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Chapter 1

If anything, he was aware. Not like how one feels after waking up from a lucid dream, or even after being knocked out, but truly aware. He felt heavy, and for some reason solid. He could actually hear the things around him, and his body, as strange as it was, could feel what he heard. As he gazed up at the dark sky, the slowly drifting clouds seemed more solid. Even the air had a strange taste to it. Yet, despite all of his senses going into some strange overload, he didn't know why he felt this way. Whatever it was he was lying on, it was hard, and brought him much discomfort. He wanted to remove himself, but he didn't know how.


How did he even get here? Where was he?

Through the strange haze of his mind, he only really remembered a few things that seemed really important. Something called Go, the name Hikaru, and the strongest urge to actually continue his existence. A sigh escaped his lips and his face scrounged in confusion. Something came out.

"H-haaa." He did again, trying to force that other sound out of his mouth to see what it was. It must have belonged to him, but he wasn't sure exactly how to use it.

"Geez it's so late. I bet mom is really worried. I wonder if she's asleep. Well, it is just past midnight, I guess I'll come in quietly so I don't wake her, just in case. Awww I knew I shouldn't have done that interview. Or I shoulda just stayed at the hotel."

The man stiffened at the sounds he heard from a distance. His eyes searched frantically yet all he saw was the sky, a light, and the edges of something big to his other side. Realizing he could move his head to see more, he turned and saw a boy with his eyes closed talking to himself and coming his way. Instantly, the image clicked with the name in his head.

"Haahh… Hi-ka-ru." He said. So that was the use of that sound.

Hikaru paused and his eyes snapped open. Their eyes met, and time seemed to stand still.


Hikaru froze and his eyes snapped open.

No… it couldn't be. He hadn't heard that voice in so long. However, the voice matched the face of the man lying on the ground, staring right back at him.

"Sai!" he cried, rushing toward the man and nearly falling over as he dropped to his knees and embraced him despite being on the ground. His hands clutched to his sides, and he pressed his face as hard as he could against a mix of soft hair and the smooth skin of his cheek. He was warm, he was solid, he was real.

"Sai… Sai I've missed you so much. I-I thought you were gone, that you left me forever but you're back, and alive!" as Hikaru removed his tear stained face away from the other man, he blanched. "And naked… Um, how long have you been out here?"

Sai didn't respond, instead he looked bewildered as he tilted his head and made a strange noise.

"Er, Sai?"

Hikaru was suddenly wary of his lost then found companion as his only response was lifting his arms and watching them move then twisting his body to the side and staring at the world around him.

"Haahh." He said. It was more like a sigh made literal.

"Sai, you said my name, do you really recognize me? Are you... are you alright?"

He received no comprehensible response as the man whom he assumed was Sai reached out and gently tugged at his blonde bangs.

Hikaru stood, and backed away a few feet. Tears not of joy began to prickle at the edges of his eyes.

"Are you really Sai? Say something!"

The man seemed disappointed when Hikaru pulled away and he tried dragging himself along the ground to reach Hikaru. The hard ground dug at his pale skin, and he winced. Red splotches appeared on his hip, and he seemed confused as to if he should continue his pursuit or stop.

Before he knew it, Hikaru was kneeling at his side. A look of relief spread across Sai's face as he leaned against Hikaru for support.

"Hikaru." He mumbled contently.

The youth sighed and stood again.

"What am I going to do with you?" he asked more to himself than the grown man acting like a newborn in front of him.


"Um. Sai. Can you get up? Lying on the ground naked isn't really the best thing to do around here."

Sai looked up with a curious expression at Hikaru.

"Get. Up. Like this see?" Glad the cement wasn't too dirty like in the more populated areas; Hikaru mirrored Sai's position on the ground and slowly stood.

"Now you try!"

Still a bit confused, Sai got the general message and slowly got up. Not used to standing, he fell onto the boy as he tried to take a step forward.

"You may act like a baby, but you sure don't have the body of one." He said to the man he knew wouldn't understand him. Though he didn't intend to, his eyes roamed over a particular area as he placed his arm around his waist for support. "Defiantly not like one."

After putting Sai's arm around his own neck, Hikaru began what he knew was going to be the longest trek ever to his room. There was no way he could get to his grandpa's to retrieve the other man some clothes, not at this hour at least, and seeing as how his house was the closest building in which he could hide the man, well- he didn't have a choice.

It took a good five minutes, but he finally reached the door. By this time, Sai had thankfully gotten the hang of walking and slowly, shakily, but surely followed Hikaru's example. Now the hard part came to the stairs. Hikaru inwardly groaned at the prospect.

Sai seemed to be thoroughly entranced by everything he set his eyes on. The doors, the floor, the furniture, and even the lingering smell of whatever his mother cooked for dinner. Through all this, he did manage to get the man up the stairs as quietly as possible and into his bedroom. Maybe instead of Go he could have become one of those spies he saw in American movies.

As he watched the man crawl about, he took notice of the red spot on the other's hip and sighed. Thankfully it wasn't bleeding, but it still needed to be disinfected, then he had to get him cleaned because there was no way he was letting all that dirt stay on his back and hair, and-

"This is gonna be a looong night." Hikaru grumbled.