Chapter One: The Girl No One Likes

(Townsville Police Station, JUNE 16—1999)

Interview with Buttercup J. Utonium by Detective Seeley, regarding the case of "Prom Night." This is an audio transcript of the interview.

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Seeley: Is Buttercup Jasmine Utonium your full name?

Buttercup: Yes. And I don't understand why I need to be here—

Seeley: Your sisters are Blossom and Bubbles Utonium, correct?

Buttercup: Yes.

Seeley: Aren't you currently involved in a relationship with Butch Cameron Jojo?

Buttercup: …..

Seeley: Buttercup?

Buttercup: As in…romance? I guess. He just took me to prom.

Seeley: Do you know his brothers?

Buttercup: Yeah. Brick and Boomer.

Seeley: [satisfied tone] Excellent. Now, let's get to the real questions.

Buttercup: …..

Seeley: What time did you arrive to the prom at Pokey Oaks High School?

Buttercup: I arrived 7:45.

Seeley: Who was with you at that moment?

Buttercup: It was just me and Butch. We met up with Robin and Mike as soon as we got there. Then we met…nothing. Never mind.

Seeley: Bubbles and Boomer?

Buttercup: Yeah, okay.

Seeley: What did you do before…it started?

Buttercup: It? You mean the terrible joke that wasplayed on Bubbles?

Seeley: Miss Utonium, calm down.

Buttercup: [angry tone]CALM DOWN? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Seeley: …..

Buttercup: Look, you don't understand. What they did to Bubbles was brutal. I'll never forget about it…

Seeley: Buttercup…

Buttercup: [sighs] Fine. I'll tell you what happened.

Seeley: Now we're getting somewhere.

Buttercup: [sad tone] We were just kids. Bubbles, especially. We were just…kids. Please remember that.

(Pokey Oaks High School, May 23—1999. Second Period, Gym Class)

"UGH! Bubbles! You stupid bitch!" Princess Morbucks shouted. With blistering fury, her hand slapped Bubbles on the back of her head. A grunt escaped from the blonde girl. At that, the others giggled, scoffed, or just simply walked away; they just hated her stupidity. The Utonium bitch just cost them the soccer game. She kept falling over the goddamn ball! How stupid! Bubbles looked down at her feet—old worn out white and blue sneakers. Her long, strawberry-blonde hair struck around her face. She wept quietly and followed the other girls to the locker room. Across the field, Buttercup and Blossom exchanged glances of sorrow and walked behind their little sister.

Princess Morbucks opened her gym locker and started undressing. She pulled the white t-shirt over her head to bare her bra of the same color. "Stupid dipshit whore!" she spat. Her friend, Alexis McKinley, laughed. "Look on the bright side, Princess," she grinned. "At least we have had our vaccinations!" On cue, they all laughed. They stopped and turned their heads towards the door as the Utonium sisters walked in. Bubbles was short, compared to the rest of them.

So short, and that was one of the many reasons that that everyone teased her.

But there was another prime reason: her breasts.

Bubbles, at age 14, had big perky bosoms; she was more developed than the other girls—who were between the ages of 15-17. (When everyone was still in their training bras, Bubbles was fitting in to a C cup bra already.) Princess was definitely jealous. Already 17 and she was only a 32A. Alexis hated Bubbles' boobs, too. (Alexis was flatter than a washboard!) Sometimes Princess would gather the girls around after Bubbles stepped out of the shower, and they'd throw their underwear and bras at her. Buttercup would intervene and demand that they stop—and they would. Blossom would stand by and take pity on her sister.

Ten minutes later, Bubbles was finally finished with her shower. She grabbed a towel and started to dry off when she noticed the girls giggling.

"Huh?" They kept giggling. Some giggles turned into laughs. "What is it?"

Princess Morbucks smirked evilly and chuckled. Alexis made pig noises and gestured towards Bubbles. "What's s-so f-funny?" Bubbles stuttered, fearing the worst. And she was right. Robin Schneider's eyes widened and she pointed towards Bubbles' leg. Everyone was now laughing.

Bubbles looked down at her leg. "Oh…my period." The amount of blood was small. It oozed down like raindrops on a window. A cramp suddenly struck Bubbles' lower back. How embarrassing, she thought.

Laughs were bouncing off of every corner of the walls. Bubbles covered her ears. Princess edged towards her. "What's wrong, Boobles? Can't clean up?"

Bubbles removed her hands off of her ears. "N-No. It's not l-like that—!"

"BUBBLES GOT HER PERIOD!" Princess squealed in laughter. Alexis slapped her leg and was hunched over, laughing her heart out. Robin found herself chuckling at the sight of Bubbles with her period. She look so…so…awkward.

"PERIOD!" Princess chanted. "Oh no," Robin said sarcastically. "Call 911!"

The girls were laughing—and pointing—edging closer towards the frightened fourteen-year-old girl. Bubbles began to sob. "No! I'm not dirty!"

Robin reached into her locker and pulled out a small box of tampons. She couldn't stop laughing. She threw the box; it hit Bubbles in the head. "Oh!" Bubbles grunted. "C'mon you whore!" Alexis spat. "Shove it up there!"

Bubbles' face was red with embarrassment and sadness. Tears streamed down her face and she gritted her teeth. "Stop! PLEASE! STOP! Please—"

Bubbles lost her balance and fell over onto the floor. Princess threw a towel at her. "Cover up! You're sick!" Bubbles cried harder. Without thinking, she grabbed Princess's ankle and looked up at her. "HELP ME! MAKE THEM STOP!"

Princess, with her other foot, kicked Bubbles away. She turned back towards the rest. "Anybody got another tampon? I'll think Boobles needs about twenty of 'em! C'mon! Hand 'em to me!" Someone passed another box up. Princess took one out and dangled it in front of Bubbles' face. "See this, bitch? See it? It goes up there!"

Bubbles felt blistering rage. All these mixed emotions took over her mind. She covered her ears once again and sobbed harder than she ever had. Out of the corner of her right eye, she saw—

Buttercup and Blossom laughing at her!

What? No! No! It can't be. Bubbles fell onto her stomach, scrambling to get away. But she was cornered. She—

"SHOVE IT, BITCH!" Princess cackled. "YOU PUT IT UP—"

She snapped. Her blue eyes went wide and the pupils shrunk.


Bam! It was like her mind—grew. She felt energy surging throughout her brain. Some lockers slammed open while others closed on their own. Shrieks emerged out in surprise. Some girls collapsed as if they'd been hit. Alexis hit the locker as if someone pushed her. Princess stumbled back. Robin felt a long chill go up her body. Blossom and Buttercup stood still in horror. They couldn't believe it.

Bubbles had—had—she—

"BUBBLES!" It was Ms. Keane, the gym teacher. "Oh, Bubbles! Are you alright?" She threw her arms over the naked frightened teenager. "It's all right. I promise."

The locker room was quiet to where you could hear a bobby-pin drop. Bubbles' sobs were the only sounds that filled the room. "Ms. Keane—?"

"Shhh! It's okay, Bubbles. I promise!"

Some girls began to scurry out—fearing they would be in trouble. Robin backed away slowly. Blossom just stood next to Buttercup. The two were sick of themselves. Why had they laughed? Especially at that moment? Bubbles had gotten her first period at age 12, they were completely aware of that. But their little sister had never bothered to keep track of it. Why—?

CRACK! One of the mirrors at the sinks cracked and glass fell.

"You two!" Ms. Keane's finger pointed at them. "Get Bubbles some clothes and a towel! Now!" Buttercup nodded and Blossom scrambled to find a towel.

Bubbles wiped away a few tears. "I didn't know it was the time—" A sob choked off the last of her sentence. Ms. Keane nodded. "I understand. Shhh."

Her hysteria began to calm down and she looked over at the mirror that had cracked. How is that possible? she thought. Did I do that?

The last of her tears fell. Ms. Keane's arms were still around her. Blossom handed them a towel and Buttercup crouched down. "Hey, kid," she whispered. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh at you. We just…you know…got caught in the moment."

"I f-forgive you, B-Buttercup…" Bubbles whispered.

Blossom scratched at her arm nervously. "I…I'm sorry, too."

Bubbles nodded slowly. Ms. Keane helped her up and guided her towards the exit. "Just put on some clothes and come with me to the office," Ms. Keane told her. "Blossom? Buttercup?" The two looked at their teacher. "Yeah?"

"You come as well. I think Principal Eisenhower would like to hear what happened. She'd get a real laugh out of it," Ms. Keane said heartlessly with sarcasm. The sisters nodded but didn't make eye contact. Ms. Keane looked back at Bubbles. "Sweetie, can you give me names, later?"

Bubbles looked away and murmured, "Sure."

Ms. Keane escorted the ginger and brunette out of the locker room, leaving Bubbles to change.

As she began to leave herself, Bubbles look back at the lockers. She concentrated real hard. Open. Open. Open. Open. OPEN! NOW—!

With a hurried BANG! they all slammed open with a breeze. Bubbles gasped and thought to herself, I did that. It was ME.

She ran out the locker room and found herself in the arms of Ms. Keane again.

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