Five or so years later

The sun was setting, casting a lovely peach glow over the vineyard. Cana was sitting on a rocking chair on the porch, the latest addition to the Du household nursing at her breast. She alternated between watching her infant daughter, watching the sunset filter through the clouds, and watching this year's Grand Magic Games on the lacrima vision.

"Hey Bacchus," she yelled over her shoulder to the interior of the airy ranch house they had built on the side of the newly planted vineyard in the farmland between Magnolia and Dogwood, "Quattro Cerberus is about to come up. I think it might be Juno."

Her husband appeared, freshly showered from his own training workouts. He had opted out of the games for the guild this year, since their latest baby was just a month old and Cana still needed to recovery from the pregnancy.

"I wanna see!" their oldest son said, racing in past his slowpoke father. All their children were beautiful – with Cana's tanned complexion and their father's glossy black hair, they had a fresh exotic look to them.

And of course they were very strong mages – and would probably be fabulous drunks too, someday.

The second oldest toddled after his brother. Cana had been careful to space out her children, and since she finally had her daughter, she was considering just stopping altogether, despite Juno's wishes. Three kids was plenty enough exhausting.

"Yep, it's Mom," Bacchus said with a wide grin, as his mother stepped onto the arena, her battle aura already firing up.

"Oh, she's going against Jura! This is going to be quite a fight," Cana cooed to the baby. "Let's hope Grandma kicks Jura's hiney!"

Her daughter giggled in response as Cana tickled her.

"I found out that Rui is out this year as well," Bacchus said, leaning casually over the back of the rocking chair. "She's out on a voyage with Zweng He again."

Cana mentally ran over the list of all her guild mates and friends and calculated how many were out because of their blossoming relationships. Levy and Gajeel had gone to the Games because while Levy was expecting, she wasn't that far along yet. She was not going to be fighting, though. Gajeel would probably have a conniption. So many other couples had at least one or two little ones, the eldest of which had traveled with their parents to Crocus. Erza, Lucy, Juvia, Mirajane… they'd all found love and started a family, too. Cana had just been the first of their group.

The drink by Cana's side was an herbal tea. She'd learned that while she didn't lose too much of her tolerance during her dry pregnancies, she also couldn't go full tilt again so long as she was nursing…. Which was pretty much all the time. Her poor second son had just been weaned and still seemed to resent the loss of his treasured place on his mother breast, but such was life and the sooner he learned to accept disappointment and overcome it, the better he'd be.

She could, however, have one beer every once in a while.

"Go go!" her eldest cried, as Jura's magic failed to break through Juno's impenetrable shield. She danced and leapt in the air far too nimbly for a woman in her early fifties, and eventually landed a knockout blow right on Jura's face.

By the time she did her signature victory dance, the entire household was gathered around the television, attracted by the cheer and screaming.

"She did it! Ten points for Quattro Cerberus!"

"That's our grandma!" the eldest said joyfully.

"When's grandma come home?" his younger brother said mournfully, as he was swept up into his nurse's arms.

"As soon as Fairy Tail kicks their butt and wins the games again," Cana said, and kissed her baby's head. The little girl slept placidly through all the excitement.

"Hey now," Bacchus warned playfully, and ruffled his wife's hair. "The Puppies have a good shot at winning this year."

Cana smiled. Their friendly rivalry hadn't diminished over the years. The kids would have to choose for themselves which guild to join – the rowdy Puppies, or the fiercely loyal Fairies?

But that would be a long time off still.