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I'm also going on assumptions for some things because the show doesn't focus much on things like Hikaru's house, his dad (who doesn't even get a face), and his mother's psych. I want her to be a weak willed woman, because when Hikaru snapped at her I felt like she should have slapped the blonde out his hair. It's like she's there to show what kind of an ass Hikaru can be.

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Chapter 8

Hikaru awoke with bleary eyes to another unwelcome sunrise. His alarm hadn't gone off, maybe he was better rested than he thought. Looking to his side, Sai was there, still asleep. In his sleep his arms managed to worm their way around Hikaru's waist and neck like a human stuffed animal. Blushing slightly, Hikaru managed to slip from his grasp as discreetly as possible and slide out of bed. After checking his clock, he was up about thirty minutes earlier than his usual wake up time. He may as well get a head start on his day before waking Sai.

Without watching where he was going, Hikaru nearly slipped on a book lying haphazardly on his floor. He stumbled with a quiet yelp then regained his balance. A look down showed the closed, hard cover dictionary. Oh yeah, another long process to look forward to. Just how was he going to manage this one?

Eh, details. His first goal was to figure out how to get through the day. School was going to have to be worked out somehow. He couldn't just quit, but he couldn't keep going. Sure he had money, but nowhere near enough for his own apartment. It'd take at least a month or two to get enough to move out, but that was an impossible amount of time considering how Sai was bound to be discovered long before then. Plus there was-

No, none of that. Hikaru shook his head to clear the thoughts from his head. Positivity, that was the key.

Hikaru looked back to his sleeping companion once more before quietly making his way to the bathroom. Shuffling sounds from a small distance away must have been from his mother, who was no doubt getting up to make breakfast. He'd just use the bathroom for now, then wait for his mother to be fully immersed in her cooking before getting Sai cleaned.

After his small trip, he re-entered his room to find Sai just waking up, patting at the empty space where his body was minutes ago.

"Heh, good morning. I see you've woken up early too." Hikaru said as he sat down by Sai's sheet covered waist.

Sai rubbed his eyes tiredly and smiled in response .


Hikaru chuckled lightly and idly fiddled with the strands of hair that loosened from his extremely long braid.

"Yeah, come on, time for us to get ready. I really have no clue what to do with you. But it looks like I'm gonna have to leave you alone again for a bit. Though, I'll try and work something out soon, alright?"

Sai pulled on Hikaru's bangs in response, making the younger boy roll his eyes.

"Yeah I know they need a touch up, but I'm too busy dealing with you to do anything about it. C'mon, let's get you ready."


Sai was getting much better at understanding the things Hikaru said. It was nice hearing Hikaru talk and actually comprehending some of it.

Together they stood under the shower as Hikaru ran his fingers through his shampoo covered hair. It was so long, and Hikaru seemed to have trouble dealing with it. No other person Sai had seen had hair as long as his, and Hikaru's was especially short. Maybe he could make his hair like Hikaru's, then he wouldn't have to struggle with it so much.

A long time passed before all the foam covering his hair was gone and Hikaru began rinsing similar foam off his own body. Everything smelled so nice. It stimulated his senses so it was like tasting something. Though Hikaru would never let him eat any of the stuff.

Hikaru also seemed to like it when they were all dry and scrubbed their teeth. Or "brushed" as he said it. It had a nice smell too, but it didn't taste so good when he put a lot in his mouth. Then there was always him putting on some outfit he seemed to keep wearing and leave. He helped him with a few words and sounds, but he'd always leave for such a long time. Though he did leave him with something to eat this time. But he wasn't that hungry so he'd have it later.

Looking in the book beneath him, he tried mouthing the words and getting a feel for understanding all the letters. It was hard, but so much easier when Hikaru was there with him. There was one word that managed to stick with him ever since he had awoken outside on the ground. "Go."

His mind told him it was something important, just like Hikaru. Getting distracted, Sai's eyes began to wander around the room. It was then when he spotted it, a broad side of a large piece of wood, its shape so familiar he knew what it was before seeing the whole thing.

He crawled to the small space by Hikaru's bed and pulled it out in front of him. It was a Go board, and still in fine condition, though a little dusty.

Further prodding in the small space revealed two wood containers, after opening them, Go stones awaited inside.

Everything began to make sense. He lifted a black stone expertly between his fingers, letting his warm fingers rest on the cool, smooth surface. He didn't know how long he held onto the stone, or how much time passed as the board began to fill with an assortment of blacks and whites. He wasn't just randomly placing them either. It was a game, though something was wrong. After getting to a certain point, his memory just faded. A sense of longing overtook him, and tears began to fall from his face. It was as though a piece of him had been ripped away. All he could think of was Hikaru and the strongest urge to see him. He had to be close, even if he was just a blurry figure on the horizon.

Hikaru had told him to stay, he always stayed, but something about that game made his body tremble to the point of nearly being sick. Hikaru had dressed him in a plain grey t-shirt and black jogging pants, which he figured was good enough. Locating the shoes he vaguely remembered how to slip on, Sai considered his options. He knew, because Hikaru put great emphasis on it, that going out of his room was dangerous. He was aware of someone else living in the house, but they must have meant trouble if Hikaru kept shielding him away from them. Though there was always the window. It opened, he had seen Hikaru open it, so maybe he could do the same.

Mind made up, Sai fumbled with the switch Hikaru always flipped before opening and closing the thing. After a few minutes, he managed to slide it open and took a gentle step on the small surface below him. After that, it was a rather far distance to the ground. The gears in his mind turned as he tried to formulate some sort of solution to the problem before him. Slowly, he sat on the edge of it, then turned and lowered his bottom half off the platform. His long legs swung in the air as he realized just how much distance was between him and the ground, but there was no time to turn back, he had to get to Hikaru. Letting go, he fell for a short time before hitting the ground and falling rather painfully on the grass. His legs and bottom hurt, but he would press on.

Struggling for a moment, he managed to come to a stand and wiped the dirt from his hands onto his pants. His memory of going passed all of those houses wasn't that great, but he decided walking would at least give him a lead to wherever Hikaru was.

So he walked, and walked, and walked. His legs began to tire, and he had no idea where he was. Lost, confused, and getting depressed he began to sniffle. Before he knew it, tears were trickling down his face once more. He was beginning to lose hope, there had been a few people he passed on his search, but he had been a bit afraid to speak since he was sure none of them could understand him like Hikaru could. But this girl seemed nice. She had hair that reminded him of the snack Hikaru left him. Something about fruit.

She was alone, and looked as though she knew where she was going.

With no idea how to get her attention, he simply stepped in front of her, causing her to jump and step back. She looked frightened, and held a hand to her chest defensively. She said something Sai didn't exactly understand, but maybe if he told her about Hikaru, she would calm down.

"Find... Hikaru. Hikaru! I need find Hikaru!"

The girl lowered her hand then, and her eyes lit in recognition, giving Sai a spark of hope.

"Hikaru? You, um, know Hikaru?"

"Hikaru... Shindou. Friend. Good friend. I need find Hikaru." Sai pleaded.

She said more things that Sai didn't exactly understand, so Sai shook his head.

"C-can you understand me?" she asked, uncertainty in her features.

"No good..."

The girl placed a finger to her chin and looked to the side, something Hikaru did when going quiet for awhile and doing something new.

"I think I understand now. I'm Akari! What's your name?" the uncertainty from before was now replaced with that niceness Sai sensed earlier.

"Sai." the man answered, with confidence.

"Sai? I think I've heard that name before! Some legendary Go player I heard about on a forum. But..." Akari trailed off.

Understanding only a few words, Sai responded the best way he could.

"Go. I play Go. Go good."

"Oh? So, you're a friend of Hikaru's and you play go. I've never seen you around here before... but..." I think I have an idea why. I didn't know Hikaru had any special friends.

The last part was left unsaid. Even if he couldn't understand her, it was still rude. Akari had taken notice of the dirt staining his pants, or the bruise developing on his arm. If he had a bag or something he'd look like your average odd jobs kinda guy. Though not so average. His hair was so long, and shiny. Akari had no idea what to think when she nearly ran into him. If he was looking for Hikaru, he should have been home by now. In fact, this would be a good time to visit Hikaru's house and see just what he was up to. She was positive he wouldn't mind a quick visit. Especially his mother. She was good company.

"Ok Sai, I'll help you find Hikaru. C'mon."


Hikaru felt like he was going to vomit and pass out. When he arrived home, this time being a bit nicer to his mother and actually talking to her, he had fully expected Sai to be asleep or have his face in a book. He did not expect to see his Go board sitting with a sickeningly familiar game on it and his window open.

Dread settled unwelcome in his stomach as his heart rate increased. He was dizzy, and he hadn't noticed how erratic his breathing became. It was like losing Sai all over again. Tears began to prickle his eyes as his eyes scanned the room for any inch of the man formerly occupying the space. There was nothing but the faint scent of all the nice shampoo he used and all the books littering his room.

Suddenly unable to stand, Hikaru fell to his knees and panted, trying to regain control over his thoughts. Due to his window being open, that meant that Sai wasn't actually gone like before, but somehow escaped. That was a start, escape meant he was probably out there and not dead... though maybe he was hurt.

It wasn't like the drop from his window was a few feet, it was enough to hurt anyone. And then there was the possibility of Sai being lost. He couldn't communicate well, and Hikaru knew full well there were cruel people who would take advantage of that instead of ignore it.

He had to find him, and fast. Running the small distance to his window he looked out for any clues as to where his friend went. There wasn't much to go by. Just an almost unnoticeable disruption in the grass below, but after that, there was nothing. Nothing at all.

Hikaru clenched his eyes shut and willed himself to think rationally. It was failing. With no other choice, Hikaru bolted back outside in search of his best friend, his mother's question completely lost of deaf ears.