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The first time she saw the man was when she was five years old. It had been a simple day, nothing out of the ordinary. The blue haired little girl had been playing in the garden while her mother had gone out to the market. Konan had decided to play since it wasn't raining today even though the sky was smoke grey.

She was picking the small yellow flowers that dotted around the house. Her amber eyes flickered up in time to catch a shadow darting behind the large tree on the other side of yard. Being little with curiosity getting the best of her, she slowly stalked up to the tree.

The man was tall, making Konan have to crank her neck just to see his face. Acid green burned into amber as their eyes met.

A flash of darkness and the man with acid eyes was gone.

That was the first meeting.

Second chances always come fast.

This time she had been stumbling around. Hunger burning in her belly and sadness drowning in her eyes, her body reacting to the loss of her parents.

Konan had bumped into the shadows. She looked up again seeing his bright red hair that stood out amongst the gloom.

"You have strange hair."

"Well, at least mine isn't blue." He replied with a smirk. She felt herself smile just a bit before it faded back into a frown at the sound of her stomach begging for food.

"Ya hungry kid?"

She looked up at him with huge doe eyes and quickly shook her head yes. The red haired man withdrew a loaf of bread from the shadow cloak that surrounded him and dropped it in her hands.


"Axel got it memorized." He said as the shadows enclosed him again.

She finally had a name to put to that flame haired acid eyed man.

Third times the charm.

Konan sometimes dreamed of that odd man as she curled up between Yahiko and Nagato, completely exhausted from their training.

Him in flames with those strange glowing eyes. She would awake with a start with his name leaving her lips. Axel.

She wondered how that man was doing.

The rain pitter-patting outside was the only noise as she crept outside. Walking along a small path to the training grounds, she let her thoughts wonder.

"Ya know I think ya might be stalking me." Axel said as he stepped out of the shadows into the pouring rain and her line of sight.

"No, I think you might be stalking me!" Konan stated as she stared at him with amusement.

"It rains all the time here."

"It's the rain village what else would it do? Be extremely sunny or something."

"Well, it would be nice."

The two fell into silence while holding each other's gaze. Twenty minutes had passed before he spoke up.

"How old are you anyways?"


"Damn I thought you were older."

That was the ending of the third day.

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