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I Like You.

The phrase of confession. Well more like the three simply words of confession.

For some, this phrase comes naturally to say to the person they like. For others it feels as if its the end of the world when trying to say those three words. Tsuna is one of those others.

Everytime trying to say that phrase to Hibari is pure toture for the small brunette. Why? Simply Tsuna recalled the last time he tried to confess to Hibari, but symptoms of nervousness appeared; throat drying up to a point where he could not even make a small sound, sweating of the palms, fidgeting, playing with the hem of his shirt and the last symptom which drove Tsuna mad was the unbearable pounding heartbeat in his chest.

The slightest gaze at the perfect would send his heart racing, but not like this when he tried to confess. Gently, he placed a hand on his chest, feeling as if his heart will jump out of his chest. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

Once the brunette got his heart rate at a steady pace, he was finally able to face Hibari. That's right, Tsuna is going to confess again after all the failed attempts.

Upon seeing his upperclassman just two feet in front of him, made his heart race again. Oh how so he hated the way Hibari made his heart race, but it was a pleasurable hatred. Honey colored orbs met Obisian orbs. Freaking out from just the simply gaze, Tsuna squeezed his eyes shut, head dropping downwards as he felt Hibari's gaze burn through him.

'W-What should I do...he's starting at me' For the brunette that was not a bad thing. In fact it made Tsuna feel like he was on cloud nine, major plus in his book since the God of Hotness, Hibari, was staring at him.

"U-Um...H-Hibari-san" Tsuna began as his face slowly started to heat up with a blush. "T-Thanks for meeting me a-again" It's true, at first it would surprise Tsuna that Hibari would show up at their usually spot- at the vending machines- because Hibari was the type that would never agree on coming, not matter how hard you tried to beg him. Unless you wanted a tonfa to the head. That's what confused Tsuna, the perfect did not bite him too death. On a basic notice the perfect wouldn't hesitate to bite something that was alive, moving and breathing. But it's Tsuna's fault for looking like a cute rabbit in distress, and all of you know Hibari has a weak spot for cute animals.

'I thought he was sick at first' Tsuna thought.

Wrong, the brunette is totally wrong, the reason on why Hibari would show up is because the Skylark found it amusing that the Vongola was trying to confess to him. Yes, Hibari knew all along that Tsuna was trying to confess to him, all he had to due was follow the simply signs on nervousness. Stuttering, but this was normal for Tsuna, since he was the timid, meek herbivore in Hibari's eyes.

Hibari always thought the reason for Tsuna's stuttering was because of his 'I-will-fucking-bite-you-all-too-death-if-you-dare-oppose-me' aura. That was part of it, but the other part of it was that Tsuna could not speak out the words 'I Like You' if he tried he would end up stuttering 'I-I-I' or bite his tongue in the process of forming the word 'Like'.

"Just be quick with whatever you want tell me, Herbivore" Hibari spoke, as he folded his arms over his chest. The sudden tone of the perfect's voice sent Tsuna's face to blow up in red.

'O-Oh man...My face' He mentally squeaks.

Taking another breathe, as his hands played with the hem of his school uniform- Nervousness sign number four.


'Impressive...he can actually form the word 'I' without stuttering' Hibari thought to himself as he continued to watching the brunette fail all out again with his confession. 'This is going nowhere' With a quiet turn of his heel, the perfect left Tsuna all alone at the vending machines! Jerk.

Tsuna being his no good self was oblivious to the fact that Hibari left him as a new teen walked up to him, well more like the vending machine next to him. This new teen made a smart ass comment to Tsuna, which the brunette did not process since his mind was jumble with the fear of getting bit too death or worse in Tsuna's case..rejection.

Tsuna bit his lip but then suddenly blurted out "I..I like you! I really like y-you!" From that sudden action, Tsuna could hear the sound of coins hitting the tiled floor. 'H-Hibari-san must have gotten thirsty waiting for me to say something' The brunette thought as he slowly opened his eyes, seeing the tiled floor. Catiously he raised his head, wondering if he was going to get smacked or not by a tonfa, but nothing came only the sight of a shocked very shocked upperclassman.

Tsuna's honey colored eyes widened to the size of saucer plates at who he just confessed to. This person was not Hibari, this person was none other than-


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