Amy threw her arms around her daughter as soon as she entered the TARDIS.

"River! It's been ages! How are you?"

"Fine, Amy. Now, I'm interested in this party we're going to."

"The Doctor wouldn't tell us anything, just that we were picking you up. He won't even tell us where it is! He just said to get dressed. Said we'd meet a friend of his."

"We should probably get dressed then. Is dad here?"

It took Amy a moment to realize who she was talking about.

"Oh, Rory! Yeah, he's in the wardrobe I think. It's gigantic, the wardrobe!"

Amused by her mother's infectious enthusiasm, River gestured for her to follow her.

"That's the main wardrobe. You'll like the things in mine better, believe me. The Doctor doesn't have much taste, especially in shoes. Insists that heels are too uncomfortable to run in. Makes me wonder when he's tried!"

Amy laughed and followed her daughter out of the console room.