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Chap 5

Blaine couldn't stop thinking about Kurt all weekend. Honestly, he didn't have much else to do. Rachel had been busy training for a vocal performance, Mercedes had been busy at a church fund raiser, and his only other friend, Tina, had been out of town.

So for once, Blaine was actually kind of excited for school on Monday. When he arrived, he was immediately ambushed by Rachel and Mercedes, who began telling him about their weekend. He half listened, nodding and agreeing with his friends. He scanned the halls and saw a familiar brunette head of perfectly styled hair bobbing through the crowd.

"C'mon," he said, interrupting Rachel in the middle of a story about hitting the high F in Defying Gravity, and leading the two girls through the hall to Kurt. "Hey, Kurt!" he said, when they reached the boy.

Kurt jumped, and turned to Blaine, staring at him like he was crazy, "...hello?"

"This is Mercedes and Rachel," Blaine said, gesturing to the girls beside him, who smiled, looking confused.

Kurt nodded and turned to leave, but Blaine ran to to catch back up to him, Mercedes and Rachel trailing behind him. "Do you mind if we walk with you to class? You have your first period with Mercedes anyways."

"I guess not," Kurt mumbled, keeping his eyes glued to the ground.

"So how was your weekend?" Blaine asked, determined to hold a conversation with Kurt.


"Same here. I just worked on some piano pieces. I'd love to show them to you later," Blaine said excitedly.

Kurt stared at him for a moment, as if he was trying to figure something out. "Why are you doing this?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"You're my friend. I like walking to class with my friends in the morning," Blaine said with a shrug.

"You do realize that's like a death sentence right?"

"I don't care," Blaine said simply, his eyes flashing fiercely.

"Neither do we," Rachel piped in.

"Yeah," Mercedes nodded, "besides I wouldn't mind getting a few fashion tips from you. With an outfit like that, you can go shopping with me any day," she said, eyeing Kurt's outfit approvingly.

Kurt flushed with pleasure, not used to receiving compliments, "It takes work, but I'd love to give you some tips," he said shyly.

"Yeah while your at it, we wouldn't mind you giving Rachel some tips too," Blaine said with a laugh as the shorter girl scowled at him, "It'd save us all some grief."

Kurt shuddered at the sight of Rachel's reindeer sweater, "I think I might need therapy after that."

Mercedes and Blaine laughed, and even Rachel couldn't help but crack a smile. Moments later they arrived at Kurt and Mercedes' US History class, and Blaine and Rachel said goodbye to the other two, who were talking animatedly about shoes.

"You have a lot of explaining to do Mr. Anderson," she said as they walked to their first class together.

"We just hung out in the choir room after school yesterday. There's not much to tell, but he seems really nice and funny. I don't see why he shouldn't deserve friends and I want to make sure he knows that," Blaine said earnestly.

Rachel nodded and the two walked in silence for a bit, "And he is pretty cute too," she said, glancing at him with a sly smile.

Blaine blushed, "Honestly, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind."

"Surrrree," Rachel teased, but Blaine was saved as they arrived at their class.

That day, Blaine sat at his usual table in the corner with Rachel, Mercedes, and Tina. He watched as Kurt went through the lunch line and then went to sit at his usual table, alone. "Hey, Kurt!" Blaine waved at the other boy to get his attention. Kurt stared at Blaine uncertainly as Blaine gestured to the seat beside him, before giving in. Kurt walked over and sat beside Blaine, glancing around nervously at the other girls, who merely beamed at him.

"Hey, I'm Tina," the Asian girl at the table said, sticking our her hand, "judging by Blaine's constant babbling at you and the fact that he was just yelling your name from across the cafeteria, you must be Kurt."

Kurt laughed, shaking the girl's hand. The table fell into comfortable conversation. Kurt mostly stayed quiet, joining in every now and then. Blaine thanked ever higher power there might be that the bullies didn't choose that day to mess with their table.

When the last bell of the day rang, Blaine immediately leapt up and rushed to the choir room, only getting shoved a few times. He arrived before Kurt and sat down at the piano. When the other boy arrived, Blaine smiled at him, a smile Kurt returned. "I was thinking I could play something for you today. I was working on it over the weekend and it made me think of you."

Kurt blushed and smiled, sitting down in one of the chairs and watching Blaine expectantly. Blaine smiled to himself as he began to play.


Blaine smiled goofily at Kurt throughout the song, and the taller boy couldn't help but giggle and beam at him. When the song ended Kurt gave Blaine a standing ovation. The curly haired boy laughed and bowed dramatically. "That was lovely Blaine," Kurt said softly.

"What can I say, you were my muse," Blaine smiled.

"Why did that song make you think of me?" Kurt asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Well when I was with you the other day, it really did make me feel like I was living a fairy tale. I've never met anyone like you Kurt. You just made me so happy," Blaine said earnestly.

Kurt blushed, "I don't think I've every really made anyone happy, well aside from my parents I guess."

"Well you should consider a career, because you're pretty awesome at it," Blaine laughed.

Kurt beamed at him. Impulsively, Blaine pulled Kurt into a warm hug. Kurt was too stunned to move for a second, but then slowly wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck. It was weird, for some reason when Blaine was holding him, his bruises didn't seem to hurt as much and the world seemed a little brighter. The simply hugged for a while before Blaine pulled away reluctantly.

"Anyways, football should be out soon, but I'll see you tomorrow Kurt," he said. The two boys parted ways, significantly happier.