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A/N: I assume you all know (the first) Robin's story – but here's a quick version if you don't – Dick was performing with his family when a trapeze rigged by one Tony Zucco broke causing his parents [John and Mary Grayson] to fall to their death. Some versions include other members of his family – aunt, uncle and cousin I think - falling as well, though the uncle (?) survives in a coma. Obviously the story I know only included his mom and dad. My story is gonna change what occurs after, mostly that Bruce isn't going to adopt him – not that he doesn't want to, though. So I guess that it's technically an AU.


Chapter 1

A young raven haired boy sat alone, sobbing, after having been pulled from the mutilated bodies of his parents after an "accident" had caused them to fall to their deaths. The husband and wife duo had been performing when the trapeze wire failed and sent the acrobats plummeting. The whole incident seemed to be a horrible mishap. But he knew better. He knew that this was no accident.

No. This was murder.

His parents had been killed by that man.

Tony Zucco.

And he was going to pay.

The boy had seen the man leaving the tent before his family had gone to perform. He'd seen him the day before, too, talking to Mr. Haley. Only now did the boy realize that Zucco had been threatening the ringleader. He should have said something; he suspected that the man was up to no good, but he never expected that something like this would happen. He had been naïve and now his parents were gone.

He knew that it wasn't completely his fault. Zucco was a demented and evil man, but he couldn't help but blame himself. He couldn't help but think 'what if I had done this? Would they still be here with me?'

He would never forgive himself, and there was no way he would ever forgive Zucco either.


There was no evidence, of course. It was made to look like a tragic accident. The police probably wouldn't even investigate. They'd take his parents' bodies to the morgue and drop him off at some random orphanage in Gotham before filing a report of the 'unfortunate death of the famous Flying Graysons.' He'd be adopted and live a new, ordinary life.


What a joke.

He had never been what others would call normal. He grew up in as an acrobat in a circus, after all. But there was no way that he was ever going to be normal, not after this. Not after what he did.


The boy looked up from where he had been staring at the ground in front of him and saw the man who had turned his world upside down slinking out of the tent. Richard "Dick" Grayson felt an unimaginable rage build up inside of him. Zucco was not going to just walk away from this scot-free. He wouldn't let it happen.

No. Freaking. Way.

The boy looked around seeing that none of the authorities there were paying attention to him. A man in an expensive looking suit seemed to be trying to get to him, but too many other people were getting in his way. The man had a look in his eyes – like he understood what Dick was going through. He was tempted to stay to see what the man wanted.

No, he couldn't afford to get distracted, it didn't matter now. All that mattered was catching Zucco.

He locked eyes with the man for a brief moment before the stranger turned away, distracted by something off to his side. The moment that the man's eyes were off of him, Dick made his move. The boy sank into the shadows of the tent and went after Zucco.


*Bruce's pov*


He knew what it was like to see your parents die right in front of you. He had seen it himself when his parents were gunned down by a thief in the alley that night all of those years ago. The pain never really goes away.

That boy needed someone to be there for him, like Alfred had always been there for Bruce. The police were completely ignoring the young boy who was sitting off by himself - crying his eyes out.

'Why wouldn't these people stop asking him how he felt about witnessing this and if it reminded him of his parents' death?' Bruce wondered as he tried to push his way over to the boy. 'Couldn't they see that poor child that had just lost his own parents? What was wrong with these people?'

Bruce locked his eyes on the little boy who was now staring toward the entrance of the tent. The young acrobat turned and glanced around before his startling blue eyes met with Bruce's own dark navy.

Something off to the side caught the man's attention and he looked away for a fraction of a second. When he looked back, the little boy was gone.

How could he have just disappeared like that?

More importantly, what was that intense anger that had been smoldering behind that boy's gaze?


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