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Chap 1

Blaine Anderson was, in most ways, your average teenager. He enjoyed football and video games, he listened to music and ate a lot. He didn't like doing chores and found most of his classes to be boring. He watched super hero movies and went on for hours about the Avengers after seeing it. You would think this would mean Blaine got to have an average high school experience, that he would have an average amount of friends, get good grades, and move happily on too college, but Blaine Anderson doesn't get to have an average high school experience. Instead he gets bullied daily, whether it's being thrown in lockers or having slushies tossed in his face, and it's all for one stupid reason. Blaine Anderson is gay.

Blaine didn't really let the bullying get to him. He was a generally happy-go-lucky boy and he was used to it. He did have some friends after all, his best friend being...

"Rachel!" Blaine called out to her in the hallway.

The short brunette turned to him and smiled, "Blaine! So did you find out if you can spend the night at my house?" she asked eagerly.

"Yeah my dad said it was fine. I think he's hoping this is a sign that I'm not gay," Blaine laughed bitterly.

"Well it doesn't matter as long as you can help me practice my singing." Rachel said as they walked to Rachel's English class together.

"I'm beginning to think we're only friends because I play the piano," Blaine said, rolling his eyes at his lovable, albeit obnoxious, best friend.

"Of course not Blaine. The fact that you're the best piano player in Ohio is just an added bonus," they had reached the English classroom, "I'll see you after school then?"

"After school," Blaine confirmed before grinning and waving goodbye to the girl. He was walking to his Calculus class, when he froze at the sight of two all too familiar figures. Karofsky and Azimo walked past him this time, eyes set on a tempting prey.

Blaine turned to see the two football players approaching a pale brunette boy. The boy was a little taller than Blaine, and had mesmerizing blue eyes, in Blaine's opinion, he couldn't be described as anything less than beautiful.

"Why hello Lady," Azimo sneered at the terrified boy. The boy was silent, obviously knowing what was coming.

"Don't feel like talking huh?" Karofsky laughed cruelly.

"It's better that way anyways," Azimo said.

Blaine watched in horror as the jocks threw the boy into a locker. They had done this to Blaine countless times, but somehow harming this angelic boy seemed a thousand times worse.

Blaine was about to do something completely idiotic and stand up for the poor boy, when another hulking football player arrived at the scene. Fortunately, Finn Hudson, at least that's what Blaine thought his name was, didn't seem intent on hurting Kurt at all.

"Just leave him alone!" Finn yelled at his teammates, helping the beautiful boy up.

"You going to save the little princess Finn? I didn't think you were into queers," Azimo snarled.

"You heard me leave him alone or I'll tell Coach Beiste," Finn threatened, his voice low and menacing. Azimo and Karofsky gave Kurt one last glare, before going to find other unsuspecting kids to terrify.

Blaine continued to watch as Finn looked at the blue-eyed boy with concern, "You okay?" the football player asked. The boy nodded silently.

"You just tell me if they give you anymore trouble okay?" Finn said earnestly. The beautiful boy just nodded again, before gathering his books and walking quickly away.

Blaine stood rooted to the spot for another moment. He had seen that boy before, even though they had never spoken, Blaine didn't even know his name. All he knew about the kid was that he was the only other openly gay student at McKinley and that he played the violin. Blaine only knew the second piece of information because after school everyday he used the school gym for boxing and he would walk past the choir room and see the blue-eyed boy. He would be playing his violin along with a soundtrack played by a CD player. Blaine had never heard the boy play, since he kept the doors shut, but he couldn't help but be curious about the mysterious student.

Blaine rode home with Rachel and her dads that afternoon. Blaine had made sure not to mention to his own dad that Rachel had two gay dads, because he was sure that piece of information would have lead to him not being allowed to come over. When they arrived at the Berry's house, Rachel and Blaine went immediately up to the girl's bedroom.

"Rachel?" he asked as they flipped through fashion magazines on her bed, "What do you know about the other openly gay kid at school, you know the pale one with the blue eyes."

Rachel glanced up at him suspiciously, "Not much," she said, "just that he's smart, he's a junior like us, he rarely speaks, and he's Finn Hudson's step-brother."

"That would explain a lot," Blaine said, flipping the page of his Vogue magazine.

"Why do you ask?" Rachel asked warily.

"No reason," Blaine replied innocently.

"So it's not because you're interested in him?" Rachel asked doubtfully.

"Why does it matter?" he said defensively.

"I just want you to be happy Blaine, you know that," she said carefully, "I just don't know if that's the best idea right now."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you're already the target of a lot of bullying, and that's not going to get any better if you date the most bullied kid at our school. Also how are you supposed to get to know him if he doesn't talk. I'm all for you being who you are Blaine, but this is Ohio and I want you to be safe," Rachel said earnestly, gazing at her best friend.

"I know Rach, I was just curious," Blaine smiled at her, he really did appreciate her concern.

"You can feel free to talk to me about this stuff though," Rachel reassured him, "that's what friends are for."


Blaine did not bring the topic up the rest of the night, and they had a wonderful time talking about Wicked and boys, and watching movies. Blaine did not tell Rachel about his plan, his plan to get the beautiful blue-eyed angel to talk to him.