Author's note: Well, howdy! I love PokePark Wii (and lagomorphshipping) so much that I thought I'd write a quick fic on it. It was originally going to be a one-shot, then a two-shot, but... the story just continued to flow. XP

I didn't put it in 'Pika and Bun's One-shot Wonders', originally, because I didn't think it belonged in there. That collection is strictly an anime-based collection, where Ash and Dawn are the trainers of Pikachu and Buneary. Not that that matters now, because it's way too long to go in the collection anyway. XD

I also love the sequel, PokePark 2, but I figured I'd stick with the one that readers are probably most familiar with. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Innocence

It was a lovely summer's day in the PokePark and Pikachu happily dashed into the Meeting Place after a great day of playing with all the water-types in the Beach Zone. Since saving the PokePark from impending disaster, as well as becoming best friends with all the Pokemon, including the legendaries, he'd had a lot of free time on his paws. Spotting a section of grass that was currently growing pink lilies, he decided to head in that direction. On the way, he accidentally smacked into Charmander.

"Ow!" Charmander cried out. "Seriously, Pikachu, you should watch where you're going."

Pikachu rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry about that," he replied.

Charmander smiled. "Eh, no worries. Where you headed?"

"Oh, just got a friend I need to see about something."

"A friend, huh?"

Chikorita hopped over. "Hey, Pikachu!" she said. "Have fun in the Beach Zone?"

"Yeah!" Pikachu replied. "I had a lot of battles and games of chase down there!"

"Cool! Shall I give you a little quiz to help keep your brain sharp?"

"Not right now. I had something I wanted to do."

"Oh, okay! Maybe later, then."

"Yeah." Pikachu looked around. "Where's Piplup? And the Pikachu balloon?"

"Oh, Piplup said something about going off to explore."

"Yeah," Charmander added, "apparently, someone told him that the PokePark's much bigger than we thought."

Pikachu's eyes widened in interest. "Really?" he asked. "Wow, I'd love to check it out sometime!"

Chikorita beamed. "Well, you should ask Piplup about that when he gets back!" she said.

"I will! Thanks, guys!"

Pikachu dashed away from his childhood friends, only skidding to a stop when he reached the batch of pink lilies. Smiling happily, he plucked one from the grass.

Suddenly, Buneary approached him. "Hey there, Lightning Strike," she said.

He looked up at her. "Oh, hey, Buneary!"

"What are you up to?"

"Oh, just gonna visit a friend."

She paused for a second, then a light smirk appeared on her face. "Oh, I see."

He blinked at her, confused, then shrugged it off. "Well, I'm off!"

"Okay. Heading to the Meadow Zone?"

He blinked at her again. "How'd you know?"

"Eh, lucky guess."

"Sure was. Well, I'll catch you later!" He walked off, the pink lily in his paws.

"Yeah. Say hi to my sister for me!"

He paused and blushed. "Um... sure!" He continued walking.

Now in the Meadow Zone, Pikachu slowly made his way to his destination, carrying the lily. Jeez, if only he could walk faster while carrying things. He was tempted to put the stem in his mouth and dash, but he really didn't want to ruin the flower.

"Hey!" Ambipom called out. "It's little ol' Lightning Strike! Wanna battle?"

"Not right now!" he called back. "I'm kinda busy!"

"Oh, okay, then! Maybe later!"

"Sure thing!"

He really did love battling, playing chase and even taking quizzes, but he was on a mission right now and wasn't about to let anything distract him.

After ploughing his way through a barrage of Pokemon all wanting to play with him, he finally reached his destination. Pausing on the dirt path, he smiled warmly at the sight in front of him. There she was, the most adorable creature in the entire PokePark, chatting happily away to Munchlax.

Back in his home world, Pikachu honestly hadn't had much going for him. Sure, he and his friends had lived on the streets of a human town, but no human had owned any of them. They'd had no trainers and they hadn't been anybody's pets. They'd just lived there. When Mew had sent them across dimensions to the PokePark, they'd found a new home that none of them had wanted to leave and still didn't want to leave. Why would they? Why should they? They had everything they could ever want and need here.

The first Pokemon that he'd met after waking up in this new world had been Chatot. However, the bird had been a little condescending and not very easy to bond with. The second Pokemon, however, had been her.

She had been the one to make him feel truly welcome in the Pokepark. She had given him the first sweet smile he'd had since losing his three best friends. She had been the first one to be grateful for his help and his existence.

She had also, apparently, been the first to befriend Chikorita as well and had felt really upset and guilty when Treecko and Mankey had taken the grass-type to Venusaur as punishment for playing Bulbasaur's attraction.

Looking at her now, she was easily the cutest thing on the planet. Sure, she had a sister who looked exactly like her in the Meeting Place, but they still weren't the same. Her sister didn't have that certain light, that certain spark, that she did.

Suddenly, she looked in his direction and beamed. "Why, if it isn't Lightning Strike!" she said, winking. He could feel his face heating up again. "What brings you around here? Did you wanna play chase?"

"Or maybe he has a Big Berry!" Munchlax cried happily. He shuffled towards Pikachu and lowered his voice, looking around shiftily. "Just make sure you give it to me and not Tropius this time, okay?"

Pikachu chuckled nervously. "No, I'm not here 'cause of that," he replied.

"Aww, nuts!" Munchlax slumped his shoulders. "Okay, then..." He shuffled off.

"Ooh!" Buneary said. "That's a pretty flower! Where'd you find it?"

"Oh, this? It was growing in the Meeting Place." He fidgeted with it for a second, then held it out. "You want it?"

Buneary gasped. "It's for me? Really?" She took it from him. "Oh, thank you!"

He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "No problem."

"You're a sweetie. One sec and I'll put this away!" She hopped off. Pikachu stood around for a while and waited for her, impatiently scuffing his foot on the floor. Eventually, she hopped back again. "Okay, I've stored it in my burrow! Now, can we play chase? I've been itching to play chase with you all day!"

"R-Really?" Hope glimmered in his chest. "Sure!"

She giggled. "Alright, I'll start." She hopped away.

"Three... two... one... go!" Pikachu started dashing after Buneary. In no time at all, he was way too close to her, so he decided to slow down.

After a while, she looked back at him with a smile. "Pikachu! You'd better not be going easy on me back there!"

He chuckled nervously. "Sorry!" He sped up and smacked into her, sending her flying. He cringed a little when she landed on her face.

Recovering quickly, she jumped back up and hopped over to him. "That was fun! But no going easy on me! It's no fun if you do."

"Yeah, but..."

"And I know you're a lot faster than me, but still!"

He rubbed his arm uncomfortably. "Even more so since training with Ponyta..."

"But that doesn't matter! You know the number one rule in the PokePark, right?"

"... Never go easy on your opponent."

She beamed. "Right! Because, then, they feel cheated out of a great match with the one and only..." She hugged him. "Lightning Strike!"

He was sure his blood pressure was going through the roof now. He chuckled awkwardly, which he seemed to be doing a lot of lately. "Okay, okay..."

The nickname that he'd been given somewhere along his adventure of collecting Prism Pieces could get a little annoying sometimes, since he tended to prefer being called 'Pikachu', but, when she used it, it was extremely flattering. It might be nice if she referred to him as 'Pikachu' more often, though.

"Aww, isn't that cute?" Bulbasaur said.

Pikachu looked over at him and saw him grinning cheekily. It made him feel rather embarrassed.

Buneary giggled and let go of him. "Hey, I know!" she said. "Wanna play Bulbasaur's Daring Dash?"

"Huh?" Pikachu asked. "Oh, sure!"

"You're playing my attraction?" Bulbasaur asked happily. "That'll be five berries, please!"

Buneary giggled. "Dang it!" she said. "You always beat me! Maybe I should go to the Meeting Place and talk to Ponyta, myself."

"Yeah!" Pikachu replied. "He might agree to train you and you can become super fast, too!"

Buneary hopped up and down excitedly. "Then you won't beat me so easily at running!"

Pikachu chuckled. "Yeah."

She stopped hopping. "Oh, it's always so fun when you come around! I'll bet all the Pokemon in the PokePark adore you! You're just the most awesome guy ever!"

He blushed. "Well, I..."

"And you're such a sweetie, handing out flowers when you're already best friends with everyone in the PokePark!"

He blinked. "Wait... huh?"

"Ooh, I wonder what you've given everyone else? Do roses grow in the Meeting Place? I'll admit, I don't go there very often... only to talk to my sister... and, occasionally, the Granite Zone to talk to my other sister, though I'm not very fond of that place."

He was flabbergasted. "I..."

She giggled again. "Sorry, I'm rambling. I just think it's really sweet of you to give out presents."

"... Thanks..."

"You're welcome!" She paused. "Oh! I promised I'd play with Pachirisu! See you later, Lightning Strike!" She hopped away. "Thanks again for the flower!"

He forced a smile. "You're welcome..."

Pikachu headed back out into the Meeting Place and, instantly, Chikorita bounded over to him. Charmander was following behind her.

"Hey, Pikachu!" Chikorita said cheerfully.

"Hey, guys," Pikachu replied.

Charmander folded his arms. "You've been going to the Meadow Zone an awful lot lately," he said.

"Huh? Oh, well, yeah, I guess..." He scuffed his foot on the ground.

"It must really be fun over there, huh?" Chikorita asked.

"Yeah, pretty fun."

"Hmm, I wonder when Piplup's getting back. He said he might be a while." She paused. "Fancy a quiz?"

"Maybe later, Chikorita."

"Okay! Hmm..." She looked around the Meeting Place. "Ooh! Maybe Riolu would like a quiz! I'll be over there, talking to Riolu!" She bounded away.

After a few moments, Charmander turned to Pikachu with a smile, his arms still folded. "I think there's someone you like in the Meadow Zone."

Pikachu's face reddened. "What?" he asked. "What would give you that idea?"

"Oh, I dunno. Maybe how you're always taking flowers to the Meadow Zone these days."

Pikachu laughed nervously. "Those are just for my friends over there! No one special!"

"Uh-huh, right."

Pikachu looked away. "Hmph..."

"I know you like someone over there, but I've no idea who. Wanna clue me in?"

Pikachu scuffed his foot some more. "... She's just a friend..."

Charmander laughed. "Oh, stop it. Just be straight with me. We're pals, right?"

Pikachu was silent for a moment, then he sighed. "Alright, fine. I... like the Buneary in the Meadow Zone..."

Charmander blinked. "The Buneary, huh? You mean the sister of this one?" He pointed to the Buneary that was wandering near the entrance of the Haunted Zone.

"Yeah, her."

"Huh, okay, then... and does she know you like her?"

Pikachu fidgeted his paws together. "Not really."

"Aww, come on, she must have, at least, figured it out by now."

Pikachu sighed. "Actually, she thinks I give everyone flowers."

"Wow, really?" Charmander laughed. "Hmm, that could be a bit of a problem."

"Tell me about it..."

"Well, she sometimes comes to the Meeting Place to talk with her sister... and I've heard her tell her about how 'wonderful' and 'amazing' Lightning Strike is."

Hope dared to blossom in Pikachu's chest once more. "R-Really?"

"Mmm-hmm... so, who knows? Maybe you've got a shot at this."

Pikachu paused, thinking things over. "Yeah... maybe..."

"Now, I'm not exactly the best Pokemon to talk to about love..."

Pikachu laughed nervously. "'Love' might be a little too strong a word..."

"But I think Chikorita's a good source of information. You should talk to her when she comes back."

"... Yeah. I guess I could give it a try..."

Charmander very gently prodded him in the chest with his claw. "That's the spirit!"

Pikachu chuckled nervously again. What was he getting himself into?