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Leopard the Warrior of Africa

Vitaly smiled at his small... ok, rather big family. They were still near the reserve where Zuba, Florrie, and the rest of Alex's, Rosa's, and Ayo's siblings lived. The tiger couldn't actually believe how fast both his family and the circus had grown.

He watched as some of their new members played with the youngest members. First was Abena, a brown female gazelle with bright blue eyes. Of course, Wema joined the circus as well, saying that she wanted to travel the world. Then there was Fungo, a young orphaned civet with black fur and brown eyes. Marty had taken a liking to Abena, which made the horse triplets a bit miffed, while Fungo was taken in by Aya and Stefano. Wema had been welcomed into the circus right away and spent a lot of time with everyone, especially the cubs.

In speaking of which, Vitaly couldn't help but smile as he nuzzled the two females his arms. Tanya was asleep from playing with the other cubs while Suzanna licked her father on the nose. The tigons weren't able to talk yet, but their personalities were clearly shown. Baako, despite looking more like a lion with stripes, was like Vitaly to the very core. He even had a bit of a temper whenever something made him made. Kir, who looked the most like Vitaly and therefore looked more tiger, was the complete opposite. He rarely got angry, seemed to love playing around with everyone, and defiantly tended to giggle a lot. Faina was surprisingly very shy for someone who was already in the spotlight, at least in humans' eyes due to her saber-tooth-tiger looks. The female cub actually tended to draw closer to Anton, who stood over her protectively if any humans wanted to see the 'saber-toothed' tigon. Inna was the more social butterfly of the litter and reminded Vitaly of his sisters who were always lady-like and proud. Rosa would often laugh softly to this and nudged the blue-eyed cub every now and then. Chipo seemed to be accident-prone for some reason and was cautious of everything. Suzanna, who seemed to always stay near her family, was a very sweet little girl. She would be playful at times, but she would also curl up against Baako every now and then when the male cub seemed to be ready to blow his temper. She also probably had to be the cub Vitaly was most protective about.

Tanya, Ahote, and Anton all didn't seemed to mind their younger brothers and sisters at all. Tanya would always be around her sisters (to which she would always say "Girl Power!") while Ahote got along great with Kir. Anton, when not be protective of Faina, would curl around Suzanna and Baako when he thought no one was looking.

Vitaly honestly couldn't have been more proud of anything.

Baako walked away from the group and towards his father. The adult tiger looked at his son and picked him up while holding Tanya and Suzanna in the other. The brown tigon made a little smile and opened his mouth.

"Semʹya," he said, revealing his surprisingly thick Russian accent. Vitaly's eyes widen. He couldn't believe it now. Baako's first word.

Semʹya. Family.

And to believe that this all began with Vitaly's first surprise in Russia, when he first met Rosa.

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