To all my readers,

I am truly sorry that I haven't been updating. Truthfully I had the next few chapters for my stories typed up, when suddenly my hard drive died. So I ended up losing all that progress. Not only that but also after that I got writers block. Now a few weeks ago I stared writing again and I have two stories started up. One is pretty far along while the other is just starting.

Another thing, even though I back in the writing mood, I just recently got hired at the Subway by my home and so I'll have like a sixth of the free time I usually had. I have to balance school, work, family time, my grandparent's weekends, and my free time. I'm sorry but I will try my best to update as much as I can.

When given the time, I'd really like it if you all checked out my two new stories, as soon as I upload them. I'd like to eventually find all the stories I have scattered throughout my notebooks and type them up for all of you. Well, thank you to those who understand and will be patient with me. I promise, if you like my writing style the wait will be well worth it.

Thank you,

Casey Kitsune