Author's note: Since we all know Reyna will be heartbroken, how about our favorite son of Hephaestus will comfort her?

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In respect to you all I present 'The Strange couples!'


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He might be ugly, but he had that type of warmth that draws me closer to him.

Leo handed Reyna a can of cola, they had both lost someone that they both love, they are comrades today.

He is a Greek, but he had the presence of a Roman.

"Jason told me that you shouldn't stay outside" he said, when Reyna didn't do anything he sighed then lit a fire "keep yourself warm then" he said.

Jason is forever lost to me, but I think I found someone who can care for me.

Who can love me.

Reyna snatched Leo's hands "please stay with me" she said, she pulled him when Leo tried to fight it.

Were both hurt, both heartbroken, it was said time heals wounds but it can't be, it can't be fully healed, but rather it will be comforted by someone.

Leo sat beside her "look at the stars" he said, when Reyna took a look at it, Leo kissed her, she was shocked but she liked it, the fire was getting stronger.

They make out, gentle teases, to quick pecks, it was a hot night.

Leo took off her clothes, Reyna ripped his shirt then undid his pants, till both of them are naked, there they bath themselves in pure bliss.

I'am content now, someone has shown me what love truly is.

"Leo" she moaned as Leo thrust her gently, her whole being tensed as her organ accepted something alien, it hurts but it felt so good to her.

"Reyna I don't know what to say!" Leo groaned as he pulled her closely to him, love bites are common for every thrust was rewarded by Reyna's bite on Leo's neck and lower jaw.

Warm light was their only guide to see each other, the warmth makes them more alive, Reyna gripped her lover's curly dark hair as she moaned her way to ecstasy "do it inside Valdez" she said as Leo quickened his thrust, getting fierce while trying to be gentle, they are already near.

"Leo!" she screamed his name, as he did for hers, they let themselves bath in sweat and pure bliss.

I have found someone for me and will always be forever mine.

I don't need to dwell on my wounds even though it hurts a lot.

As long as someone like me is always be with me.

Author's note: This will be short and one-shot!

I never used the vulgar words like fuck, vagina, penis, pussy or cock whenever I write lemons because I wanted my lemons to be romantic!

but it was a still ruined lemon I tell you when I made a historical fic it was a little ruined and I don't like it , really.

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