He knew something was off with her all day but confronting her in the woods probably wasn't the best way to find out what, somehow she just always manages to rile him up.
After that her attitude turned frosty right up to getting his foot caught in the damn animal trap and now he's sent her off to catch a crazy murderer on her own because he can't be there to back her up.

He tries to sit up and pry at the trap but the pain lancing through his ankle steals his breath and forces him to lie on ground winded.
All he can do is hope she stays safe and doesn't do something idiotic but even Lloyd wouldn't put a bet on that.
It's quiet for a while then he can hear raised voices but can't make out the words, movement rustles the bushes up the hill from where he is and he can faintly make out sobbing moving away from him meaning someone is running.

It most likely means the hostage is free but he knows if all was well the woman would not be running, if things had gone smoothly Erica would escort Debbie back to him.
His heart is starting to pound as a helicopter flies overhead but the rotors don't manage to muffle the sound of a shot ringing out.

That kicks his brain into overdrive and he pushes through the pain and grips both sides of the trap with all his might, all he can think is whether or not that lunatic had a gun.
He can't think straight, as he futilely pries at the metal he just prays that Charlie has reached her in time so he can apologise for always being such a dick.

Charlie comes into view first stumbling over the uneven ground to stand in front of him

"Shit, you ok? Good job Erica remembered where she left you, I'll call and get some help" Ray just nods and wonders how he forgot he had a phone on him and could have called someone himself when the reason steps into sight.

She looks dishevelled, clothes and hair all ruffled, his breath catches when he sees the blood spattered across her face but he does a quick perusal and can't see anything amiss so figures it's the other guy who came out on the wrong side of that fight.
That all fades to being background stuff when he notes the faraway look on her face, she's staring sightlessly ahead and he can't catch her eye.

He hears Charlie swear and looks away from Erica to see him shaking the phone.

"No signal, thought these damn things were meant to be great?"

"Its fine Charlie just help me open this, it doesn't feel that deep"

They argue about it but in the end he wins and between them both they get his foot free and Charlie helps him to his feet and guides him back to the car where Shea and Debbie are waiting while Erica trails behind.

Somewhere along the drive back while he flatly refuses medical attention Erica must clean her face with her clothes because when they're all in the elevator to the office he can't see a speck of blood.

He shrugs off Jules' concern and makes his excuses to go clean his wound, as he bypasses Erica he sees her stroking her tattoo and waits in the doorway to see if there's any recognition.
She looks deep in thought and when she glances up and catches his eye her mouth parts a little in surprise at not noticing him there.

There are so many things jostling in his head of what he could say to her, sorry being the main one but I understand is a pretty close second.
Instead he simply gives her a nod, hopes it conveys everything he's never going to say and steps into the bathroom to clear his thoughts.

This case has brought up too much grief for her and she certainly doesn't need his shit piled on top so he'll keep his thoughts to himself.
Messing around with a con would be career suicide but really she can do so much better than an animal like him.