Chapter 1 James Bond walked into MI6 headquarters in Britain. He had been called back from his vacation house in Hawaii by his boss, M regarding a new mission. As he walked into her office he sat down at a chair in front of her desk. M sat in a chair behind her desk. "Welcome OO7," she said sharply. "Hello M," said Bond. "As you know you have a new mission," said M. "Now I'll inform you on it." She pulled out a laptop. "The president of South Sudan was nearly assassinated yesterday," said M. "Knowing of our famous Double O unit, the South Sudanese president has requested us to investigate." M turned the computer screen toward Bond. On the computer screen was a picture of a short, skinny black man. "This is South Sudanese government operative, Klint Everret." "We believe he was paid off by the assassin who attempted to assassinate the South Sudanese president." "We believe he is in the city of Juba." "Find him and get him to tell you who paid him off and where that person operates." "Then go to that location to find out more." "One more thing." M took a bullet out of her desk. "This was the bullet used to try to kill the South Sudanese president." Bond looked at the bullet. On the bullet in red letters was the word Six. "Six, what's that supposed to mean?" "That's what we want you to find out." M said. "We don't know who or what Six is so don't trust anyone." "Good luck," she said as Bond walked out.