Since People have been quiet beating me up to the pulp about making a story of Leo and Reyna, well I can't be busy of two stories, even at my school fangirls and fanboys had been raging, with pitchforks on their hands ready to kill me!

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Most people don't understand the reason why I can't write or continue it!

I woke up then found him beside him, it was never a dream and it will never be a dream.

"Good morning" Leo said as he kiss her on the lips, Reyna smiled then returned it "how's your sleep?" she asked, Leo began to sat straight but he was held by Reyna, they were both naked after that last night, their bath on ecstasy in the Stellar night.

His kiss was something like wine to me, I wish he could be the one, I don't want to be hurt again, I would rather be dead truly than live like a broken doll.

Leo began to brush Reyna's silky yet messy hair, Reyna began to ruffle those messy locks "I love you" she said finally, Leo began to stood up "come on my cabin mates might notice that I'm gone" Reyna began to stood up to.

At least he gave me a night to remember.

"Leo..." Leo turned around then received a ring that Reyna received from her sister "take it" she said letting Leo received the token of her love.

"I'll treasure it!" he promised but Reyna put a finger on his lips and before Leo can react she kissed him on the cheeks, she turned around then smiled.

"A promise is a promise Leo Valdez!" she said as she left him alone, she almost cried, it wasn't because of the pain but because of the pang of loneliness she will receive when she get back.

Leo waved at her then returned to his cabin.

I will never forget this dream in Stellar night.

I will never wake up in the darkness of the moonlight.

Instead I would just look at the handsome man who had been my nightmare and my dream.

Authors note: Most people had been trying to kill me back at school because I didn't do their demand so I put a second chapter just to end it!

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