A/N The Doctor, River, Amy and Rory walk into a party. Fluffiness ensues. Essentially what the title says. Kinda random (sorry!)

Set after DOTM for River and after TWORS, and after we find out that River is Melody/Mels for everyone else.

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Oh, and this will be a multi chapter. And the rest is much more related to the theme than this first chapter. I just wanted to write it.

When he leaves after their last kiss, (at least from her point of view) she stands frozen, hanging onto the bars of her cell, trying desperately not to cry. More than one guard asks her if she is alright, and she nods each of them away, though she wants to scream the true answer at them, as loud as she can. She is feeling awful, upset, and angry - no, furious. Furious that she has to live through the personal hell that she has come to know in the last few months as 'younger Doctor,' and to know that she won't ever even kiss her husband again, well, it's enough to make anyone unhappy. River learned a long time ago that it was much easier to turn pain into anger, an emotion that she was better at handling, so she tried to focus on that particular aspect of what she was experiencing.

It didn't help all that much.

She's stood there for, oh, she doesn't even know, but a while, when the TARDIS makes that horrible noise, appearing in front of her. At this point, she doesn't particularly care which Doctor it is, just as long as there's one of them in the box in front of her.

The door opens and he steps out.

"Hello!" he says brightly, but frowning when he noticed her expression. "What's wrong? Have you been crying? When are we for you?"

"I just did Utah."

"Ah."he says, nodding, absentmindedly flicking the sonic and opening her cell. "Wait, first or second time?"

He's done both times, she thought. It's my Doctor. How is that possible?

She steps out of her cell and walks over to him.

"I've done both, but I just did my second - your first. You just left."

"Why did that upset you so much then? I recal offering to let you come with us."

"Your first are my lasts." she whispered.

"Oh." he said, understanding.

He took hold of both of her wrist, pulling her closer and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

"Y'know, that's really a very subjective rule. And I'll always cheat for you, River. Now, come on. I've got the Ponds. We're going out to a party."