Sparks pulled Bond into a small station. A man in a police uniform was sitting at a table. "Chief Massri," Sparks said. "I found this man outside the Klump Enterprises building after I heard gunshots there."

"Well done Officer Sparks, I'll question him," said Massri. Bond sat down at the chair across from Massri. "What's your name?" asked Massri. "Orum Plat," said Bond. "Why were you at Klump Enterprises?" Massri asked. "I came out of work there and I heard some gunshots when your officer found me," said Bond. "There's nothing we can hold him on Sparks. You can let him go," said Massri. Sparks led him out. Bond had been surprised how easy it was. Massri obviously wasn't very caring about suspects he found.

Sparks pinned him to the wall. "You were lying! I have no idea why Chief Massri let you off so easily. Now tell me the truth!" she said. Bond decided to do just that. "I'm an MI6 agent. I'm on a mission concernng the assassination attempt on the South Sudanese president. Please don't tell." Spaks let him go. "If you let me help you I won't tell a soul," she said. "Deal," said Bond. "Come to my apartment," said Sparks. They both got into Sparks's mini van. "Tell me about yourself," said Bond when they started driving. "I used to live in New York and I was part of the NYPD. When I moved to Khartoum I got a job at the Khartoum Police. It's a lot less glamorous and being a woman doesn't help my reputation." Soon they got to Sparks's apartment.

"Make yourself at home," she said. "Have you had any leads?" she asked. "Just to come to Klump Enterprises," he said. "Okay then how's your day been?" she asked

Hours later they were sitting on the couch laughing uncontrollably. Bond had just told her about a particularly humorous mission with his friend Felix. Bond stood up. "I have to go now," he said. "Aren't you going to stay?" she asked. "No, I already checked into the hotel," he said. "I'll meet you at the hotel at noon," he said.