GHOSTBUSTERS: Resurrection

Jesus Christ, you guys are terrible. I can t believe the studio would hire such hacks! Are you all on crystal meth? What the hell is your problem! Juan Christian screamed at the sound crew.

Juan had been the host of the Paranormal Hunters for 6 months now. The whole genre of Ghost hunting had taken off, and the struggling network that aired his program, Channel 666.6 put in a last ditch effort to get a piece of the pie throwing out yet another spin off. 666.6 was a little known network that could only be seen on satellite networks. They were a huge hit in Istanbul, dominating the Monday night ratings with 5,000 entire viewers.

Heath Miller, the producer and director of the show held his face in his hand. His stomach was churning, all of the buffet food that dominated the lonely life of traveling on the road to in the middle of nowhere places did this, not to mention his talent was an egocentric moron. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a battered pack of cigarettes.

SHIT! He muttered discovering that he had smoked his last one about 5 minutes ago during Christian s earlier tirade at the make up woman. Ok, guys lets get it started, and 5-4-3-2-1

Juan Christian took a breath and began to speak in a mysterious and somewhat sarcastic tone.

Fear. Terror. Hell on Earth. We have been told that opening Pandora s Box is the ultimate NO-NO. Tonight we open another mythical vessel of legend, the infamous Plague Vase. We are here, live, with historian and avid grave digger Maria Constaplois who will open here recent find. Maria where did you unearth this hellish vase?

Me and my expedition found this urn in the valley of-

That is fascinating Maria, in the valley. What do you think it in the jar?

It is an ancient belief that the URN is full of spi-

Lets not ruin it for our viewers. For the first time in nearly a milleni-

400 years Maria cut in, a little disgusted.

For the first time in 3 centuries, we now unveil the potential Hellish and demonic forces of the once lost Plaque Jar...err VASE.

Marie took a deep breath and reached toward the urn. It was a jade color, with etching of demons and skeletons. She could feel a light breeze, while reaching toward it. Something was indeed very eerie right now. When here hand clasped the lid of the urn, it was freezing cold to the touch. She hesitated.

Well Maria, are you...scared of a little vase?

Juan shoved Maria aside, and popped the lid off of the urn. Almost instantly the floor beneath their feet began to tremble, the stage lights began to flicker and ultimately burst with a hissing noise.

The urn began to shake violently, an eerie green glow emitted from within. Juan Christian, began to slowly back away from the table, sweat forming on his brow.
A demonic voice began to echo through dark room.


Maria, what does that mean? Juan Christian asked, trying to keep his cool and wits about him.

It means, the End is near. All of human kind will die of a supernatural pandemic!

Juan Christian felt light headed. He looked down at his hands which had suddenly started withering into dust, exposing his hand bones. He started to cough, and his intestines and innards began to fly out of his mouth.

Maria began to run for the nearest exit but tripped over her own to feet. She tried to get back up but felt a sharp pain in her legs. Like Juan s hands here legs were distentergrating into dust exposing the bones!

SOMEBODY PLEASE, HELP! She screamed. A black ooze began to seep out of her nose, and a small gremlin like creature burst out of her face.

The remaining film crew ran for their van and attempted to flee. The small gremlin inched toward a drapped camera, snarling its small white teeth. It lifted up it s small right hand, exposing 3 clawed fingers and swiped at the camera, leaving 3 scratch marks on the lense.