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-Leopard The Warrior of Africa

It had been almost five months since the zoosters had joined the circus. And the circus went all over the U.S.A, while during that time, couple bloomed more and more. Melman and Gloria were starting to think on adopting, Julien and Sonya were becoming more and more close, and Alex and Gia were still taking their relationship slow. The two elephants, the French female Marie and the German male Harald (the irony), were talking about having a calf.

Of course, all this coupling and loving left a certain Russian Siberian Tiger to himself do three things to past the time.

One was to practice his talents, which was almost the usual option. Two, was to spend some time with Stefano, who also had some time here and there as well, but this was rare because Stefano would always be talking to Marty about something that this certain tiger couldn't really understand. And number three was something that the Russian tiger would rarely do; even around his best friends in the circus… read novels.

[К Джульетте] Если бы я мирское с моей стороныunworthiest
Этот храм святой, нежный тонкий заключается в следующем:
Мои губы, два краснея паломников, готовый стенд
Чтобы сгладить, что грубая связи с нежным поцелуем.
Хорошо паломник, вы делаете неправильно руки слишком много,
Какой вежливый преданность показывает в этом;
Для святых есть руки, которые паломников руки делаютсенсорным,
И ладонь к ладони является святым поцелуем паломников.
Нет ли у святых губы, и святые паломники тоже?
Да, паломник, губы, что они должны использовать в молитве.
О, тогда, дорогой святой, пусть губы делают то, что руки делают;
Они молятся, дай ты, чтобы верой обратиться к отчаянию.
Святые не двигаться, хотя грант ради молитвы.
Затем переместите нет, в то время как эффект молитва моя, я принять.
Таким образом, с моих губ, на ваш, мой грех очищается.
Тогда у меня губы грех, который они приняли.
Грех от твоих губ? О повинности сладко призвал!
Дайте мне мой грех.
Вы целоваться по книге.

[K Dzhulʹette] Yesli by ya mirskoe s moyeĭ storony unworthiest
Etot khram svyatoĭ, nezhnyĭ tonkiĭ zaklyuchaet·sya v sleduyushchem:
Moi guby , dva krasnyeya palomnikov, gotovyĭ stend
Chtoby sgladitʹ , chto grubaya svyazi snezhnym potseluem .
Khorosho palomnik , vy delaete nepravilʹno ruki slishkom mnogo,
Kakoĭ vezhlivyĭ predannostʹ pokazyvaet v etom ;
Dlya svyatykh yestʹ ruki, kotorye palomnikov ruki delayut sensornym ,
I ladonʹ k ladoni yavlyaet·sya svyatym potseluem palomnikov .
Net li u svyatykh guby, i svyatye palomniki tozhe?
Da, palomnik , guby , chto oni dolzhny ispolʹzovatʹ v molitve.
O, togda , dorogoĭ svyatoĭ, pustʹ guby delayut to, chto ruki delayut ;
Oni molyat·sya , daĭ ty , chtoby veroĭ obratitʹsya k otchayaniyu.
Svyatye ne dvigatʹsya , khotya grant radi molitvy .
Zatem peremestite net, v to vremya kak effekt molitva moya , ya prinyatʹ.
Takim obrazom, s moikh gub, na vash, moĭ grekh ochishchaet·sya .
Togda u menya gubygrekh, kotoryĭ oni prinyali.
Grekh ot tvoikh gub? O povinnosti sladko prizval!
Daĭte mne moĭ grekh.
Vy tselovatʹsya po knige."

Vitaly read these words from a romance play novel called "Ромео и Джульетта," the Russian translation of "Romeo and Juliet," as he was resting in the hammock in his train cart. The circus was having a rest stop at Niagara Falls, what Melman had once told him was considered to be "the third top most romantic place in America." The tiger sighed before rubbing the back of his neck from lying down for so long. He soon threw the romance novel by Shakespeare across the cart before rubbing his bright green eyes.

"Why am I'm feeling this loneliness all of the sudden?" he asked himself in his thick Russian accent. Vitaly sighed again before walking over to the new bookcase. He couldn't help but chuckle at how considerable Alex had been with Gia had wanted to give the tiger all the Russian translations of some of his favorite books and novels for his birthday. Vitaly though frowned as he looked over some of them. About one third of the novels and books were mainly romance while the other two thirds had, at the least, two to three parts that had mainly romance in them.

"I really do need to get more no romance stuff," the tiger said to himself again, giving up on thinking on which book or novel to read and settled to look at some of the newspapers.

To bad that it was only for about two to three minutes before Alex rushed in.

"Hey, Vitaly, just a quick note, do you have ancestors that lived in Russia, or did you actually once lived in Russia?" the blue-eyed lion said, panting from charging in. Vitaly raised an eyebrow at Alex.

"I lived in Russia until I was tired of the other tigers, my father, and the stupid polar bears. Why you ask?"

"Cause we're going to San Francisco, and if we impress the Russian promoter, we're going to Russia!"

Vitaly glared at the lion in front of him before throwing the closest book he could at him. "Я проклинаю день, когда вы родились, где бы вы не хороший он, дьявол!" he yelled, narrowing his eyes before getting up to get his knives.

Alex rubbed his head were the book hit him and looked unsure at the bigger feline. "Ok…. I hope that mean that you're happy you're going to see your homeland and that you'll help in planning what would totally impress the promoter," he said, slowly starting to back away at the sight of the knives. "Or… maybe not."

Vitaly towered over Alex in a very threatening way. "No. It means that I CURSE THE DAY YOU WERE EVER BORN, YOU NO GOOD HE-DEVIL!"

Alex surprisingly didn't whimper at Vitaly's threatening hold of the knives in his paws. "Ok, ok. But there's also some friends of mine that I thought you, Stefano, and Gia would like to meet."

Vitaly raised an eyebrow at this and backed away about three steps. "What sort of friends of yours?"

"Um, a female foosa Marty, Melman, Gloria and I befriended in Madagascar, and my little brother and my one of my sisters from a litter of three?"

Vitaly stared in shock at Alex for a moment at that.


"A female foosa Marty, Mel-"

"No that that part of what you said. I mean the last part with a little brother and a sister from a litter of three. You never told anyone here that you had siblings."

Alex busted out laughing at Vitaly's comment before sitting on the floor. "Yeah. I'm the oldest male. The only one who's older than me is my triplet sister, Shani, by two minutes."


"Yep. The only reason why not all of them are coming is that most of them want to stay in Africa. My younger triplet sister and my youngest brother want to see if they could meet everyone in Russia. And they specifically asked that you determined if they joined or not," Alex said, sticking his hand out to the tiger in front of him. "So, now do you want to help plan on what to impress the promoter with when we get to San Francisco?"

Vitaly thought for a moment, thinking on all of this. He honestly did not want to go back to Russia, but he really didn't want to keep Alex from seeing two of his siblings, and wants to meet them as well. Looking back at Alex's paw, Vitaly sighed in defeat and shook his paw.

"Fine. I will help."

"Awesome! Let's get to it!"

Vitaly groaned mentally to himself. He was going to regret this.

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