#1 - Love

"Th-This is terrible!"

The high schooler sputtered as she glanced between the screens of her cell phone and computer that were lighting her bedroom. On the computer monitor, she was greeted with a big X( face. That emoticon may be meaningless without context, but was as good as deadly for the girl in question. That unhappy smiley had indicated that her love horoscope for the week was a guaranteed failure. She alternated between growling, groaning, and pouting. She had just bought a few wonderful sets of clothes from a recent flea market, and she wanted to invite a friend of hers on a date to show them off.

Unfortunately, whether her love horoscope was good or not, a greater force seemed to be working against her this year. All of her male acquaintances were curt, or downright rude to her. When she moved to Habataki City, she was sure she heard plenty of rumors about how Hanegasaki High had loads of hot guys. That's what made the sudden move more exciting rather than frightening for her. These first few months were proving to be a challenge, however. It seemed like whenever she took initiative in pursuing them, something went wrong. Even when things went right, things seemed to be less than ideal.

The person who came to the front of her mind out of her small amount of acquaintances was Saeki, who seemed to have some huge beef with her. It was hurtful that he treated her so coldly compared to other people. It wasn't like she wanted him to treat her with the overly polite gestures that he pampered other girls with, but common courtesy would be nice. You know, instead of having to watch his heart sink when he realized it was her rather than any other girl.

She abruptly shook herself from those thoughts. Her love horoscope really must have been awful if she was letting some guy get her down. Not wanting to succumb to any more self pity, she opened up her blinds, which lead to a full view of her younger neighbor's room. The elementary school student seemed to be in, and didn't look busy. To get his attention, she opened up her window and began to knock on his.

"Hey, Yuu-kun!"

Immediately he noticed her presence. He opened his window and spoke in an eager voice. "Hey, onee-chan. Whatcha need?"

"I don't have anything planned today, so do you feel like hanging out?"

"Of course! I'll be right there, just give me a minute."

She smiled to herself as she watched the younger boy scurry about. She was thankful that no matter what her horoscopes said, that she could always depend on Yuu to keep her company.

"So, who rejected you this time, sis?"

...Even if he was like an annoying younger brother most of the time.

Author's Note: So, this is the start of a long, 100 theme challenge. Tokimeki Memorial is definitely a series that needs more love, so I figured that doing this challenge for TMGS2 would be perfect. A big focus of mine for this is not to worry if the stories are perfect or not. Sometimes it's better to go with what you have instead of stressing over every detail. Of course, when I want everything to be stunning, it's a hard habit to break. But since there's so many themes to do, I can't stop and worry!

If you have any comments or critiques, I would be grateful to hear from you. Thanks for reading!