Hello! This is probably my first, not last, not long, BatCat story ^^. I don't know much of the history of these two, only that whenever I would watch any sort of batman thing. They always sort of had a thing for each other and I always loved their love complexity so.! VOILA! Here it is! Also, I simply can't wait for the Dark Knight Rises. Meanwhile, I gotta distract myself with something. This is set a couple weeks from the Dark Knight.

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Chapter 1. One Lucky Night

I stared at the Batman signal up in the air. Of course I'm the one who flick it up. For I couldn't wait for Batman to come. I sighed as I wait. Who would have thought I would fall in love with such a man as him. As I wait until he arrives. I think of how it all started...-

I didn't expect him, for sure. I was regularly done with the recent robbing for the night. I smiled into the night air. If anything, I sure love the night air. Everything in the night was more, fun, more dangerous, more everything. It was where I enjoyed being at. Lately I noticed not many went out at night. Ever since the Joker got well known in Gotham, every single living soul has been hiding during the night, trembling from fear. Not me. In fact thanks to the Joker. Stealing and not getting caught has been pretty dang easy. My heals click on the concrete of the roof. It has been my time to rise ever since the Joker incident. I decided to emerge and create my own name " Catwoman". I am fond of cats and there's a story in my childhood which relates close to the name.

This night. I am having fun, taking my time. Jumping from one roof, to the next. When I am approached by a mysterious shadow ahead of me.

Who..could this be?

I stopped. Tilt my head to get a better look.

" What's in the bag?" he asked, with a ruff voice.

A smile pulled up in my lips. Ever since I decided to go with the name Catwoman. I was hoping to come across Batman. Well, well, well it appears I won the lottery today!

" We finally meet, got to say meeting you up close is way different than what I imagine," I took a quick look over.

Definitely mysterious. Dark. Sexy. Hey, no one told me Batman was so attractive. I am liking what I see.

" For what do I owe the honor of having the great Batman approach me tonight," I make a show, meanwhile slinging the bag to my left hand.

Truly I am honored.

He must not have patience tonight because he makes a stride for the bag.

I took a step back, holding the bag behind me. " Ah ah," I make a no motion with my finger. " snatching is a bad habit Batman." I tell him, already planning my escape.

" Stealing is a crime," Batman replied evenly.

" Is it?" I asked seeing my way out, but I had to be on the other side. Batman approached me, thinking he cornered me. " I call it borrowing. Borrowing is not a crime," I gripped the bag tighter.

He aimed to grab the bag. I dodge easily. He tried to get the bag from me, bring me down in some way. I got to say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I dodged . I whirled and I ended up behind him.

" Hello," I grinned from behind him.

He frowned. He was definitely not used to my flexibility. I was enjoying this more than I thought. I haven't met someone so evenly matched before. I lifted my arm, aiming for a punch but only managed to get blocked by his strong massive hands. His gripped tightens as he reaches for the bag. What batman doesn't know though. Is one simply thing. They don't call me Catwoman for nothing. He wasn't expecting what I did next. I curled myself close to him. Immediately he tensed.

" It's been a pleasure meeting you, Batman. Sadly I got a place I got to be, hope we meet soon," I whispered, in a slur my face inches from his chin. I know he felt my breath on his skin.

In a flash, I moved back, my hands free from the bag. I burst into a run and jumped. I really hope I meet him again. I disappeared into the night with a sigh. Maybe he was busy or something because to my great disappointment he didn't chase after me. He must've discovered that the bag was empty by now and what I stole is right here in my pocket. A diamond necklace.

Once I came into my home. I took off the mask and in a hurry sling myself into a dress. I frowned. Great, I am late. I instantly call a taxi outside, at the same time fixing myself. You see I plan to make it big. Have something that's the best of both worlds. When in the night. I am none other than the sneaky marvelous slim seductive Catwoman, but take that all off and I am Selina Kyle. A woman soon to make it huge. Maybe not as huge as Bruce Wayne. But second place isn't so bad. Better yet, that's where I'm heading. The famous Bruce Wayne multiple parties. This is my first one and I can't afford to let the chance go by.

I'm just getting out of the taxi and make a dash towards the party when I bumped into none other than Bruce Wayne. Whoa! Just won again .I'm on fire tonight!

" Excuse me," he told me tidying his tie.

Was he just arriving...? To his own party.

" Mr. Wayne," Finally an opportunity.

" Forgive me, I had errands to run. I hope you are enjoying the party," he gaved me a small smile.

" No worries I just arrived," I said instead.

Bruce apparently seems too busy on getting his appearance fix that he doesn't acknowledge me.

Finally he said " I don't believe we met before,"

" I'm Selina Kyle, just moved in a couple of weeks ago," I smiled, and then a little frown. This is the first time meeting Bruce Wayne and yet those eyes seem oddly familiar.

" Well I hope your enjoying Gotham,"

I couldn't help it. I snorted. After all that crazy stuff happening with the Joker? That caught his attention. I am quickly to correct it. " Mr. Wayne you have no idea,"

" If you will excuse me, I think I let my guest wait long enough," he gave me a gentle smile.

" Oh go ahead," I frowned when he leaves. I was supposed to make a great impression and it's seemed the only impressed was me. I stared back at the night. Wondering if Batman was still out there. Clearly he would enjoy my company more than Bruce Wayne. Too late now I suppose. I sighed and just as I walk in Bruce returns. Make Bruce number 2 of men I never imagine could be so handsome up close tonight.

" Ms. Kyle, Would you do me the honor of making a scene that I just arrived with you?" he asked and takes me completely by surprised.

Bruce Wayne is definitely strange. I guess that makes two of us. I smiled.

" To what do I owe the honor of this Mr. Wayne," I said while my arm goes around his.

For a moment he stopped. " What did you say?" he asked, then shakes his head. " I'm sorry I'm thinking of something else. Shall we proceed?"

I nod and we both step into the ball room. Who would have thought that I, Selina Kyle, Aka Catwoman would have such luck of meeting Batman and embracing the famous Bruce Wayne in one night. Prepare yourself Gotham, everyone will know me soon. Because everything is going to go purrrrr-fect. What else can happen? Honestly I'm looking forward for the worst. Bring it on Gotham this city needs more cat love anyway.

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