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Ned and Missy Chapter 2

Missy couldn't be happier. She was holding hands with the boy of her dreams as they walked to the cafeteria where he'd buy her lunch. Sure it wasn't a 'date' date but it would do for now.

As Ned led the way he wore a confident smile on his face that said "hey world, I've got a new girlfriend and man is she hot!" He noticed other people were starting to look at them funny. The various middle schoolers were surprised as the most popular girl in school was holding hands with Ned.

"There sure are a lot of people staring at us." He whispered to Missy.

But Missy just giggled excitedly. "Don't worry about it Ned. They're just staring because I'm the prettiest girl in school and you're the cutest guy. It's only natural that people will talk now that we're together."

"I guess I'm just not used to it is all." He said walking past three girls who were pointing at them and whispering excitedly.

They made their way into the cafeteria which was still full of people eating. Ned directed Missy away from her usual table with the popular kids and toward his own table where Moze and Cookie were sitting.

"Hey Ned," Cookie said looking up from his lunch to wave at his friend. Then both he and Moze noticed Ned was holding hands with Missy. "What's…going on?"

"Ned and I are together now!" Missy answered. "Right Ned?"

"Yup! That's right!" He smiled. "Missy and I are dating."

"That's great!" Cookie said smiling back.

Moze on the other hand looked both confused and angry. "Ned, what do you mean? You don't like Missy!"

"Well I didn't used to," he admitted. "But I do now!"

Moze stood up, got right in Missy's face and glared. "What did you do to him?"

"Why, nothing of course." She answered smugly. "I guess Ned just saw the real me."

Moze turned to Ned. "What does she got over you? Blackmail? Threats? Mind control?"

Ned laughed, "Ah come on Moze! It's nothing like that. We just had a talk and I realized I had misjudged Missy a little and she acknowledged that she had come on a little strong and so we decided to give dating a try."

"Ha ha!" Missy couldn't help but laugh at Moze.

Ned turned to his girlfriend. "Be nice."

"Fine," she rolled her eyes. "You're lucky you're cute."

"But Ned," Cookie whispered to his friend. "I thought Missy scared you."

"She did a little," he admitted. "But once I talked to her I realized she wasn't scary at all."

"That's good advice," Cookie stood up. "You've inspired me! I think I'm going to go ask out Lisa now! I'm sure my forwardness and dashing good looks will win her over!" He then turned and walked over to Lisa's table.

"And why do you hang out with him?" Missy asked her boyfriend.

"It's a long story."

Fear was starting to set in as Cookie approached the table where Lisa and her guy followers ate lunch. But he tried to swallow it down and put on a brave face. "Hey Lisa," he said confidently. "Would you like to get some pizza with me after school?"

"Sorry Simon," she said looking apologetic. "But you know to hang out with me there's a long list and you have to wait your turn." The other guys at the table were all glaring at Cookie.

"But I don't want to hang out with you like these losers," he pointed at all the guys sitting at the table. "I'm trying to ask you out on a real date."

"I'm sorry Simon but I can't."

Cookie looked first sad and then frustrated and angry. "Well fine! I see now that you've changed. You're not the same girl who used to follow me around." He turned to the guys. "You guys can have her then!" And then he walked away from the table.

But he didn't get very far because after turning around and walking a few feet he almost ran into Evelyn who was standing in front of him looking mad.

"Why did you ask her on a date?" She asked. "WHY WON'T YOU ASK ME OUT?"

"Ah!" he said surprised. "Oh well I guess because…your scary."

"SCARY? I'M NOT SCARY!" She yelled at him.

At that moment Cookie wanted to run away but then he remembered what Ned had said about Missy. He took a closer look at Evelyn and while the Asian girl had seemed angry when he looked at her she just looked sad.

"…Okay then." He whispered.

"What?" She asked confused.

"I'll ask you out." He took a deep breath. "Do you want to get some pizza with me after school?"

Evelyn looked really surprised. "Really?" She asked. Cookie slowly nodded. "YES!" She screamed. "I'D LOVE TO!" She then grabbed him by the shoulders, pulled him in and kissed him right on the lips. "I'll see you after school." She said after she released him.

"That went better than expected," he said as he watched her walk away. He then went back to his table where the others were eating.

"Did you get a date with Lisa?" Ned asked.

"No, but I did get one with Evelyn." He answered.

"Nice," Ned patted his friend on the back.

"Oh great!" Moze frowned. "Now I'm the only one without a date!"

"Hey, what's going on over there?" Missy asked. They all turned to see where she was pointing.

It was Loomer and he was bullying Coconut head and Martin. He had thrown both of them into trash cans and was now laughing at their expense with his two goons.

"THAT DOES IT!" Coconut head screamed as he pulled himself out of the garbage cans. "I'm sick of you bullying me and my friends!" He yelled at Loomer. "YOU'VE PUSHED ME TOO FAR!"

Clenching his fist he punched Loomer hard in the stomach. The smile on Loomer's face disappeared and was replaced with a look of pain. But Coconut head didn't stop there. The punch to the stomach had forced Loomer down a few inches allowing the smaller boy to punch him repeatedly in the face.

The bully's face was now covered in blood as Coconut head broke his nose. He stopped punching him and instead kicked him as hard as he could in the crotch. A whimper of pain escaped his lips before he fell to the ground. Coconut head walked on top of Loomer and raised his hand.

Everyone in the cafeteria suddenly started to cheer. Loomer's goons ran off less then receive the same treatment. A crowd formed and lifted Coconut head into the air and carried him off triumphantly. Once they dispersed Ned's gang walked over to see the tramped Loomer.

"Jennifer…" Loomer whimpered. "Help me…"

Moze rolled her eyes. "Fine…I guess you'll do." Grabbing him by the arm she hoisted Loomer onto her back and headed for the nurse's office.

Ned looked at Cookie. "Well that was weird."

"Definitely," The nerd nodded.

Just then the janitor Gordy showed up. "Hey guys, I got big news!" He said to Ned and Cookie. "But first; want a hot dog?"

"Sure," Ned and Cookie said each taking a hot dog from Gordy. The janitor then started to eat his own hot dog. "So what's the big news?"

"I caught the weasel!" He announced excitedly.

"That's great!" Cookie said after taking a bite. "Did you send him to the zoo or back into the wild?"

"Neither," Gordo laughed. "I killed him."

Cookie nearly choked when he heard this. "You killed him? Isn't that a little extreme?"

"Nah, I had to do it. It was the only way I could make these weasel hot dogs."

Cookie's eyes went wide and he immediately stopped chewing. He looked from the hot dog in his hands to Gordy. Then he fainted and fell down on his back.

Ned on the other hand turned to his side and threw up onto the floor. After he finished throwing up he headed to the nurse's office with Missy supporting him. "Don't worry Ned, you'll be okay." She told him as she rubbed his back.

Gordy meanwhile just shrugged and took another bite of his hot dog. "Tastes like victory to me."

After school Ned was feeling much better so he and Missy went on a date. They hung out for a while, got something to eat and then saw a movie. It turned out great and both of them loved every minute of it.

After it was over Ned walked Missy to her front door. "Thanks for taking me on that date Ned, it was wonderful. I never knew you were so romantic!"

Ned shrugged, "Neither did I." They both laughed.

Missy looked anxious. "Well…goodnight."

"Yeah goodnight." Ned leaned forward to kiss the blonde. But at the last moment got scared and only kissed her on the cheek.

Missy frowned in disappointment. "Ned you have to give me a real kiss goodnight. Like this," she pulled him close and kissed him hard on the lips. Ned kissed back and they made out for at least two minutes before Missy let go. Both of them were woozy from the kiss.

"Now THAT was a kiss!" Missy laughed.

"You're an awesome kisser Missy," Ned told her. "See you tomorrow?"

"You know it lover boy," She winked before walking into her house. After she shut the door Ned turned to leave. Oh yeah, life was good.