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Chapter one

Idonea's POV


I rolled my eyes as my husband Erik came charging up the stairs, angry for some unknown reason. I dried my hands and came out of the kitchen as Erik ripped the mask off his face and set it on the table by the stairs. He shook a handful of papers, "where is that boy?"

"hello." I cooed, trying to get him to calm down, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Erik scowled, "Idonea! I am not in the mood-

I kissed Erik and as I figured, he groaned with agitated distraction. I felt him fidget and his arms came tightly around my twenty-six inch waist. I smiled as he deepened the kiss; knowing that he loved me as much as he did the day we remarried for when we married we didn't love each other at all. We hated each other, but we did find love. I rubbed his tight shoulders and felt him relax. A kiss would always calm Erik down; a gentle kiss turned away his wrath. I'd given him many kisses in the years of out marriage.

Erik groaned and pulled back. I ran a finger down his jaw. "hello, lover. What's bothering you?"

Erik handed some official looking papers, "our son…has spent $5,000 on all these building supplies and I have no clue where he is! Now, I wouldn't have minded, except he drew it from my account." Erik groaned. "I'm going to kill that boy!"

I pulled Erik to the couch in the living room. "now, relax first." He huffed, but sat down. I needed to get him to calm down, Erik was always so high strung. "do you know what he's doing with these materials?"

"no!" Erik said. "the boy has no concept of money!"

"father?" Erik looked up to see our twenty-one-year-old daughter Lucy come in with a somewhat wary expression on her face. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you and mother."

"what's up sweetheart?" he asked. "we're never to busy for you."

"I'm sorry to bother you, but." Lucy sighed, "well, it's…this stage hand."

Erik perked up instantly, "has he been harassing you?"

"Erik." I poked him. "stop assuming the worst."

"keep your hands to yourself!"

I laughed, "then you keep your hands and the rest of you away from me tonight!"

Erik snorted in amusement; but I could tell he was taking my threat seriously. There was never a night Erik wanted to stay away from me. he'd been denied so much love in his life that he swallowed up the heat and passion in our room to make up for all the love denied him. I was only happy to submit to Erik's desires. My only concern would have been being pregnant before we have grandchildren, but I wasn't able to bear children after Lucy and Alexander's births. I thought that after that news, Erik would never make love to me again. Now...I don't think he'll ever stop.

"well…he's just most insistent." Lucy said. "He wants to go out with me, but he won't speak to you."

"well, do you want to go out with him?" Erik asked. "that's the main question."

Lucy sighed, "he's…too bold. He's brings me things though we hardly know each other. When I tried to leave yesterday…he tried to kiss me."

"I'll have him broiled in oil!" Erik snapped. His head jerked to the side to see Alexander coming up the stairs. His eyes glinted. "and Alexander can join him!"

"father," Alexander said as he moved towards his room. "I must talk with you tomorrow morning. I've something to talk to you about."

"yes! Does it include my $5,000 you stole?"

"borrowed." Alexander laughed. "don't worry. The money is in good hands."

"and whose pretty hands are they in?"

"if you're so worried talk to Gustave." Alexander said grinning as he began to close the door. "he's the one who forged your signature."

"don't try to pin this on Gustave!" Erik snapped. Alexander closed the door and he sighed. "that boy."

"Erik," I reminded him. "we're discussing Lucy. Remember?"

he sighed and went back to the couch. "yes. I'm sorry. You were saying?"

"you were broiling the boy in oil." I reminded him. "And if you boil my son, you'll be joining him!"

"well, I asked him not to kiss me and he didn't push the issue."

Erik sighed, "Well, that's good."

"tell me," I asked. "is he a nice boy?"

"Idonea!" Erik growled. "That's not the point!"

"Lucy knows what I mean."

"well…he doesn't swear or drink and he goes to the same church as Aunt Felicity. She says she's never seen him with another girl before. So, as near as I know, no, there's nothing objectionable to this character."

"so, would it kill you to accept one of his invitations?"

"no…but…there's nothing there."

I laughed, "you never know. Do you think your father and I hit it off the first time? No! the only thing your father hit was the desk before he sent it flying!"

"enough Idonea."

"within a week he was threatening to get our marriage annulled."

"Idonea," he sighed taking my hand. "how many times do I have to tell you, that I had my head on upside down, inside out and backwards when I suggested that? When are you going to let me forget?"


"And this is relevant because?" Lucy asked. "I don't understand."

"you never know…until you open yourself up. Take a chance, however, we can meet this man first, if that's what you wish."

Erik huffed, "it's what I wish!"

Alexander came out of the room, all dressed up in his dinner clothes. "I'll be back late, don't set a place for me mother."

"I stopped doing that for you days ago young man."

"and where are you off to?" Erik asked. "who's the floozy this time?"


"Erik." I warned him.

"Idonea, I haven't seen a respectable lady yet in his company."

"actually," Alexander said. "this is a business meeting."

"which you will not relate to me!" Erik snapped. "confound it boy!"

"easy," Alexander grinned. "you don't want your heart to fail and leave mother all alone would we? I'll see you tomorrow."


"Gustave!" Alexander said. "just in time. Father's quite upset."

Gustave groaned, "thanks."

Erik turned to me and frowned, "Are you sure Alexander isn't related to that fop?"

I looked at him indignantly, "Erik, you know you're the only man to posses my body since I married you and don't you dare suggest otherwise!"

He chuckled and kissed my forehead. "I'm sorry my love."

I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. "oh, go wash up!" I immediately felt my husband's firm hand right on my rear end. "Erik!" I shrieked as the children began laughing.

"what?" he asked innocently.

I grabbed a pillow and smacked him right in the face. Erik let out a roar as the children cheered me on. "I warned you!" Erik reached for my waist and I popped him again. Erik growled and pulled on the pillow, released it as I flew backwards! "Erik!" I shrieked as I fell back on the lush carpet. "oh!"

"Idonea!" I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the slight twinge of fear in his voice. "Idonea?"

"you've done it now dad." Gustave said. "I'll go get some water."

"here." Lucy propped a pillow under my head.

I reached for it and smacked Erik on the head again. He groaned and grabbed my arm. "Idonea! Don't do that again."

I wrapped my other arm around his neck as I removed his wig and ran my fingers through his graying, thin strands of blonde hair. "I love you."

Erik exhaled, "I don't know why I do, but I love you too."

Erik kissed me and I wrapped my arms around his neck as I heard the children tiptoe out of the room. I gently pushed him away, "help me up. I've got to get dinner ready."

"lets eat out." Erik asked. "get hotdogs, ice cream and eat down at the beach."

I hesitated, "I don't know."

"I promise to carry you if you get tired."

"don't you dare! I'm like an old elephant."

"an old fairy." Erik corrected. "come on."

I exhaled, "all right. I'll tell Lucy and Gustave."

Erik nodded, "I'll go get some money and hopefully, we'll all be ready to go."

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