what it is an pop the question or try playing it off as something else.

Blaine looked at the tv. He smiled thinking to himself maybe it wasn't such a bad time.

"Kurt don't you think this part is beautiful?"

"Of course she's singing to him their song. A song that basically says no matter what happens I will love you till I die."

"Kurt I love you soo much. The few hours that you weren't with me. The few minutes that I thought you were gone were the longest minutes of my life. I couldn't bear the thought that I would never get to see your smile again. Last night was suppose to be one of the greatest nights of your life. Even though this is not how I wanted it to be I just want you to be with me for the rest of my life. I want to just wake up every morning to you, to sing every song with you, to be there when you fall and help you back. I want you to be the Satine to my Christian. I want to love you until my dying day and I will if you let me. Kurt Elizabeth Hummel will you do me the honor of becoming my husband?" Blaine said now kneeling beside the bed presenting the box to Kurt. He opened it revealing a silver band with the phrase 'Forever My Teenage Dream'.

Kurt gasped and lifted his hands to cover his mouth.

"After all that's happened you want me to marry you?" Kurt said softly.

"Yes. I want you to marry me. No matter what I will always love you. No matter what. So will you?"

"Yes." Kurt whispered letting tears escape. Blaine couldn't sustain his joy and leaped onto Kurt. Kissing him with passion. He couldn't believe Kurt had said yes. Kurt and him were going to be bond together. He took the ring from the box and placed it on Kurt's finger. Kurt smiled so brightly.

Blaine leaned in and whispered to his fiancée.

"No regrets just love."

End of Chapter 5

Look out for Chapter 6 the final Chapter! Hope y'all have enjoyed it