It was Len's first day of school for his junior year of high school. some of his best friends that he knew ever since kindergarden, Kaito and Miku, were waiting outside for him.

"Len.." His mom said from outside of his room "Len.. Honey get up. Miku and Kaito are waiting outside for you. You'll be late for the bus if you stay in bed any longer." She opened the door and put his usual clothes on the bed, a white short sleeve shirt with black lining around the edges of the sleeves and waist, and his black pants with his yellow and orange belt that hangs off if his right side, but only slightly.

"Thanks Mom." Len said "Can I have some privacy though?" She nodded and walked outside of his room for him to get dressed. Len was dressed in no time at all, picked up his bag, phone, and iPod, and walked outside to greet his friends. "Hey guys."

"Hi Len." Kaito and Miku said, simultaneously. Miku blushed and Kaito laughed. Miku wore her usual grey tank-top with detached sleeves reaching way beyond her palms and Kaito wore his long white coat and blue scarf that almost never seemed to leave his neck. Miku did have secret feeling that she's been feeling for Kaito lately, but she could never tell him how she felt because she didn't want him, or Len, to feel awkward about it. "Shall we get going?" Kaito asked.

"I guess so. I'm really curious to see what kind of classes we get this year." Len said as they walked down the street toawrd their high school. It was a small school with only about 400 kids enrolled in it with a baseball and softball team that prospered every school year. Len and Kaito joined baseball every year and Miku went to softball, and they all went to each others games to cheer each other on. They got into their schools large auditorium and sat down in the middle row of seats together with Len sitting in the middle, Miku on the right, and Kaito on the left. Len looked past Kaito and saw a girl sitting with her head down, writing something her her little note book. She had a big white bow in her hair, with a white shirt and black pants similar to Len's, including the belt. She looked over at Len, blushed, and dipped her head back into her book. Kaito turned around just in time to see that happen.

"I think she's new here. Either that or she's just a grade or two lower than us." Kaito said "I'm going to go talk to her." He stood up and walked over to the blonde, who still had her head in her book, and sat down right next to her. "Hey there. What's that you have there?"

"It's... it's just my copy book. I write a little here and there..." the girl said, shyly. "Why do you care?"

"I was just curious. What's your name?"

"Rin Kagamine." She and Len both had the same last name and that startled Kaito, so he didn't respond right away. "You okay?"

"Fine. Fine. Uh... Well... My name's Kaito."

"Any last name?"

"I was never told I had one. So I don't know." The bell rang for their advisory period to start. "Listen, I gotta go. If we have the same lunch period together, you can sit with me and my friends."

"Who're your friends?" Kaito pointed over at Miku and Len, who were getting up out of their seats and headed to the room specified on the paper that they got in the mail, and they waved. Rin waved back and left to her class as well. When the trio were in the halls, Len and Miku were dying to know what Rin said. "I'll tell you when we get to class." Kaito said. They all got into their small class of 18 students, them included, and sat down in a corner of the room with 3 desks in the corner.

"She was really cute." Len said "What was her name, Kaito?"

"It was Rin. And she's also got the same last name you do. It could be coincidence , or your Dad got around before he... Nevermind." Len's father died when he was only 7, in a plane crash on his way home from a business trip, and it severely effected Len when he was younger. "But yeah. She really does have your last name."

"You're sure?" Miku asked "Are you sure you didn't mishear her? Like she said 'Kamgime' and you mistook it?"

"I know what I heard, Miku." Kaito snapped back "Len, you're being awful quiet." Miku blushed bright red as the teacher walked by and gave the three their rosters for the day and when the teacher walked away, Miku snatched the paper from Len and Kaito's hands to compare them.

"I mean..." Len started "She can't be my sister. My Mom would've at least known that I had a sister." He pulled Kaito closer "I think I have a crush on her too... and... if she is my sister... that's just wrong..."

"Hey guys. Look." Miku handed the rosters back to them. "It looks like we have the same classes all around. From Algebra 2 too Physics. Talk about luck, right?"

"Yeah that is really lucky." Len said to her "When's our lunch, though?"

"You always do like your lunch. Let me see..." Miku checked the paper again "4th period lunch. Right after gym."

"Great. We can work up an appetite." Len said. "I wonder if Rin also has 4th lunch..." he thought to himself. The other was opposite. It wanted to do what the other didn't. "If she does, I just hope I can work up the nerve to talk to her. I'm not Kaito... I can't just do that. I don't have his personality... I wonder if... I could write her a poem. Yeah. That's what I'll do. A poem. But that's so cliche... She'll think I'm so unoriginal that she'd want nothing to do with me..." The bell rang for their first period to start and it snapped him out of his trance. They all visited their classes one by one as the period changed, first their Algebra class, English, gym, than their lunch came along. They sat at a table surrounded by a wall of people waiting for their lunch from the school cafeteria but Len, Miku, and Kaito all decided last year that they wouldn't eat anymore of their food and bring their own lunches instead, and share with each other if one of them forgot to bring theirs. Right as Len was ready to take a bite of his sandwich, he caught a glimpse of a large white ribbon across the lunchroom. Kaito saw it too.

"I think that's Rin. I'm going to go and get her. She may be looking for us." He stood up and followed the white ribbon. Len began to blush bright red and Miku took notice.

"What's the matter, Len?" Miku asked.

"No-nothing." Len stuttered. Miku gave him a ahrd look as Kaito came walking back with Rin.

"Seems like she has our lunch period too. That's nice, isn't it?" Rin nodded shyly. She was only used to talking to Kaito, not to Len or Miku. "Why don't you take my seat? You can sit next to Len."

"Okay..." Rin said, sitting down. She looked over at Len and they both stared into each others eyes.

Kaito leaned over to Miku and whispered "Len's got a crush on her. I'm trying to get them to talk but... I really don't know how to get it started."

"Well I don't know either... Lets just leave them alone for now. I guess the words will flow by the end of the period." Miku grabbed Len's arm to tell him something "Len, Kaito adn I are going to the Library. I wanna see if they installed that AC unit for when it gets really hot at the end of the year." Len stared at them both "Don't worry. You'll be fine." They went away and left them both there, but they still spoke no words to each other. The bell rang and they both quickly got up and went to their next periods, and Len's was in the Library. He didn't speak with Miku or Kaito, because he just couldn't believe that they would just abruptly leave him there with a girl that he had a crush on, but nothing to say to her. When the last period bell rang, Len ran home, leaving them both behind.

When Len got home, he ran up to his room and cried into his pillow. "Idiot!" he yelled at himself "You're such an idiot! You made a complete fool of yourself in front of her. Can you even stand in front of her now?"

Across town, at Rin's house, she was also in her room, cuddling her pillow. "I never even got his name..." She thought as she laid her head down.