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Chapter 9. Nine Lives Minus 1

2 days later

" Why are you so stubborn Bruce? You can't save me-not anymore handsome, I will always be this- if you can't accept that….-," Catwoman said while her stomach bled. I approached her in a haste, kneeling down beside her, I got a hold of her. My breathing halted. A gut wrenching feeling penetrated my whole body upon seeing her. No…not again.

" Selina! Selina!" I called, but it was too late.

Her eyes fluttered close. NO!

I bolted up, unexpectedly from my bed. Only a dream…

" Master Wayne," Alfred called from the hallway. " Is everything all right sir, you were yelling in your sleep.''

Taking a deep breath, I pass a hand through my forehead.

" I'm fine Alfred," I answered hoarsely. My mouth felt oddly dry. The images were still fresh on my mind. " What time is it?"

" 3:30. You slept for a good while sir, I even considered calling a doctor to check if you were all right," Alfred sets the pastry with my breakfast down.

I only manage a simple nod, my mind traveling elsewhere.

" Is your behavior pertaining to Ms. Kyle?"

I nodded. " I don't know what to do about her Alfred,"

" Have you thought what you will do with yourself sir?"

It wasn't the advice I was expecting.

" Alfred this isn't about being Batman," I started.

" Oh but it is sir. is a remarkable young lady. She may not have the right motives or perhaps not the best intentions, but she has a heart. Your heart. She has captured you heart sir and what you decide to do about her is your decision. If you had the opportunity to love a person again wouldn't you take it?"

The thought of Rachel appeared in my mind again. Rachel is gone. Selina is…-I sighed frustrated.

" How can we work out Alfred? She isn't exactly a good citizens I'll always be fighting the opposite side to her,"

" Sometimes sir, we assume more complexities than what's really there. Maybe you should attempt to understand her before jumping into unresolved conclusions.," Alfred headed towards the door, stopping briefly before leaving my bedroom.

It's true that I don't want to lose her, but she's so different from other girls I've dated. Even if by leaving her alone, she risks her life every night, like me there is no promise we will come back…

( Selina Pov)

" Where's my friend?" I asked, keeping my arms locked in place, my eyes scanning every possible weapon and escape route I can use if this went the bad way.

" You will get your friend on it's own time," he spoke examining what I stole last.

" You promised that I would get my friend back exactly when I got you what you wanted," taking a step back, I looked for any hint if Holly was here. My eyes locked on as of chemicals at the corner.

" Yes, but I haven't got everything that I wanted beautiful," the man tossed the bag to one of his henchmen.

I recognized a few from the Penguin's gang. My guess is that he is also working with the Penguin on his master plan. 10 days was the last time I heard of his plan, but I haven't seen anything happen since that night I rescued Batman. If the Penguin's plan was already in effect, it must be going off pretty slowly.

My smile is forced when I glance at this man. " It's not a girls fault if orders aren't given correctly honey,"

" Ha, don't play your games with me Kitty- or you're friend won't last,"

My smile disappears. How dare he threaten my friend. I kept back from loosing control. " What is it that you want then," my voice coming out icy.

" I need you to get Batman to me,"

I laughed humorlessly. " You want me to take the Dark Knight here? Are you insane, what makes you think I could take him here,"

The next moment the guy slams all his pressure on me, locking his fist on my neck, he presses me to the wall. I am caught completely by surprised. It's not many people who manage to get the upper side of fights with me.

" Don't threat me like a fool. Everyone knows that you have been working close with the Batman on tracking down the Penguin," his fingers got tighter on my throat. " Bring him and I'll hand over your friend."

He releases me. I gasped for breath, my fingers circling on my neck. I glared at the big guy as I regain my breath.

" What makes you think I'll just freely hand him to you! How will I know if a scum like you isn't planning to trick me!" I snapped.

" Because it's your own life that is at risk," the big guy grinned.

" What are you talking about?" I narrowed my eyes.

" You will bring me Batman, if you don't bring him not only will your friend die, but you will die sooner than your friend," he takes a step back unto a door, he quickly locked it behind him.

I run right after him, twisting the doorknob only to find it close. You got to be kidding me. An image emerge from the window. I recognized the Penguin easily.

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped many degrees. I was standing in a freaking freezer.

" Remember Kitty bring your boyfriend the Bat, before it's too late," the Penguin grinned just as gases spewed all over the room.

I started coughing out. What is this?… the next moment I collapsed down.

I woke up on the top of a rooftop. My head spinning. Not to mention I felt my nose running. I sat up, a huge mistake because the moment I raise my head I felt like throwing up. I stumbled up. The sunlight was barely coming out. I made my way towards my house, clumsily. What did those idiots do to me? They were going to pay. Someway or other.

They wanted Batman. I frowned. I can't hand them Batman, no matter how much I'm hurt about Bruce. I can't simply hand him over to those guys. If I don't hand him in. Holly may be in deep trouble. I collapse on my bed, feeling completely exhausted. I'll just have to think of a way to save Holly by myself. I don't need Batman-or Bruce to help me. He's only there so we can have are little dance, that's the only relationship between us and it's safer kept that way. A sudden pain came gurgling in my stomach. I jolt up and ran to the sink where I coughed out blood, never a good sign.

Bruce POV

" Illness?" I questioned Fox as he shows me the headlines recently in Gotham.

" Yes. It started a days ago. It's a very serious. The people who have gone the hospital have so many harmful chemicals in their bodies that no antidotes have been created," Mr. Fox explained.

" How long ago. What are the side effects?" I frowned, something sounding pretty strange about this sudden outburst.

" Just the same flu systems except the studies show that this virus is growing at an alarming rate. It can end up killing the person," Fox sighed. " That's not all. There's also been a report of a great number of fish dying of radioactive substances. If the Penguin is up to this he might be planning on killing every person in Gotham,"

I nodded. The illness might be an effect from the radioactive substances he's been releasing. The tv suddenly blared with breaking news.

" There's been a high robbery from Catwoman,"

My full attention went to the screen. I see Fox facing me for a moment, before he too paid close attention to the report.

" The Science Facility of Gotham has been robbed. Many chemicals and other viruses antidotes have been stolen completely…-," the reported carried on to one of the employees.

" It was strange. She strikea with such sneakiness that we didn't know the chemicals were being stolen until that alarms started blaring and by then she had stolen already a significant amount. Most of our alarms were disabled! Not to mention how quickly she did this,"

I looked away from the tv. Chemicals is not her style. Why would she steal there. …-

" I have to go," I told Fox already backing away. " Try to find a way we can make an antidote for the illness."

" I'll try…Good luck Mr. Wayne,"

By the time I got into my Batman gear I knew Catwoman wouldn't be there. I headed to her house. That's the only place where I could find her. When I arrive at the house I noticed the door was open. I step inside, half expecting her to suddenly reproach me for not bothering to knock, but she wasn't home. Her house looked a mess. What happened? A clicking of shoes caught my attention. I turned back, seeing her approach the house. She stopped only briefly when she saw me. She stumbled back.

" What are you doing in my house? Who let you in-don't answer the last one," She sighed, dropping her bag on the couch.

I noticed sweat collecting at her forehead, black circles under her eyes.

" What do you want handsome?" she attempted to smile, but it doesn't quite pull up.

" Selina," something is obviously wrong. She doesn't look too well. Even her posture isn't as confident as I come to know. " What's wrong are you ill?" it's only until I said this that I remembered the current epidemic. Absently I reached for her.

She moves back, but her balance is off which makes her use the couch for support.

" I'm fine. Leave me alone," she muttered, taking her mask off.

Selina looked horrible. Her usually bright eyes, were dim and clouded. The cases in the hospital didn't look as bad as she did. I frown taking her by the shoulders I turned her around to face me.

" You're not okay? Selina why haven't you gone to the hospital," I demanded, closer to sounding like my Batman growl.

Her eyes narrowed. " There's nothing they can do. There's no point in going," she took a sudden step back. She heads towards the bag and started taking out the chemicals.

" Why did you steal the chemicals? Are you trying to construct an antidote of your own?"

" Maybe ," She replied shortly.

I waited hoping that she gave me more background on what she was trying to do. She didn't.

" How long have you been sick?" I inquired, noticing the pale figure before me.

She doesn't answer.

" Selina?"

" Why do you give a damn handsome?" she shot me a furious stare, warning me that if I don't leave soon she might just kick me out herself.

" I give a damn because I care," I matched her tone from before. There I said it. I care about her, although she should've known that by now. I see her snort, before going back to the chemicals quickly. I focus on her trembling hands. She's seriously not okay.

" Is this the Penguins plan?" I asked but it was more of a confirmation by now.

Selina stopped taking the chemical out of her bag to look at me. " Yes, I'm guessing this is only part of his plan. There's that riddle guy helping him out and he has a very keen brain. Not to mention-," Selina stopped all of sudden. " His plan or whatever it is has already taken place. I just got the bigger doze for my imprudence."

" Bigger doze?" I recalled how she said she had another job. " Who is the other guy you're working for."

" Stupid virus is making me spill my mouth more freely-," Selina cursed before her eyes glanced at me. " Bruce please leave. I don't have time okay- besides it doesn't matter. You need to focus on finding the Penguin, stopping his plan, and then worry about the others." The way she was looking at me was more like a plead. " I can handle myself just fine! You can chase me after I find an antidote,"

This was so unlike her, to plead for me to leave. She must be seriously ill, she might not have enough time either. My dream comes rushing back. I attempted to shake it off. If people are barely starting on this illness, then the whole populaion of Gotham could die. I glanced at Selina as she rearranges the chemicals. I never took her as a chemist or scientist…then I realized. She's not planning to make an antidote, she's planning to steal one and place these other chemicals are placebos instead so they wouldn't know what she stole. She must've seen the antidote while she was working with that new boss of hers. She probably might attempt to steal it tonight, even in her state.

I pulled out a small blade I had, no thicker than a straw and no larger than a penny. I came from behind her, brushing pass her.

She frowned. " What the hell was that?" she accused.

" Friendly way of saying I'm leaving," I forced a small smile. " Be careful Selina," I said this once, hoping she took the hint. She glanced back at me, that glance alone reminding me of the days I dated her without knowing she was Catwoman. As I step out of her house I took out a capsule, placing the drop of blood I manage to get from Selina as I brushed passed her.

I dial Fox as soon as I get in the car.

" Mr. Fox are you still at the Enterprise? I got something you might want to see,"

" Remarkable this virus involves pure radioactive cells,"

" Can you tell me how much time she has left?" I was constantly looking at the clock. I'm not sure what time she plans to steal the antidote, but I plan on watching her tonight to find out.

" The way this is progressing….," Mr. Fox stopped and looked at me.

I waited for him to continue. Panic already shaking inside of me. Mr. Fox can't tell me it's too late now.

" Tonight. In 8 more hours she will be dead. Even if an antidote is found by then it might be too late for her,"

Selina POV

I felt as if my inside were burning, along with skin. I already vomited blood 3 times in the last 30 minutes. I swear those guys are going to pay for every single thing I had to suffer through. I placed the false chemical in my bag. When I went over I specifically focused on the chemicals. The colors were memorized in my head. Red, Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, and then orange. I might not be a scientist, but I also know some of the chemicals I got are capable of doing severe damage. I start making my way towards the place. I know the antidote was a beautiful light blue color. It was kept separate from the other chemicals for that very reason. I just need to get my hands on it and then go save Holly while I still can. I walk sneakily, forcing myself to concentrate even though my head is spinning. A text message suddenly startles me. I open my cell phone. A text from Bruce?..

Don't do it. That boss will kill you-whoever it is. You're weak right now! You can't go fighting-B

Even despite how I am feeling I managed to smile. The Dark Knight was really good at gluing in the pieces, it didn't surprise me that he found out about my plan.

Aw, so now you care. I'm have to do this-not just for me-

I send the text back and waited knowing he'll have something back to say to me.

Who are you working for? At least tell me this…..please-B

I groaned, he was so stubborn. I sighed, if I didn't come out alive at least I'll want him to avenge me….

He's known as Bane

I closed my phone ready to turned it off. When almost instantly a reply came..

Don't do it- B

I wondered if he truly cared for my safety or he was just doing his Batman duties by warning me not to do something rash. He should know better regardless.

You don't decide what I do-

I then turned off my phone, not waiting for a reply. I was wasting my time. I carefully jumped on the side door to the entry. Two guys were guarding the entrance. I forced the nausea down as I quickly threw a punch and a side kick to the guarding men before they could trigger an alarm. I stood close to the wall. I heard a person turn the corner. I sidekick him down, stealing his gun on the attempt. I continued walking down the hallway. It was getting hard to breath now, even with those low hits I just did. I stumbled to the right. No, calm down, I have to finish this. I sneaked into the chemical area. Thank God no one was here. I instantly unloaded my bag replacing the chemicals in order while I stole the rest. Wait…where's the antidote….? You got to be kidding me, I didn't just come all the way here to-

"12 minutes. I give you credit Catwoman you sure are sneaky," Bane voice came from behind me. " But not sneaky enough."

I could hear a smirk in his tone. I took a deep breath.

" Where's the antidote?" I demanded.

" What antidote? You mean this?" Bane took out a capsule with the light blue hue to it. My breath caught. He has it. I have to fight him for that. Bane was huge and with the mask he wore he looked menacing. I was no coward, but the thought of escaping registered in my mind, briefly before it was rebuked. What does it matter? I am going to die anyways if I don't get that antidote.

" You want it? Come and take it yourself," Bane threatened.

I swallowed deeply, stepping casually closer to him. Analyzing every move he made.

" It would have been much easier if you brought the Bat with you," he sidestepped right as I attempted a blow. I quickly drew my hand back.

" Is that all you got Kitty?" Bane laughed, a sound that came out as a booming noise.

I got mad after that. I went at him again. I didn't handle him like I handled Batman. Batman and I had a chemistry together, the way we moved were like a positive and negative charged magnets. We pull together. When fighting Bane I attempted a deadly battle. He was stronger than me. Brute strength is my weakness-I reached for the gun I've stolen tucked at my belt. Bane kicked it aside before I could shoot. I raised my leg up high enough to kick his side, a steak of blood comes from the corner of his jaw. He looked mad now. The pounding sound of my heart almost blocked the sound of his fist connecting to my gut as I stumbled back. Nausea came rushing back. Not now, I groaned as the whole world started spinning. I coughed out, blood rush out of my mouth. A kick to the side of my stomach made me tumble down more. I let out a cry. Everything was getting hazy, my knees shook. I can't die here..I am stronger than this. I just need the antidote, I told myself firmly.

" You don't have much time to live…-soon you'll start hallucinating," Bane taunted.

I caught sight of the gun. If I can just reach it. I look at where he had the antidote. He had placed it on the stool behind him. I stood up, my knees still shaking.

" You're a brave one," Bane murmured.

I bolted towards Bane, he thought I was going to punch him, but when I was feet from him I dived behind him, grasping the gun. I whirled around and shot him. He stumbled back. I was aiming at his chest, but by mistake hit him in the knee. He shouted in pain. I tried shooting again, only to find out that the gun was out of bullets. Fuck my life! I didn't have time for him to regain his conscience I grabbed the antidote and bolted the hell of off the place. I misplaced all the chemicals when I fought with Bane.

" Holly!" I called checking all the rooms. If she wasn't here than where else could she be? " Holly!" I stumbled a bit to the left for support. I'm not sure how much more I can last. The colors around me are morphing into bizarre images. I heard shooting behind me-then all of sudden I don't hear a thing. Even when I swore to heard footsteps behind me, or yells following me, the next moment they're gone. I raced all over the compound .I couldn't find Holly anywhere. I hope she was all right. I went up the roof. Where was Holly? A person comes after me. I run but all of a sudden I can't see straight anymore. I see 12 instead of one of the same person with a gun pointing at me. I take several steps back. That's exactly when I see Batman come out of the same door I came up with and handled the guy. My ears we're drumming. I look at the antidote in my hand. I attempt to open it, but before then I can't handle keeping my eyes open. I cursed this stupid virus for making so weak at a moment like this. Next thing I know the world darkens and I fall from the edge of the roof.

" Selina!" I barely heard as my body hit's the floor with a loud painful thump.

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