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Roses are red, this much is true.

Violets are purple, not fucking blue.

You're the twerp that makes me smile.

I have feelings for you but I'm in denial.

Your smile so sweet and kind,

It's a secret weapon against the males mind.

You're as cute as a bunny, and boy you probably taste like honey.

I feel so high.

You're my type of guy.

Forget that bastard disciplinary leader.

Because I'm much sweeter.~

P.S. Meet me by the vending machines ten minutes before lunch is over. K.M.

After reading the poem, Tsuna went tomato red; he would have never expected to find this in his shoe locker. More importantly, who is K.M.? The brunette could not recall anyone with the initials K.M. but whoever they were, Tsuna would have to admit, the poem they wrote made the brunette feel all warm and tingling inside. Another thing Tsuna noticed was that the poem writer did not seem to take a liking to Hibari for the use of the word bastard. The brunette could not help but smile. Jealously in a man is pretty cute.

"What is that, herbivore?"

The sudden voice scared the living hell out of the brunette. Turning around, Tsuna found that the sex god himself, Hibari Kyoya, was staring down at him with an eyebrow arched. The brunette looked at the poem then back to Hibari.

'There is no way Hibari-san would be jealous.'

"U-Um…This?" A nod came from the perfect.

"M-My homework" Tsuna lied, avoiding the Skylark's gaze. Hibari let out a not so amused chuckle. Tsuna paled, he just dug himself a hole didn't he?! Nobody wants to be in a situation with Hibari when he lets out a chuckle like that!

"From what I can see, looks like a love letter."

"I-It's a poem!" Tsuna blurted out, but covered his mouth quickly after saying that.

'Wait…Why am I covering my mouth? Hibari-san doesn't care.' The brunette dropped his hand to his side, watching for any change in the perfect's expression. Slowly, Hibari raised his hand and caressed the bandage that hid his bite mark on the smaller teen's cheek, then he hissed out.

"So someone does have the balls to mess with my property, huh?" His hand that was caressing the brunette's cheek, reached for the poem but Tsuna quickly hid it behind his back. Hibari shot a halfhearted glare at the brunette, who in return shot him a hurt puppy look; one of Tsuna's best mastered weapon.

"I just want to see it." Hibari answered.

"N-No…you're going to rip it up" Tsuna pointed out.

'Damn. He saw through me' Hibari mentally sighed.

"So? You don't need some stupid shit like that bothering you for the rest of the day. Now give it." Hibari demanded, holding out his hand. The brunette shook his head, which in turn angered the perfect.

"Why not?" He growled out.

"B-Because…I…l-like it…" Came the answer.

"I do not care. Hand. It. Over. Tsunayoshi Sawada." Even though Hibari saying his name was one of his weaknesses, Tsuna shook his head, again. The perfect was losing patience with the brunette and his stubbornness. Before the perfect could forcible take the poem from the brunette, Tsuna shoved the poem down the front of his pants and ran off with the statement of 'I-I have to get class!' Hibari let out a chuckle, the herbivore has something he doesn't want anyone to see and Hibari is now determined to see this poem and burn it.

This is his motivation for the rest of the day.


Lunch starts at noon and ends at twelve-thirty, that gives Tsuna twenty minutes to eat then slip out of his classroom. There is one, wait two problems and their names are Yamamoto and Gokudera! Tsuna isn't worried about Yamamoto to much but Gokudera is going to be a huge problem.

"JUU-DAI-ME!" Tsuna couldn't help but cringed at the loud voice he knew all too well.

"H-Hello, Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto" He greeted his to friends with a small smile.

"Shall we eat together?" Gokudera asked, happily as an imaginary tail wagged behind him.

"Haha! 'Dera you don't have to ask Tsuna every day the same questione" Yamamoto laughed, pulling up a chair.

"You baseball moron! You never know, Juudaime may want to eat alone or even worse eat with someone else!" Gokudera snapped as Tsuna sweat dropped and eyed the clock. 12:10, another ten minutes then he'll be out of here.

"What if Tsuna does want to eat with someone else someday. What will you do, 'Dera?" Yamamoto hummed, but then laughed at the bombers broken expression.

"Juudaime will never do that!" Gokudera snapped and or sobbed. Maybe both. As the Gokudera kept arguing with Yamamoto, the brunette had to think of an excuse to escape his two guardians.

"I-I'm going to get something out of the vending machine" He spoke up, getting the attention of the two.

"Alright Tsuna" Yamamoto nodded.

"Does Juudaime need me to come with him?" Gokudera asked, hoping he would say yes.

Tsuna shook his head "I'll be fine. Thanks for the offer, though." With that the brunette took his leave.

'It's finally time to meet you, K.M.'


Nervous did not exist in Mochida's vocabulary. He was always as cool as ice when asking out a girl, but this was different. He was asking out a boy, not just any boy, No-Good Tsuna. Many things ran through Mochida's mind; rejection, awkward silence, making an ass out of himself and much more.

'I even arrived twenty minutes early' Mochida rolled his eyes. 'What dork does that?! Oh wait….me, duh' He mentally sighed.

He was too nervous, he didn't even eat lunch.

Hearing footsteps, the upperclassman played it cool and leaned against the wall. Only to realize it was just a girl and her friend walking by. Mochida turned to face the wall and hit his head lightly about several times. That is until a timid voice spoke up and made him stop. If it was just another girl trying to ask him for a date he was going to blow. The dark haired teen turned around and was about to bite off the head of the other, he stopped. It was Sawada.

The brunette's eyes widened "M-Mochida-senpai?"

Said teen raised his hand in greeting "H-Hey" Damn you, stutter!

"Y-You're the one who wrote me the poem?" A nod came from the older teen.

"Lame isn't it?" Mochida grunted, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Oh no it's not!" This caused Mochida to blink. What?

"I-It's a very sweet gesture and…and no one has really given me something like this. It made really happy" Tsuna smiled up at the dark haired teen. Mochida's cheeks tinted pink.

"T-That's cool" Mochida nodded. Stop Fucking Stuttering!

"Listen Sawada" Mochida rubbed the back of his neck "W-Would you like to go out this Saturday?"

"Go out?"

"Yeah…go out with me…on a d-date" Mochida was now looking down at his shoes. On the other hand the very red brunette was taken back at the statement.

A nod. Mochida didn't see this action since his shoes were oh-so interesting.

"I-I'd love to" Tsuna mumbled out.

"Oh. Sorry to bug you then" Mochida misheard the boy and slinked off back to class. Tsuna blinked, he was very confused as he watched Mochida's retreating figure. The dark haired teen suddenly stopped and re-registered what the brunette said. He spun back around and ran back up to Tsuna.

"You said yes?" The brunette nodded. Mochida's lips broke into a happy goofy grin, which shocked Tsuna. The young teen would have never imagined Mochida showing him such a smile. The older teen did not really like Tsuna, so this was something new. Mochida then held out his hand, which caused Tsuna to stare at it.


"Give me your number" Mochida grinned.

'So confident.'

Taking a pen out of his pocket and in his neatest hand writing Tsuna wrote down his cell number.

"T-There you go" Tsuna blushed, playing with pen.

"Sweet" Mochida smirked.

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