The night would have been the perfect setting for horror films. Thunder cracked like a baseball bat making contact with a baseball. Lightening flashed like a camera. It was the kind of night that made Adrian Monk feel like he was going to crawl out of his skin. He hated thunder. He hated lightening. It was different when Trudy was alive. She was always able to settle him down. She was always able to make him laugh and distract him from whatever it was that had been bothering him.
Without her, there was no way to diminish or ease the anxiety. Just as he was going to go get his vacuum and clean (cleaning always made him feel better) an intense know at the door was heard.
For just one moment Adrian allowed himself to dream. He allowed himself to dream that the person on the other end of the door was Trudy. He knew it would be impossible. That's why he only allowed himself one minute of dreaming. He opened the door when he came to his senses.
Standing outside his door was a woman. She was in her late 20's to mid 30's he guess and probably 5 foot 3 or 5 foot 4. She was soaked to the skin.

"Are you alright ma'am," he asked her

"You must be Adrian Monk," she said

"Yes and you must be freezing! Come inside. I don't want you to catch your death"
She smiled gratefully at him. She stepped inside.

"Mr. Monk, my name is-"

"Never mind that right now," he said, "get in a hot shower. I will dry your clothes for you and get you a robe you can wear until they dry. We can talk as soon as you get out of the shower."
After she had gotten out of the shower, dried off and was comfortably sitting on the couch in a warm robe and two blankets he had gotten for her, he motioned for her to begin.

"Do you want anything," he asked referring to food or drink.
This lady did want something but it had absolutely nothing to do with food or drink. It was much deeper then that.